Sunday Selections #678

 Long ago, Kim of Frog ponds Rock, (who no longer blogs), dreamed up a meme called Sunday Selections. 

A place where those who were willing could put up photos they wanted to share, new, old, good, bad or indifferent, any photos you please. 

Nothing rude or vulgar though.

And we don't mind at all if other bloggers care to join us.

The meme is now continued by Elephant's Child and I join in as do a few others. Andrew is one.  Messymimi is another. Drop in to their blogs and have a look.

Wisewebwoman has also been joining us occasionally.

Elephant's Child may still be taking a break.

Beginning with the lamp I bought to replace the butterfly one:

it arrived in a large cardboard box, a bit heavier than I was expecting, oof!

I was clever enough to order the globes at the same time

it only took a few minutes to put together. I will still be searching for a new, bigger, base for the butterfly shade though. 

this is the label inside one of my t-shirts, "Not dishwasher safe, for external use only, contents may be hot"  In our summers, the contents definitely get hot!

I saw this very nice doorway on a restaurant in Gouger Street, possibly Mongolian?

Another restaurant: "Spaghetti Island"

this on the side wall of a restaurant called:

"The Hot Pot Guy"

here is one very tiny section of our enormous West Terrace Cemetery

one of the twins climbing the ladder

and stepping up to get on the slide

and the other twin doing the same

which is which? I have no idea 😍

the calico bag of gifts given to me by Iris:

her home town is Braunschweig, which in English, is Brunswick.

inside, a pair of wooden utensils, ready to serve with a wink and a smile

a keychain with the city name, a rampant lion and a view of the city

another keychain with "Henry" who is the city's mascot, there are statues and images of Henry all over Braunschweig. There was also a fruit bar in the bag which I ate immediately.

finally, for Mike, my purple "cheese" t-shirt.


  1. The lamp looks perfect for a writing space. Love the pink glasses!!!!!

    1. The Happy Whisk; the lamp sheds a good amount of light and I am ables to adjust the angles of the bar and the shade. I'm just happy the girls wear sunglasses, though I do like the pink.

  2. Heart in mouth time when little ones climb ladders, even when you know they're quite safe - most of the time.
    I like the Braunschweig goodies, especially Henry.
    The cheese shirt - what can I say?

    1. jabblog; the swing and slide set is not at all tall, so the girls are very safe, but there is always someone standing nearby when they are outside playing, either a parent or the oldest brother is close enough to catch a fall.
      Henry is a cute little keychain currently hanging off the wingnut on the lamp.
      The cheese shirt is just for fun, you sing it to the tune of "Sweet dreams are made of these"

  3. I was going to comment on your great lamp, but the cuties are especially adorable.

    1. Jenn Jilks; aren't they just! they way they get around running and climbing, it's hard to believe they are not yet two. I love my lamp.

  4. I was going to ask a question but I knew the Google would know. Of course it does!
    "The standard voltage is 230 V at a frequency of 50 Hz. Yes, you need a power plug travel adapter for sockets type I in Australia."
    "Can you use 110v in Australia?
    Australian electricity runs on 220-240 V and 50 Hz. Please make sure your electronics accept 220 – 240 volts (V). If your device uses 110 – 120V, common in North America, you will need a step down transformer."
    I've learned something new today! Time for a nap to recover.

    1. Mike; all I know about that is we Australians need to take transformers or other type of adjusters if we travel overseas with appliances like har dryers, and other electricals.

  5. The tee shirt label is weird. I've never known anyone to use a dishwasher as a washing machine. The shirt contents may feel boiling hot but will only be warm to touch.
    I love the winking spoons.
    I can finally tell the nearly seven year old twin girls apart, so you'll get there.

    1. Andrew; I only noticed the shirt label when it got flipped up in the dryer, that printing is on the underside of it. I have read of people putting socks in the dishwasher, but perhaps that is meant as a joke.
      The winking spoons are so cheerful.
      I used to be able to tell the twins apart, Gen was always a wee bit bigger and heavier, now the only difference is Gen's hair being a bit longer at the back.

  6. Nice "murals" or signs!
    Tssss, big Niece was three, I guess (or two?) and sooooooo afraid of the baby-slide!
    I think having a (twin-)Sibling makes you confident! Cute.
    Hahaha...I got the fruit bar for you because the wrapping looked so great! You crack me up ;-)
    Happy cooking, Henry says.
    And I LOVE that T-shirt!!! Happy, cheesy Sunday!

    1. Iris; thank you. I really need to pay more attention to murals and signs, and take my camera when I go out.
      I know some children are afraid of such things as slides or swings, but I think the twins are like the rest of my family, show them how, help them the first time. and after that they try it all by themselves. I was always climbing trees, swinging, sliding and jumping into pools and the ocean, I think the girls will be the same.
      The t-shirt is fun :)

  7. The little ones are growing like mushrooms and seem happy doing their thing on the slide.
    Love the bag and the wooden utensils...that lamp is a nice one.
    I had a heap of labels that said silly things to us but I suppose they do their best when trying to translate R.

    1. Margaret D; rescued from spam. The girls are growing fast, they are half my height now! I am short and hope they will end up taller. i like seeing the wooden utensils smiling every time I walk into the kitchen.

  8. I am glad the twins are already learning to go outside in summer with sunglasses on. Now in hot Adelaide, sun hats as well :)

    1. Hels; they do have hats, with the flap that covers the back of the neck as well, they wore them at the beach when we saw the sculptures and they wear them if they are outside in the middle of the day, but usually that's nap time.

  9. That's a very nice new lamp, it looks sturdy.

    I'm sure sometimes the twins' parents have to look twice to tell the difference, too. My Sweetie and his brother looked so much alike their parents would get mixed up, and once Sweetie even got a spanking that was coming to Brother-in-Law. (His dad felt so awful he brought him milkshakes every day for a week!)

    What a fun package that was!

    1. messymimi; it is a sturdy lamp, the base is heavy so it won't tip easily. The twins mum knows which is which, but the rest of us have to ask now. Even their brothers don't know.

  10. I think we have package coming this week.

  11. Not sure I would want to eat at a restaurant called Spaghetti Island. Makes me think the food would be soggy. That's a curious tag for a t-shirt. I like how the phrases on your cheese shirt fit the song. Sunglasses are a good look on the girls! Like celebrities trying not to be noticed.

    1. Val; I think I'd like to try the food there one day, I'd have to go in and check out the menu and prices first though. The girls love their sunglasses.

  12. What nice selections, and what a surprise. I have that very same bag - now very worn! - from my year in Germany 20 years ago (... is it really that long ago?). I love that they still make it!

    1. Charlotte; I think when a thing is popular and useable, they should keep making it.


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