what irritates you Monday

Once again it is Monday, time for another what irritates you post.

This meme was thought up by Delores at The Feathered Nest and I'm sure she'd be delighted if you joined in.

Today's irritation is spitting.

I see people spitting on footpaths and roads, in the parks, from bikes, I've even seen a father spitting while pushing the baby along in a stroller.

It's disgusting!
You people need to stop!

It's much more prevalent in recent times and I don't enjoy having to watch the footpath to avoid the spits when I'm walking.
People even spit out of passing cars.

Worst of all are those with smoker's coughs who cough until they spit up such huge amounts of phlegm into the gutter,  I have to turn and walk away as soon as I hear them coughing.

Just last week I saw a group of young children in school uniform, barely teenaged, and one of the boys spat as he crossed the road.
At least use a tissue and throw it in the bin, please.

How the heck did this get started? I'm sure people don't spit like this in their homes, or do they?


  1. Yu know you're right....that happens here too. Disgussting.

  2. I guess they still have spittoons if they want to spit at home. Yuck. Can you imagine they used to clean those things and reuse them.

  3. I think it is sports players who have given the impression that it is an acceptable thing to do. Australian Rules players often spit when playing, although I don't think they used to very much a decade or more ago. My guess is the habit came from Europe via soccer players. More people need to make a sound of disgust when they are within earshot of someone who has spat.

  4. There used to be signs on the tiled walls underground at Flinders st Station. It was because of tuberculosis and people would spit because nearly everybody smoked unfiltered cigarettes.
    And what would football and soccer nongs be spitting out besides some other player's ear?

  5. Agree agree agree agree agree agree agree! I hate seeing glistening oysters near bus stops, footpaths, walkways, gutters etc. Hate it!

  6. Delores; if only we could think of some way to stop them.

    Manzanita; at home they probably walk out to the street and spit in the gutter, like a neighbour I used to have. He was a heavy smoker and each morning at dawn he'd be outside in his pyjamas coughing up and spitting. I had to close doors and windows so I couldn't hear it.

    Andrew; I first noticed Asians spitting before I noticed cyclists spitting, now it's everyone, everywhere. Apologies to all Asians who don't spit.

    JahTeh; tuberculosis is making a comeback. Maybe we need to petition our councils to post signs warning of the dangers of spitting.

    Kath Lockett; real oysters are disgusting enough without fake ones all over our footpaths.

  7. oh it is horrendous! And when you see kids do it when they are with their parents.

  8. Singapore has very strict anti-spitting laws...and chewing gum.

  9. Oh YUK!!! I don't get out and about much so it's not something I see in my everyday life but I hate it when i see football players (Aussie Rules) players spit when on the field.
    I may be old fashioned but men (and women) used to always carry a handkerchief and could blow their noses quietly. Now I think they sniff and then spit instead. My hubby and my son-in-law still always carry clean hankies in their pockets so perhaps it is more the under 50s that, without hankies, just have to spit. Perhaps they don't think it cool to carry a handkerchief??? I still use them as well but then I've never been one to spit at any time!!!

  10. Oh River,

    You would HATE China; spitting is a way of life there.




  11. Don't go to India, the custom is to chew betel nuts and spit on the footpaths, red blotches everywhere. They keep a wad of the stuff in their mouths, giving them red-stained lips and blackened teeth.
    You wouldn't want to go there anyway, India stinks; filthiest country on earth.

  12. When my mother first visited Adelaide WAAAAAAY back in the dim, distant past, she was amused by a sign on the bus saying 'Do not spit on, or from this bus'!!! Maybe it needs to be resurrected????

  13. Elephant's Child; exactly!

    kelley@magnetoboldtoo; it's one of the few things I'm squeamish about. As well as being ugly to see and a disgusting habit that helps spread germs too.

    Tempo; I've heard that and wish Australia had the same laws. I'm sick of accidentally stepping in discarded chewing gum.

    Mimsie; yes, the sniff and spit. Just horrible. Even if they don't carry hankies, many people used to carry tissues, but now that is mostly women, men have empty pockets. Apparently washing used hankies was said to spread germs within the was, and maybe that's true, which is why tissues became popular. I still carry a hanky, you never know when it will come in handy to wet and wash your face and hands, to tie around a scraped knee.

    Plasman; one more reason to never go there.

    R.H. another country to never go to.

    Red Nomad OZ; YES!! Resurrect the signs and enforce them with heavy fines. Please. I actually remember seeing such signs.

  14. Here, I think baseball players are the worst culprits. It's like a standard routine for every player who comes up to bat... spit, tap home plate with the bat a couple times, adjust their dangly bits, and then spit again. Disgusting!

  15. Susan; at least adjusting their dangly bits isn't a health hazard to the rest of us.


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