What Irritates You.....Monday

I'm joining in again with What Irritates You...Monday,
a meme started by Delores at The Feathered Nest.

In this meme we get to vent on Mondays about things that irritate us.
It can be anything on any day, just post your irritation on a Monday if you choose to join in
and link back to Delores.

My irritation this week is the theme song from the supermarket I work in.

I know I shouldn't be saying this, ( I may be asked to remove this content from the web), but that song is really, really irritating me.
I never liked the song to begin with, and hearing it played at intervals throughout the day is driving me crazy.

I try to not hear it and sometimes that works, but last Thursday I wasn't successful and not only did I hear it all through my shift, but it stayed in my head all the way home and well into the night.

Ear worm.
A Status Quo ear worm.

I turned on the small bedroom i-pod, turned down the volume, and let it play all night while I slept.
Peace in my head at last. 


  1. Nothing worse than getting a tune stuck in your head..

  2. Hi River,

    Oh my, I've thought about irritating it must be for the staff at shops hearing the same song, over and over and over and....I know it irritates me as a customer who might be there for thirty minutes and hear the same song three times. So sorry about that.

    I get irritated by folks in supermarkets who wont fold the basket handles down. The next person then puts their basket on top of the basket with the handles inwards. You know the result. I have to sort them out.

    Take care,


  3. Hi River,

    I know what you mean - and usually its the worst kind of song...

    Like that bloody Gangnam Style garbage.




  4. I am surprised the song is still being used given how annoying people find it and the bad publicity http://www.theage.com.au/business/from-quo-to-woe-for-reckless-radio-station-20130123-2d6jq.html

  5. I have a young friend who, with her boyfriend, once took a job on a fishing boat out of Alaska. To earn enough money to pay off student loans. And horrify parents. They couldn't quit; all their pay would be deducted to offset the cost of flying them to Alaska and providing room and board for the many months on board.
    They literally stood all day at a conveyor belt on the ship, sorting fish. After several months one person said listening to another day of piped in music while sorting fish would make him mad. My friend's boyfriend turned and ripped the speaker off the wall, and the rest of their time sorting fish was done in silence. She does not recommend working on fishing boats.

  6. That is annoying when you don't like the tune. I always get tunes stuck in my head, even when I don't hear them. Thinking about them is enough.
    Can you put a note in the suggestion box about playing the same song over and over?

  7. I guess everyone suffers from the one song that gets in your head and wont leave. Thats why I wear an iPod most of the time instead of listening to the radio.

  8. Somewhat like the so-called music you hear when waiting in a queue for a real person to speak to you on the 'phone. Silence would be preferable.
    I am still old fashioned enough to listen to the radio (don't have an iPod) and I detest over loud commercials where they talk so fast to fit in as much as they can in a given time. I need a mute control for the radio as for the TV. :)

  9. I know whatcha mean. Songs get into my head, too, and usually, the last song I hear is the one I end up singing and humming (over and over and over) until another song comes along and kicks the first intruder out on its butt. When our daughter was a teenager, she loved to fill my head with a song she KNEW I didn't like, just so she could tease me when she heard me singing it later.

  10. Repetition usually works, but not in a supermarket when it makes you want to grab the basics and get out fast.

  11. I'm partial to getting 'down down' but I don't have it going on loop in my vicinity.

    Stay sane:)

  12. Ah yes! songs that irritate can be so annoying and then they get in your head and go round and round and round ..... that's even worse.
    Hope you get a chance to visit "From Scratch Patisserie" ... I wouldn't order the almond croissant though because you'll have icing sugar from ear to ear plus on your clothes.
    Next time I'm going for a buttery croissant and dunk it in my coffee.

  13. You work at a different supermarket to where I shop but at Christmas I actually threatened to take my business elsewhere if they didn't shut it up. It was worse than the Christmas Carols they belted out the year before.

  14. I don't think I could stand hearing that song all day. I can't imagine how you manage to get through your day!

  15. Can you- and your comrades - get together and ask management to reduce the number of times it's played over the loudspeakers?

    Or do a customer petition at each checkout?

  16. Delores; it depends on the tune. I don't mind at all when my favourite songs are in there.

    klahanie; the baskets are another irritation, I get annoyed when people ask me where should they put the empty basket when it is quite clear where they go. But the song is the straw that will break this camel's back.

    Plasman; it isn't even a true song. It's the advertisement that our prices are "down down". I don't believe I have heard any of that Gangnam style music.

    Andrew; I didn't know there had been publicity about it. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like it.

    Joanne; I've heard that about the fishing boats. And kudos to the boy for ripping the speaker off the wall. My daughter once did the same thing with a bell on the counter of the service deli she was working in. Customers would ding it unnecessarily and all the girls were getting annoyed by it, so K ripped it off the counter and tossed it in the bin.

    Manzanita; I hadn't thought about a note. We don't have a suggestion box as such, but there is a feedback form that customers can fill out. I'll do that. It isn't an actual song, its the advertisement that our prices are "down down".

    Tempo; sadly, wearing an ipod at the checkout isn't an option.

    Mimsie; I no longer have a radio and I've given up waiting on the phone. I email the company instead so there's no irritating "on hold" music.

    Susan; I don't mind it when they are songs that I like. But every 15 minute repetitions of an advertisement is too much. It's aimed at the customers, just unfortunate that we have to hear it too.

    R.H. if you grab the basics and get out fast, you may be lucky enough to miss it altogether.

    Sarah; lucky you. But maybe your turn is coming. Buy some earplugs to wear while you shop.

    Dianne; usually I can remove an earworm by playing a favourite song, but last Thursday it just wouldn't leave me.
    Almond Croissant=icing sugar from ear to ear. Thanks, I'll choose something different.

    JahTeh; you had the "down down" at your supermarket? I'm so sorry. I don't mind Christmas Carols as long as they're not sung as if they were a funeral dirge. They should be upbeat and happy.

    sleepydwarf; I try to send my mind away, but then I have to concentrate on the customers, so that doesn't always work.

    Kath Lockett; Most customers aren't in the store long enough (or often enough) to be annoyed by it and plenty of them are plugged in to their ipods or iphones anyway. I could try speaking to management, but I think this is a decision made by those higher up at head office.

  17. Good for you. Keep at it slowly slowly it will get easier.


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