Monday Musings # 10

the words are on pages, on paper, visual, tactile.
descriptions, emotions; dramas, happiness, passion.
sublime blissfulness; plummeting into despair.
the wanting, the needing of a certain someone, without whom you will be forever empty.

actions taken; roads not travelled. 
stories woven into tales of unexpected happenings.
each open to personal interpretation.

new beginnings, sad endings, happy endings.
incomplete endings with more to come.
confrontations, welcomed or not.
challenging adversities; drifting on seas of contentment;

gazing into the eyes of a newborn.
days, nights, or both, when that newborn will cry as if heartbroken and you won't know why, your own eyes will spill with tears, your own heart will break, until finally you both sleep; the deep sleep of exhaustion from which both of you will wake refreshed and ready to start again.

there are words of lives lived; real or imagined?
fiction based on truth? biography? fantasy?
we'll never really know, with the author perhaps unavailable to tell us one way or the other.
the lure of the words, the writing of the pages, falling into the story.
escaping, however briefly, from our own reality. 

this is what makes an author, and this is why writing will never cease, as long as mankind has readers, because surely, eventually, a reader will write and the cycle will continue.
casual readers of fiction, others thirsty for knowledge, still others voraciously devouring book after book after book.

we think we are all readers. we don't "have a book in us", we don't have "a story that must be told", for we are 'only' readers.
yet here we are, on the internet, on blog pages.
for readers.


  1. Yes, a lot of stories unfold here in the land of blog.

  2. True, but there are 'colour by number' painters and there are artists. Both paint, but the differences are huge...

  3. Years ago during a dinner party with friends our conversation turned to books and authors. During the quite in-depth discussion that ensued the husband of our two guests, in a somewhat derisive tone, in an offhanded manner said to his wife, "But you just read those silly romance novels!"

    Believing he was way out of line with his belittling words, I immediately jumped to the wife's defence and said: "It doesn't matter what you read, as long as you read!"

    End of discussion...we all took another sip of our drinks and the subject changed.

  4. You are so right we all need to express ourselves in some form or other, it's just reaching out

  5. Joanne; it's the facelessness; people feel able to say things they wouldn't say speaking face to face with another.

    Delores; thank you.

    fishducky; very deep, I have no idea where my mind dredged these up from.

    Elephant's Child; you're right, they are huge. I did some paint by numbers when I was younger, even then it didn't look like the picture on the box :( True artists who can create a picture from just and idea, like Merle, amaze me.

    Lee; even silly romance novels are worth reading, they'll take you away from the reality of dishes and vacuuming just as well as any educational literary tome.

    Merle; even those who think they don't need anyone will reach out without even realising it. Somewhere, somehow.

  6. By reading we always learn something. We blog, we learn something...what fun we can have whilst learning by reading.

  7. .. Hi River... I really like your thoughts today..... reading and writing are both wonderful things to do... I've written the odd poem or two. My sisters and brothers all dabble in poetry, we inherited this from our Dad who wrote short stories and poetry.... he never published anything, but we all thought he was talented.
    I like blogging and reading other peoples ideas and sharing my thoughts...
    I love your writings... xxxxx Barb xxxx

  8. Margaret-whiteangel; I don't read to learn, but have found that even fiction can teach us something.

    Barbara; I don't write poetry, and didn't realise this could be considered a poem. I have a daughter who writes, but just for herself, no one else in my family writes. We have quite a few who can draw and paint really well.
    I like reading others' thoughts and ideas too.

    1. .. River I consider your writing here is Prose Poetry.
      I'm no expert but to me it reads like poetry... it has rhythm and images in it.... I call that poetry... .. xxx Barb xxx

  9. Sometimes the best way to tell the truth is through that 'lie' we call fiction.

  10. Jacquelineand...that is often the best way; write it down and weave a story around it.


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