warning, food post!

JahTeh, click away now.

I was shoulders deep into the cupboard the other day checking on how many jars of pasta sauce I had, when I found a can of crushed pineapple I'd forgotten about.

Well, I couldn't leave that poor lonely can just sitting there in the dark now, could I?
so out it came and I made these...

pineapple pies!

I made a little meringue....

and topped the pies....

....baked them in the oven at a low temperature (150*C-180*C)

until they were delicately browned and so very yummy!
I took one to work and left it on the lunchroom table with instructions to "help yourself".
I ate the other one over several days.
Which shows great restraint on my part, because I could very easily have eaten the whole thing in one go.


  1. Your meringue looks lovely.

  2. Holy cow, the perfect shade of brown on that topping! Sounds heavenly...

  3. It is three o'clock here ... two hours until dinner time and I am drooling over your pies. I can't remember when I last had a pinapple pie. It must have been when I was young, but it sounds so good and yours look so good ... now I am craving and have no idea where I would find one to eat. I know, I know, I could bake one for myself, but I don't bake because, unlike you, I would eat the whole thing in one sitting. So you see what you have caused :) Great post and I will be in search for a pinapple pie from this day on ... oh my!

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. Pineapple meringue pies are my brother in laws signature dish. Yours look so good and heavy on the meringue. Just how I like it!

  5. Those are absolutely beautiful!!! Makes me miss America. There's no way I'd run into already made pineapple pies or even the ingredients to make them over here in my part of China. Maybe if I ordered the ingredients online... hm...

  6. They look brilliant. You did so well with the meringue.

  7. Yummy looking! I used to make a pineapple pie, but without meringue. It had sliced nectarines on top, arranged in a flower-like design. Then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.


  9. ..and they look so yummy. I could never cook well enough to turn out two perfect pies like these.

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  12. Delores; thank you, it was tasty too.

    Jennifer Kay; this is my first attempt at meringue in this oven so I was watching it pretty closely.

    Andrea; I think I can solve your problem. Go ahead and bake one, eat the whole thing shamelessly, then relax in the knowledge that you have had pie and don't need to bake or eat another one. Ever.

    Joanne Noragon; I do seem to have a knack with pies.

    Sarah; nice to know there's someone else out there who makes these.

    Izzy Mason; I don't see why you couldn't get the ingredients online. Try it.

    A Farmer's Wife; it was very yummy, people at work liked it too.

    Andrew; meringue topping is easy. A little more difficult if you're making pavlova, because that needs to be crisp outside and softer inside, but not at all browned.

    Susan; now THAT sounds interesting.

    JahTeh; I did warn you to click away with my very first sentence.

    Kath Lockett; recipe? gosh, ummm, start with a can of crushed pineapple and a couple of bought sweet pastry flans.....I'll make it a recipe post. Stay tuned.

    Tempo; some people cook, some people eat, that's the way of the world.

  13. I enjoy looking at things I can no longer eat. Yum. Reminds me of when I made lemon meringue pie and the like. Oh they were the days. I've got to go back and have another peek at those pies.

  14. Mimsie; I haven't made lemon meringue in years. My family mostly asks for apple pies.


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