e....is for

I'm joining in again today with Toni's "a....is for" meme
I don't have a theme for this meme, I'm just choosing random ideas that float through my head for each letter.

Today's letter is E.

e...is for exercise.

Because I do too much standing, followed by too much sitting, (let's not mention the heavy lifting of tons of groceries) an old back injury has become aggravated and I have much stiffness and quite a lot of pain from it.

My doctor has recommended exercise. 

I take this to mean I should get up off my bum and actually move around once in a while.

Since I'm looking more like this........

...when I'd rather look like this,
I think it's time to follow doctors orders.

I've told myself to exercise, I've tried walking more, but that has only made the back and legs ache more than before.
So I'm going to go swimming* instead.
Water exercise is more gentle on muscles that aren't used to moving as much as they used to, so this has to be a win-win situation, right?

*by swimming, I mean splash around until I reach the other side of the pool. 
Dawn Fraser, I'm not. 
That's across the short side of the pool, not along the length, not just yet.
I'll have to build up to that.


  1. Women get unfit when they've stopped chasing men.

  2. Love the cats. Wish I could contort myself as our cat does. She is 11 but in marvellous condition, unlike yours truly. Looking forward to hearing all about your water exercises.

  3. R.H. not true. we get unfit when we're too tired from working to get out there and exercise, so we sit on our bums and fall asleep by the TV.

    Delores; yes, they are. The sleek grey shadow is a real cat photographed in my previous neighbourhood.

    Mimsie; I would love to have the flexibility of a cat. I used to be able to bend over backwards and touch the floor, I don't suppose I'll ever do that again.


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