I did it online and it was easy.

I have a Seniors MetroCard, (because I'm old enough) and here in Adelaide, seniors travel free all day on weekends and  public holidays, on  weekdays between 9am and 3pm.

I work different shifts at Coles, sometimes needing to be on a bus before 9am or after 3pm, so those rides need to be loaded onto my card.
When I first got the card, I took it into the metro place in the city along with an assortment of paper multi-trip tickets that still had rides left on them.
The lovely lady transferred all those rides onto my new seniors metrocard for me and I've been using it ever since.
There was an astounding amount of rides to transfer, I had plenty of multi-trip tickets, since I always used to buy those in bulk when I got my tax refund each year.
I don't like to be caught short when it comes to bus ride.
(or toilet paper - you should see the stack of paper on my back porch....)

Each time I validate, the machine tells me I'm getting a free ride or it tells me how many paid rides I have left.

Well, now I'm down to 6 rides, so I went online and put $50 worth of rides on the card.
It was very easy, but then the website told me I need to validate the ticket before 23/2/13.
That's tomorrow.
Which means validating the ticket today. 

It's my day off.
I wasn't planning on going anywhere, certainly not by bus.
I've already been out today, to pay my rent and do a little grocery shopping.

I planned on spending the rest of the day doing absolutely nothing.
I'm really good at doing nothing.

But I must close down the computer now and put my shoes back on, and go to catch a bus.
Bye bye.....


  1. 20 rolls for $10, less staff discount. What was the gap between when you loaded more on to the ticket and the 23/02? What happens if you did not validate it?

  2. Good on you for getting one and I hope that it remains good value and glitch-free.

  3. They are a great idea especially for we older seniors that travel out of peak time. Similar rules apply here in Perth. MOH catches the bus when he has to but only a few times a year. However they are a great idea for seniors who like to go into town to the movies or do a city shop or even used locally.
    What a pity you had to forgo your day of doing nothing. No peace for the wicked? No, no I don't think you are wicked.....just coining a phrase is all. :)

  4. Oh thats got to suck..I guess the lesson is to put money on it earlier during the week. We dont have that here..we dont even have a publicly funded bus service. It's a company run, pay as you go, bad attitude service that no one really likes.

  5. Andrew; 24 rolls for $10, less staff discount. I loaded the ticket this afternoon, then went straight out and took a bus ride. I don't know what would happen if I didn't validate. I didn't read that far.

    Kath Lockett; I've been using it since October and it has been glitch free so far.

    Mimsie; the bus rode turned out to be a blessing. I went to a shopping centre I don't usually go to and discovered a family owned butcher shop that sells only locally sourced, humanely raised, South Australian lamb, beef and pork.

    Tempo; perhaps you could start your own chauffeur service? Failing that, is there any avenue of complaint open to you and the rest of the town? Local government MPs? Councillors?

  6. Here we have something called a bus pass....special rates for seniors and the disabled and those on assistance. Good for whenever the bus is running. Am I reading this right...you have buses in the middle of the night?

  7. No, I didn't read it right. sorry.

  8. Our nearest bust stop into the city is two miles away. My brother-in-law loves to go to the local baseball games, but hates the hassel of leaving the parking lot. He decided on the bus. He would walk to and from the bus stop! A man thing. After the game he found it was too late to have a bus to the closer stop; he had to get off three miles from home. At midnight he called my sister to get him. He was half way home. In all fairness, he's as old as I am, and put on a lot more miles than I could.

  9. Bummer that you had to take an unneeded bus ride on your day off. Too bad it couldn't have been validated online or on the telephone like you can credit and debit cards.

    Or the other hand, you might not have ever found that butcher shop if you hadn't gone out, so all's well that ends well.

    Happy weekend!

  10. A metropass is a wonderful thing, and I have one as well (although mine is not yet senior-related).

    I, too, am rather good at doing nothing. :-)


  11. That seems a bit strange to me - why do you have to use your card (and potentially use up your money) when you don't want to?? Hope it worked though!!!

  12. Delores; I remember bus passes from school days, kids had them to travel to and from school all year, but they couldn't be used for weekend trips. We do have some late night bus services, to cater for shift workers I presume and for hotel patrons wishing to get home, possibly after hours office cleaners too, hospital workers etc. The bus that takes me to work for the city has a bus that runs from the city at 11.10 pm, reaching it's destination at 11.30, then there is a return bus which arrives back in the city at close to midnight. I'm sure other routes have the same.

    Joanne Noragon; that's the best part about living in a city suburb. Plenty of buses and bus stops. Although when I was younger, as little as 15 years ago, my daughter K and I would often ignore the bus stops and walk into the city from a suburb quite a bit further out than the one I am currently living in.

    Pearl; I love mine, it doesn't get accidentally bent like the paper tickets sometimes did, and the senior part is great for free travel in the specified times.

    Red Nomad; I used the card because I had to validate the newly loaded rides, but since I had a few rides left it just validated one of those, so I still don't know if the online purchase has worked. All weekend rides are free, so I won't know until Monday when the machine should show many more rides left than 5. If it doesn't I'll be fronting up to the metro office and finding out why.


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