Whimsical Wednesday # 197

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

at least that new cat doesn't need feeding.


  1. Oh its true. So very true. If only I could knit...

  2. I probably have a few other cats around here that I wasn't aware of! :)

  3. The cats are competing with the mystery that are Jack Russell dog hairs. Sofa, so good.....


  4. Haha, love it!

    That kitty would be in competition with my Jack. When he moults, his fur could make two or three dogs.
    At least the local birds have a plentiful supply of downy goodness for their nests :)

  5. joeh; ugh, hairballs. My daughter's cat hacks one up a couple of times a year. Now I've given her the same food I give Angel, it promises improved digestion and hairball control. works too, Angel has never hacked up a hairball.

    fishducky; glad to bring a smile to your face - you bring so many to mine.

    Elephant's Child; I have a neighbour who spins her cats' fur into yarn and weaves it on a small loom. She wears a cat fur vest she made.

    Lee; I suspect there is one under my couch and a couple under the bed. Possibly one behind the washing machine too.

    klahanie; Penny sheds too? Probably not as prolifically as the cats, well, I hope not.

    Vicki; perhaps you could save the fur and find someone to weave it into a rug for Jack to lie on. I'd completely forgotten about throwing fur out for the birds. I'll be collecting it from now on and putting it under the trees.

  6. That's a lot of cat fur, we had one that shedded like that.

  7. Merle; Angel is just as bad, he sheds daily.

  8. Oh I like that cartoon...lots of fur of many cats. One of my daughter in laws has such a cat, as does my youngest sister in law...always fur everywhere..

  9. Margaret-whiteangel; I have to confess, if I'd known Angel would grow such dense long hair, I never would have brought him home. But I love the little bugger now and put up with the daily lint-rollering of bed and couch.

  10. HAhahahaha! How ironic - a cat-shaped hairball!!! That's hilarious!

  11. That is sooooooooo good. When we had our little Precious every time Phil emptied the vacuum cleaner he would say there was enough hair in it to make another cat. Not only in the vacuum cleaner but everywhere anything could settle.


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