What irritates you...Monday

today is another "What irritates you...Monday" -  a meme started by Delores at The Feathered Nest.

On this day we get to vent about little things that irritate enough to make us grumpy about them.

Today I'm irritated about people who meander diagonally across pedestrian crossings.
I even have a diagram for you.
Done by a little known artist, (me) and hopefully clear enough to be seen here.

See those little people gathered at points A,B,C and D?
Here's my gripe.
If you're waiting at point A, then cross straight ahead to point B.

Do not, I repeat, NOT, cross diagonally to point C and cut off everyone (me) trying to walk straight across!
If you want to end up at point C, then start at point D. 
It follows, of course, that if you want to finish at point B you don't start at D.....

If you'd like to join in with this meme, just write on Mondays about what irritates you.
(on any day, not just Mondays.)


  1. As a motorist, I'm just happy when they cross during their proper turn! :)

  2. We don't have such nice wide crossings in Guelph...our big problem comes from people crossing from both sides and meeting in the middle.

  3. By George, I think you're onto something! Maybe there should be a law... or a sign at every crosswalk informing pedestrians to cross at right angles to the street, doggone it! Um, don't think the dogs will pay any attention, though.

  4. Oooogh, then you won't like the intersection in Melbourne at Elizabeth and Flinders Streets. It's been specifically set up to encourage diagonal crossers! :P

  5. Happy Elf Mom; we have walk/don't walk lights that keep us on the footpath until the cars have stopped, although some people do cross between cars still.

    Delores; most of our crossings and the roads too are nice and wide.

    Susan; I think such a law would be hard to police, if only people would be sensible and do it themselves!

    Kath Lockett; some of the main crossings in the city are set up that way too, but I'm rarely there so it doesn't bother me much. It's the other ones where I'm heading straight across to get into a Mall or Arcade and get cut off by those people who just wander aimlessly.

  6. Hi River,

    Here's a tip - if you see a diagonal crosser, deliberately walk into them.

    Ah - that might make you like a diagonal crosser yourself.

    Ignore me.




  7. I am with your. Kath mentioned a certain intersection. It does get quite messy in peak times.

  8. Plasman; you're suggesting I be bad on purpose?? Shame on you.

    Andrew; we have those walk all directions intersections in the city, but Adelaide isn't as crowded as Melbourne so it isn't that bad. Plus because the diagonal availability is there, people who want to walk straight across can do so, because those walking diagonally are off to the side and they are ALL going diagonally. Have I confused you? I think I've confused myself, but I know what I mean.

  9. I get what you mean. In the one Kath mentioned, most people are headed for the station entrance and at times they can't get through the barriers quickly enough, so there are people left on the street when the lights go green for cars.


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