what irritates you...Monday

Welcome back to "what irritates you Monday."
This meme is the brainchild of Delores and I'm keeping it going as long as I can find things to be irritated about. 

today's irritation is heat.
Specifically, summer heat.

Summer is a beautiful season, trees are green, flowers are blooming, beaches and swimming pools are there for the enjoyment.

And I am enjoying my times at the swimming pool, but I can't stay there all day, I must come home.
Last Saturday,  I was ready to come home and thought I'd dried off enough to get my shorts and t-shirt back on, so I dressed, only to find my swimsuit wasn't as dry as it felt.
By the time I'd walked to the tram stop, my shorts looked like I'd wet myself!
I took my damp towel out of my bag and wrapped it around my waist like a sarong to save people the embarrassment of staring at an older woman who'd maybe forgotten to wear her depends underwear.
Made a mental note to take knickers to change into after swimming.
(I thought I'd save the inconvenience of changing by wearing the swimsuit to and from the pool.)

If only Summer wasn't so........hot. 

I'm suffering here.
Sweating like the proverbial pig,
gulping down water like a camel.

Many days I spend quite a bit of time waiting around at bus stops and so many of them just don't have enough shade.

Enough I say!
Bring on the winter already!
Apologies to all you summer lovers out there.


  1. We've been a long time in the deep freeze over here...a little heat sounds good to me.

  2. I'm not sure why, but these end of summer heatwaves seem MUCH worse than the earlier ones. Maybe the sun's at a different angle, or something. Sadly, the council doesn't seem to see the correlation between 'trees' and 'shade' and 'cooler'. They just see 'trees' and 'mess' and 'inconvenience'!

  3. Oh yes. Bring back winter. Please. The ground is baked hard, and lots of flowers have done their dash. I want it to be cool enough to sleep, and cool enough to garden without becoming a soggy mess in no time.

  4. I agree. I can't take much heat either. It makes me cranky.

  5. I'm not a summer LOVER but I much prefer it to winter. The cold really gets to me.
    My husband feels the heat terribly though, gets very sweaty and can't sleep.

  6. Tick. I've had enough of summer. Splutter at Red, 'maybe the sun is at a different angle'.

  7. I want a really long Autumn, lovely days and crisp nights.
    I've noticed over the last few years that we get the really hot weather in February and March. I blame daylight saving and the Grand Prix.

  8. I'm not a huge fan of sizzling heat, either. My fingers swell up like fat little sausages, and my face gets beet red. All I can say is, "Thank God for air conditioning!"

  9. What a laugh! ... I agree about the bus shelters .... some-one told me that in Dubai they have air-conditioned bus shelters .... I could be tempted to hang out there all day!

  10. Hot, hot, hot... Unless you go through it I really doubt people can understand a real Aussie Summer.

  11. Delores; if I could can it, I'd send it. Today we reached 40.5C, would you like some of that? I'll wish it to you. Just a little though, don't want to overdo it so soon after your freezing cold.

    Red Nomad OZ; end of summer heat waves seem worse because we're already hot and can't take any more. In the beginning our bodies are still cool from the winter, so we welcome a little heat, besides, those early ones are only in the 30s.

    Elephant's Child; bring it on I say. Let's have some clouds and rain, cooler winds and comfortable nights.

    Manzanita; me too. Cranky and so very tired. I simply have no energy.

    Toni; I love the winter. I'm a naturally warm person, even on frosty mornings I have warm hand and people at work come to me to get their fingers warmed. (we hold hands)So in the summer I really feel way too hot, with no energy and headaches.

    Andrew; sometimes I think the sun is parked right outside my front door.

    JahTeh; that sounds great, an autumn that goes on for about 6 months and then we have spring, ideally also for 6 months. Skip summer altogether.

    Susan; my fingers swell too, oddly enough it is just the fingers, not the whole hand. and the beet red face is a familiar sight in the mirror. I wish I had airconditioning. The store has it, but as soon as I step outside (into the oven)all benefits are lost.

    Dianne; some bus stops do have shelter, but if the sun is coming from the front, we all have to stand behind it in the shady spot. So they're useless and still hot anyway, because the air is heated. Trees would go a long way to helping, but there still might not be enough shade depending on time of day and angle of sun. Air conditioned stops would only work if they were fully enclosed. Can't see our gub'mint paying for that.

    Tempo; I know you've had it much hotter where you are, but today's 40.5 was way too much for me. I fell asleep on the way home on the bus and had to walk back in the mid afternoon heat for about 20 minutes.

  12. yep - bus shelters frequently don't.
    Everything irritates me, but especially people who are thoughtless about animals. Dogs/Cats need dishes of water and not out in the damn sun.and as for people who walk their dogs on HOT footpaths in the middle of the day ...

  13. It's too cold right now to even imagine summer.

  14. Hi River,

    What is "summer heat"? We rarely get that here.

    We have to go to southern Europe to find "summer heat".

    How about "winter cold"?

    This morning my car was frosted over.

    Are you jealous?




  15. Ann O'Dyne; dogs walking on hot footpaths seems to be universal. It's something people just don't think about. I do see a few who walk their dogs on the grass verges and in many Adelaide suburbs there are containers of some sort filled with water for dogs and cats to drink from outside many homes and shops.

    Joanne; you'll get there, just a few more weeks and spring will be upon you.

    Plasman; what is summer heat? Days and days (weeks really) of 38-40+C temperatures. You can keep your winter cold, our Aussie winters are cold enough for me.

  16. I too detest hot weather...always have and always will. We have more in Perth this week with 37C and 38C on Weds and Thurs. It will probably come your way on the weekend. I notice Sydney and Brisbane are cooling somewhat now. Yes hot weather irritates me no end and even our winters are never what I'd call cold.

  17. Mimsie; I know about your upcoming heat, my brother in Freemantle gave me a heads up.
    I think our winters are cold when compared to our summers, but not if compared to a northern hemisphere winter.

  18. I agree entirely! Bring on the frost!

  19. I despise summer... another week of over 30 coming up.

    Bring on Autumn. I adore Autumn and not just cause I was born then.

  20. Mrs Catch; yes please, a little frost would be lovely. Right now Adelaide is beautifully cool, but that isn't expected to last. The weekend will be hot again.

    Kelley@magnetoboldtoo; mid to late autumn is the best time, while the days are still warmish but the nights are perfect for sleeping.

  21. Whereas here, the -4C morning starts are starting to change to *gasp* much warmer 1C mornings!

  22. Oh yes, I agree with you. I much prefer cooler/winter. I thought I was in the minority but no. Seems there are plenty of us.


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