Thursday Thoughts # 66

from one of the Harry Dresden novels by Jim Butcher:

"Twilight is a much different experience when you're far away from the lights of a city or town. Modern civilization bathes us in light throughout the hours of darkness - lighted billboards, streetlights, headlights, airplane lights, neon decorations, the interior lights of homes and businesses, flood light that strove across the sky. They're so much a part of our life that the darkness of nught is barely a factor in our daily thinking anymore. We mock one another's lack of courage while industriously making our own lights brighter, more energy efficient, cheaper and longer-lasting. There's power in the night. There's terror in the darkness. Despite all our accumulated history, learning and experience, we remember. We remember times when we were too small to reach the light switch on the wall, and when the darkness itself was enough to make us cry out in fear."

from TV chef and author Adam Liaw:

"There is no greater contrast than that between the miracle of our existence and the mundanity of having to experience it every day."

Today's Thoughts:

We see them everywhere.
In gardens, in gardening shops, in fairy tale books.

There are so many kinds, working gnomes, resting gnomes, fishing gnomes, even the seven dwarfs have appeared in gnome form in several gardens.

But they are all men.

Where are the women?
Where are the wives and mothers of these male gnomes.

Why can't I buy female gnomes to put in my garden? 

A little gnome house would be appreciated too, but I've never seen one that isn't a mini-miniature. Perhaps even a little gnome pub. Or a fishing hut, a garden shed.
Am I just looking in the wrong places?

Last weekend, on Saturday night, a happy incident occurred here. I was lying in bed, on my back with my knees drawn up and after about three minutes of lying still, I felt and heard, something move and click back into place just above my tailbone. For the first time in almost a month I was able to get out of bed pain free. The constant lower back aching is gone.


  1. Hey River,

    Pleased to read you managed to get out of bed pain free. Lower back pain is a most frustrating condition.

    I do believe that the equivalent to a male gnome is a pixie. Of course, I have a fairy living in my place who ended having a wee boy child with a garden gnome. What the wee boy child is, I have no idea.

    Take care,


  2. klahanie; so nice to see you here. Possible he's a pixome? And I don't believe I have seen any pixies in the garden centres/shops either. Plenty of fairies, but small and delicate, covered in glitter, unsuitable for the garden.

  3. Is that true about pixies? Don't see any of those in garden shops either. If that happened to your back then it sounds like it is a problem that a physiotherapist could have helped with and you would have been painfree earlier. I don't really believe in chiropractors but it sounds like what they do, that is click things back into place.

  4. That incident is a happy moment!

  5. Hooray for the end of back pain. Maybe add a chiropracter to your repertoire!

  6. Great news about your back pain being no longer, River. Back pain is so debilitating.

    I've not seen a garden gnome, male or female, around these parts in years. I guess there are some lurking about in gardens, but not in the gardens I frequent. Either that or they go into hiding when they see me approaching! :)

  7. That is WONDERFUL news about your back. Long may it last.
    You are right. I don't recall ever seeing a female gnome. Which is sad.

  8. Andrew; chiropractors hurt me more than they help, this was just a matter of waiting for a tight tendon or muscle to relax and return to normal position.

    Snoskred; it certainly was a happy moment, I need to remember to lie down with my feet up more often, so the back recovers from whatever I've been doing that day.

    Joanne; no chiropractors, my problems are muscular not skeletal. I simply don't lie down with my feet up often enough to counteract the stuff I do all day.

    Lee; I've had back pain for years and I'm used to it, this one that fixed itself was an extra hurt, probably from bending over too long in the garden and/or lifting too much shopping.
    Sad that you haven't seen any gnomes for a while, perhaps they don't like the weather up there.

    Elephant's Child; it will last as long as I remember to not overdo things. Maybe I'll email some gnome manufacturers and ask why no females? I could google and find at least one manufacturer surely.

  9. Very pleased to read that your back is better. What a great feeling it is too - I know it well.
    As I've said before, I'm so grateful for our "sausage"/foam roller. It's been a back saver, many times.

    True, there are not many female garden gnomes. They are a rarity, especially these days.
    I remember mostly the ones in bikinis, but I preferred the more "matronly" grandma gnomes :)
    I used to read news articles on gnome theft - seemed quite common in the 80's. Probably as bad now, seeing as they are almost a "vintage" item.

    You might be interested in this Australian site -

    Sometimes, they are advertised on Gumtree - look for Adelaide addresses.

    You could also go to this site - Australian Gnome Convention!
    They might be of some help.

    Well, that's it. Gnome more from me :)

  10. There are female gnomes, and you can see them here -->

  11. That's good news regarding your
    Gnomes! Never seen a female, I expect they are not made and I wonder why!

  12. good news regarding your back, on gnomes, maybe they are like dwarfs and the females look like the males????

  13. good news regarding your back, on gnomes, maybe they are like dwarfs and the females look like the males????

  14. Yay for the back relief. Now you know....assume that position twice a day lol. I imagine the female gnomes are probably way too busy looking after the males to pose for a sculptor. Something like real life lol.

  15. Try here:

  16. Wow, you are better suddenly just like that? Congrats!

    I think gnomes must be like Smurfs or something.


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