I'm royally pissed off

I shut down my computer last night as I always do and everything was fine.

Late this afternoon I logged on to find my email inbox overflowing with mail.
Woo-hoo! people love me1

Then I started reading......all my friends and family too, have mentioned spam emails they've been getting supposedly from me.

I checked my "sent" box and there they were.  At least a dozen of them, all sent between 4.52 am and 5.23 am.

I am rarely up at that hour and if I am awake, I'm reading in bed, not fooling around on the computer.

These spam emails are NOT FROM ME.

I'm very upset that someone has done this.
I've removed all my contacts from my "contacts" box, sent out apologies to everyone I can think of, I even edited my profile here so that my email address is no longer shown.

Just to add insult to injury, I'm no longer receiving emails. They're coming in, but when I open them, all I get is a blank page. WTF???

Any ideas on what I can do?
I really don't want to change my email address or close the account altogether.

Once again, I apologise for any spam emails any of you may have received in my name.


  1. What a bummer River. These people need to get a life. I hope you get it sorted. xx

  2. Oh dear. Shock horror. I received one more spam email than usual. Don't stress about it for a start. All that anyone received was a spam email. Don't do drastic things like removing or altering things. Recently my Twitter account sent out some spam in my name. I changed my password and it hasn't happened since. See how things are tomorrow.

  3. Change your email password and prompts and you should be right. Run a good virus scan on your machine too in case you have a keylogger virus that's given your password up.

  4. Retiredandcrazy; it's a damn nuisance and I hope no one else had this happen to them.

    Andrew; I've deleted my entire email address book, so that if they try again they won't find any names to use. I have all my favourite people written down in the special diary that gets locked away with the laptop whenever I leave the house. So I can still email people. Right now, though, I'm unable to receive any emails, the pages are blank when I open them.

    Fenstar; I'll be running the virus scan first thing tomorrow, as soon as I log on after work.

  5. I've been getting spam in the form from people I know on Facebook for some time now. These were people I knew wouldn't ask me for money so I stopped using Facebook and now I don't open them if I get one, so they kind of left on their own. People who do those things have no souls or they wouldn't delight in hurting people.
    Sorry you are going through this.

  6. okay, now, do me a favour and run a virus check, and a malware check, then defrag your computer. Sometimes other peoples computers get virus that when mail is sent to ours, it uses our e-mail contacts to spread itself. It's a nasty little bugger of a thing. When I get e-mail like that from people, one of the first things I do is update my virus and malwarebytes software and spend at least 6 hours (that's how long it takes), to run the checks, last time, it came up with two nasty little buggers. So do this and see if anything changes. Love and bubbles.

  7. So sorry you're having problems. I'm not techie so I have no advice sadly. You might contact your email provider and let them know you are having problems.

  8. I have always found that changing the password fixes everything, don't worry about the e-mails you sent I just deleted them!

  9. Some folks know how to suck the joy out of anything. Hope it's squared away soon.

  10. How truly infuriating. I am so sorry, and hope that it is fixed soon. Not technical, so no good advice sorry.

  11. I hope you can find an easier way rather than deleting your whole address book.

    When I get spam similar to that with a facebooks friends address, I just delete it and harbour no bad will towards them at all.

    It's a pain but most people understand.

  12. Manzanita; I've never had trouble with my email before, it's quite annoying. I've changed my password now, so things should be okay.

    The Wicked Writer; I've done a complete virus scan and the program tells me my computer is secure. I haven't yet got a malwarebyte program, but I will download one as soon as I have enough time. I'll be running the defrag as soon as I shut down tonight.

    Delores; I've had commiserations and advice in plenty, so I'm sure things will be okay. My email provider also told me my account was compromised and I needed to change my password, which I have now done.

    Jennifer Kay; I'm glad my friends have been so understanding.

    Joanne; those people have a special low level of Hell reserved just for them.

    Elephant's Child; at times like this, I wish I was more techie minded, so I'd know what to do straight away.

    Sarah; I deleted the address book anyway, because I have all my favourite people listed in my diary.
    I didn't get a spam email and wouldn't have opened it if I did, so I really don't know how "they" managed to send this around. Bloody hackers.

  13. Don't worry River, I knew from the weird title and link that it was spam and deleted it. A couple of other friends sent me the same style of email, so the cyber gremlins have been busy.

  14. Kath Lockett; thank you. Many others also recognised it as spam and deleted without opening. Cyber gremlins should be boiled in oil.

  15. I wasn't concerned about getting spam I only notified you so you could make sure your account had not been compromised, or as was the case, that it did not continue to be compromised. I heard a rumour, not sure how true it is but if you add: aaaaaaaaaaaaa@aaa.com for example to your address book 'a' making it the very first address in there, it freaks out spammers (robots) and they can't access your other contacts... I added it to mine ages ago but not sure how affective it is... it would be nice to think such a simple fix could work... you might like to try it as it won't do any harm.


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