what does Sheldon Cooper eat?

In the Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper is very specific about his diet.

He was heard to tell Ramona, an eager young student, that "on Mondays I eat Thai Food", with specific instructions as to which menu items he prefers, when she offered to bring him dinner.

The "Barbecue Burger" at The Cheesecake Factory restaurant has become his new Tuesday night hamburger.

I'm fairly sure that Wednesdays are dedicated to Chinese food brought home by Leonard Hoftsteder, from the "-------? Palace"

Thursdays are Pizza night.

But what about the rest of the week?
They've left us in the dark here.

There are three more nights.

What do the boys eat then?
Do they all tuck in to Howard's mother's melt-in -the-mouth Brisket?
With roasted potatoes and carrots?

Does Rajesh supply Indian food?
Although that seems unlikely as Raj has mentioned that Indian food disagrees with him and he much prefers American food.
I don't think they'd eat leftovers as Sheldon is always concerned with bacterial growth. 

This is an excellent example of menu planning, but the same thing week after week must surely get a bit boring?
Perhaps they stick with the general routine, but choose different menu items each time.

In one episode, the boys have decided to mix things up by declaring one Thursday a month
"anything can happen Thursday", and even though he has agreed to it, Sheldon finds this disconcerting when faced with an unfamiliar dinner. 

I myself have adopted the Thursday night pizza routine as I can cook a frozen pizza, eat half and have the other half on Friday night so there's no extra cooking involved on my day off. 
Just a couple of minutes in the microwave.


  1. Oh another Big Bang fan are we... LOL

  2. LOVE that show!

    I know that Saturday night is laundry night for Sheldon, so if Leonard's out with Penny, maybe they leave him a Subway...?

  3. Tempo; from day one!

    Kath Lockett; I like Subway and it's a takeaway so that's a possibility.
    I like Penny's apartment, it's so colourful.

  4. Ah, splitting pizza over two nights means pizza two nights a week.

  5. I never miss the Big Bang....I vaguely recall Penny making french toast one morning which threw Sheldon for a loop because it was (I think) oatmeal day.

  6. Hi. Talk sense. Julia "The Emu" Gillard has buggered the Labor Party.


    Fairies bleating for Turnbull would find he's a worse c-nt than Abbott.

  7. Turnbull looks like Snedden, sounds like Peacock. And you know old Snedden died of a heart attack while banging a prostitute ("Billy Dies On The Job"). And Peacock grabbed a woman's bum while wearing sunglasses in a cheap bar.

    O' my poor country!

  8. I remember when America watched Happy Days. Now the world watches Big Bang. Kinda neat.

  9. Andrew; yes it does. I'm lazy that way.

    Delores; that's right. I remember thinking I'd prefer the oatmeal too, but that's because I don't like french toast. I'm just more curious about the dinner menus than the breakfasts.

    R.H. your two comments are totally irrelevant to this post. I would also remind you the C word is not allowed here even when abbreviated.
    Tony what's-his-name from Sale of the Century also used to grab women's bums in the Paddington Hotel in Sydney. Saw it with my own eyes while having a pub lunch with hubby#1 in 1976.

    Joanne Noragon; Happy Days is still playing here in Australia and I watch it now and again. But when it comes to The Big Bang Theory I never miss an episode.

  10. omg! I love Sheldon Cooper (and TBBT)... I saw somewhere online once that someone named their cat Dr Sheldon Cooper, ha, ha... I have no idea what he eats on Fri, Sat and sun, but yes, Saturday is laundry night... and am I wrong but I don't he likes Indian food... maybe we'll find out in this new series.

  11. I could have said worse.

    Constrained by good taste.

  12. Billy's funeral was solemn.

    But caused much laughter.

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