pizza should be eaten for breakfast!

I'm currently reading Bad Luck and Trouble, a Jack Reacher story by Lee Child.

I came across a passage that I thought share worthy, so scribbled bits of it down while on the bus this morning.

"...pizzas....a perfect meal.....some empty calories, some fats, some complex carbohydrates. 
Time-release energy, good for about twelve hours. "

Pizza is good for twelve hours of time-release energy??

Well, that's good enough for me. 

I'll be seriously considering eating pizza for breakfast. 
Probably the cold left-over half from the night before.
I can't see myself chopping, topping and baking at 6-7am.

I'll bet there aren't many cereals that give twelve hours of time-release energy.

Top your pizza with healthy vegetable choices and you're really onto something!


  1. I LOVE cold pizza for breakfast...or a midnight snack. I've even been known to scarf down a cold left over hamburger with ketchup for breakfast...yummmmm.

  2. I don't think I would be sustained for twelve hours by a pizza, but I don't have to eat much pizza to feel quite satisfied.

  3. Probably no college student in the universe would disagree with this conclusion, for any reason.

  4. Apparently there have been scientific tests that prove Pizza is much better eaten cold the morning after. Something to do with the interaction between tomato paste and whatever's on top. Works for me.

  5. I read that as "twelve hours of time-travelling energy"


  6. When I buy pizza I always buy more than will be eaten so theres lots for the next day. Good pizza is always better the next day

  7. Delores; I don't recall ever having cold pizza at midnight, but I have for breakfast and also for my "lunch' at work the next day, which isn't always at lunch time, just whatever time I arrive prior to my shift.

    Andrew; twelve hours seems a little long, but I've never actually timed the energy flow. Maybe I should. It may also depend on what toppings are on the pizza.

    Joanne Noragon; college students and pizza go together like Christmas and tinsel.

    JahTeh; they've done scientific tests? I didn't know thta. I do know that pizza tastes just as good cold the next day.

    kelley@magnetoboldtoo; mmmm, indeed. I had a half for dinner tonight and will have the other half for breakfast. Then I'll see how energetic I get and how long that lasts.

    Fenstar de Luxe; time-travel! I like that idea.

    Tempo; I used to, when the kids were still around. Now I just cook one from the freezer and eat half, saving the other half for the next day.

  8. We Locketts LOVE eating leftover pizza for breakfast. Beats boring old toast and soulless soggy cereal any day.

    In fact, I'll eat leftover spaghetti, curry, stir fry, cake, cheesecake, fruit platters, desserts.....

  9. Hi River,

    I don't think I've ever had pizza for breakfast.

    I've had left over kebab for breakfast and while that seems like a good idea after a few beers the night before, trust me, the sight of a half-eaten kebab when you open the fridge in the morning - with a hangover - is not a pleasant one.




  10. Kath Lockett; I often eat leftovers for breakfast, but usually I take the pizza to work and eat it before my shift. I put two slices together like a sandwich and wrap it so it's more portable. I've had apple pie and cream for breakfast and cold fish fingers, not together of course, even left over soup sometimes in the winter.

    Plasman; hangover? What's that?

  11. River that sounds like a typical Jack Reacher type of diet!!!! I guess with the amount of walking (thumbing rides etc) he does he can afford to eat pizza for breakfast.
    Me, I don't eat pizza more than about 4 times a year, if that. I like it but it's another no no weightwise.
    I am beginning to think that any food item with calories is!!

  12. I love pizza, so knowing it has the potential to provide twelve hours' worth of energy is a great excuse to eat it more often. Hopefully, the energy will last longer than the indigestion.

  13. Well I'm sorry, I could never sit under the moon with a woman who eats cold pizza.

  14. Not that I eat it at all very often but yep, cold pizza for breakfast is the best!

  15. I'm sure that the scientific tests prove the miraculous blending of flavours congealing into the cheese as a pizza cools provides a treat far greater than the original collection of toppings. Why is it so? Who cares when it tastes this good! Only problem for me is that there's very rarely any pizza left over!!!!

  16. Mimsie; I'm reading Jack Reacher right now, and his diet leans more towards steak, eggs, bacon, pancakes and gallons of coffee. Cops that he works with will often eat pizza and he probably shares. I have a small pizza once a week, with vegetable toppings, tomato,(actually a fruit), capsicum, olives, mushroom, garlic, pineapple, (another fruit), sometimes a little salami or pepperoni. It's really twice a week because I eat half on one day, then the other half the next day.

    Susan; indigestion? Try a smaller pizza or less cheese on it. I've never had indigestion from pizza.

    R.H. Have you ever tried cold pizza? It's not bad at all.

    gaby@727m2; cold pizza, yes, but also leftover cheesecake or brownies, or....anything that doesn't require cooking at 6am. I used to cook breakfast, but now not nearly so often, only on days I go to work. Or Sunday pancakes.

    ed Nomad OZ; no leftovers? You need to cook two pizzas, one for you and one for "Ron", ("later on")


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