movie marathon

I'm watching an old movie titled Raw Deal, with Arnold Schwarzenegger (playing an ex-FBI agent trying to get reinstated), chasing down a slew of mafia members or something. 
Not really paying attention, but I'll watch it again sometime and fill in the blanks.

Anyway, I've just seen Arnie drive an enormous tow truck right in through a pair of glass restaurant doors and continue on through the building. 

I really, really, wanted a waiter to be there, waiting for the truck to stop so he could say "table for one, sir?"


  1. If a waiter did say that, it would crack me up.
    Happy movie watching. I have been gardening, and am about to clean the bathrooms before vedging out with a book.

  2. Elephant's Child; That's the whole idea. I love it when stuff cracks me up!
    I'm about to veg out with a book myself, while "Revenge of the Nerds" plays in the background.

  3. Or the waiter saying, "dine in or take away?' Then, as Arnie looks at him, the waiter says flatly, "take away".

  4. ... or Arnie says 'hold my order... I'll be back' xxxxxxx
    Have a great day River.. :) :)
    Hugs.. Barb xxx

  5. I read that and laughed :) a classic if it could have been said!

  6. I spent Sunday afternoon catching up with TV shows I'd recorded throughout the past week...lazy, hazy Sunday. :)

  7. Have you ever watched a movie that was so entertaining about 20 or so years ago but now you think it looks a bit nothing, but you watch a classic from 40 or more years ago and you still enjoy it, you can't beat a good plot and good acting.

  8. Vicki; another excellent line.

    fishducky; so many missed opportunities.

    Barbara; that's a good line too. If anyone from Hollywood is reading these, feel free to add them to a "remastered for dvd" version, just give us credit.

    Margaret-whiteangel; they missed a good opportunity there.

    Lee; my Sundays are usually a whirlwind of washing, vacuuming and scheduling posts. Unless I'm out somewhere with my camera.

    Merle; yes, some movies do lose their attraction, not many, but comedy shows that were hugely funny back then aren't now. I recently watched an episode of the Red Skelton Show and didn't find it at all funny. Also all the "Carry On" movies, no longer funny to me, same with the St Trinian's movies (the girls boarding school) not as funny as they once were. I don't own many classic movies, never seen Gone With the Wind, for instance, mostly they're not the sort of thing I enjoy. I have The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins, but not Dr Zhivago, I found that too boring. On the other hand, The Pirate Movie, which I first saw in 1985, is still a firm favourite.


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