A list of blogs I am currently unable to post comments at

 If you are on this list, be assured I do still visit and read, I haven't abandoned you. 

https://myjustsostory.blogspot.com.au  (Elephant's Child)

https://jabblog.blogspot.com  (?)

https://peppylady.blogspot.com  (Dora)

https://wisewebwoman.blogspot.com  (Mary)

https://unbaggingthecats.blogspot.com  (Val)

https://messymimismeanderings.blogspot.com  (mimi)

https://kitconn.blogspot.com.au  (Lee)

https://beefgravy.blogspot.com  (Yorkshire Pudding)

https://fromthehighrise.blogspot.com.au  (Andrew)

https://blessourhearts.net  (Mary)

https://krydderuglen.blogspot.com  (Charlotte)

https://oddballobservations.blogspot.com  (Bruce?)

https://ishouldbelaughing.blogspot.com  (Bob)

https://joeh-crankyoldman.blogspot.com  (Joe)

https://granan10.blogspot.com  (Granny Annie?)

https://lindahoof.blogspot.com (Linda Sue)

https://www.murrbrewster.com (Mary)

Elephant's Child did offer a possible solution on her post yesterday and I tried it, but it didn't work for me. 


  1. What a pain. I hope it resolves soon. Janice.

  2. Uh oh. At first I thought it was because they went to spam, but I check most days and didn't find any.

  3. I am sorry to hear that. Thanks for reading anyway. Hopefully the problem will resolve itself.

  4. I miss you, but you can still reference a post on my supersecret blog, with the pop-up comments.

  5. Ugn. I wonder if it's something Blogger help could actually help with.

  6. I thought you just hated me 😛.
    What actually happens when you try to comment?

  7. jabblog; it is a nuisance and has taken some of the fun away.
    Bob; I check my spam daily too but there aren't many in there these days.

    EC; I hope it resolves too, I enjoy the reading part, but the comments made it more fun. There's less a sense of "belonging" now that I am unable to.

    Val; I could leave comments on your other blog, and may do that, but it just isn't the same.

    messymimi; I'm not going to even try contacting blogger help, I think they are aware of the problem anyway and maybe it is out of their hands. If it is something they can fix I hope they get cracking and do something.

    Andrew; Hate isn't part of my life and I couldn't possibly hate you. When I type out a comment I click on "publish" and a pop up message says "an error occured while publishing" so I tried copying it to a word document then pasting it back as a comment but that doesn't work either although it did once on another blog. I tried EC's solution and that didn't work either. Don't even think about suggesting I change browsers. Apart from this recent issue I have never had any trouble with Microsoft Edge.

  8. I had that same problem - only not as consistently some time ago. A hard refresh of the blogpage in question, hitting CTRL + F5, sometimes solved the problem. It passed, not by anything I did, maybe an update?
    I hope it'll pass for you as well. Thanks for telling!

  9. What a pain that is then R.
    Hope it repairs itself for you very soon if not quicker.

  10. Charlotte; I hope it passes and soon, meanwhile I'll just put up with it. It can't last forever, right?

  11. This is super-weird. Do all those blogs use the same style of comment-posting, I wonder? (Embedded vs. Full Page vs. Pop-up Window?) Maybe it's something to do with that. I use pop-up window and you seem to be OK on my blog.

    Several years ago I had another blog pal who was unable to comment on embedded comments, so I changed the posting style and that solved the problem. It was something to do with her Google log-in, I think.

  12. What a pain it is. So sorry. I like checking in with people around the world.
    Good luck. sigh.

  13. Dear River, I just noticed an oddity that has been lurking in my brain for soem time.
    I normally get an e-mail notification whenever there's a new comment on my blog ... only whenever you comment, I do NOT get this notifocation - as far as I have been able to find out, you're the only one!

    Can any of the other bloggers on River's list confirm this - or not?

  14. Using Firefox worked for me.

  15. Steve Reed; It seems to be all of the embedded ones and the popup windows that DON'T have the "prove you are not a robot" message.

    Jenn Jilks; I like checking in too, though I did cut my reading list in half recently to save time.

    Charlotte; I haven't allowed email notification on my blog, because I'd prefer my inbox to not be swamped with emails, I'm fine with just checking all my usual blogs each day. Andrew "fromthehighrise" also doesn't get notifications from my blog. I don't know about anyone else.

    Mike; I used Firefox several years ago, but had to keep switching between browsers if I wanted to watch any videos on various blogs. When I got this laptop a few years ago it came with Microsoft Edge installed and it's been fine with everything until this recent kerfuffle.

  16. ... as to the swamping, I have set up a sorting of my inbox, so that all comments ends up in a dedicated Inbox -> Blog -> Comments folder. That way I can see that I have comments, but I do not need to look at them to read the "imoprtant" stuff in my inbox. I have done like this fo a lot of stuff, so that my Inbox is never overfilled.
    If more than Andrew turns up not having e-mails from you - I never ever had any - I think there's something with your settings. Buut I also think that no matter what it'll either reslve or not y its own ole self, we can't do anything ... I'm using Firefox as well, and I had those issues, but not any longer, so I think it's some update, Edge and Chrome are ususally late to update this stuff.

  17. Well, that really stinks! I hope you find a solution very soon. Kudos for being a loyal blog pal. - Happy Tuesday.


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