Breaking the Time Out Tuesday silence.. let you all know the colonoscopy is over, (I can eat again, hooray!)
and 100% all clear.
The worst part of the whole procedure was drinking the bowel cleansing fluids.

They really need to work on improving the taste of those.
They are very, very salty.

"Minor discomfort during the actual procedure", is what is written in the patient information sheet.

When you get wheeled in a sedative is given and I felt sleepy from that almost immediately and hoped I'd be awake enough to watch the camera on the screen. 

I was warned before hand that some people feel a little pain when the camera turns corners, and I did, quite a bit, so the nurse pumped in a little extra sedative and then I didn't feel a thing.
Didn't get to watch the camera either.  :(

I'm home with orders to rest, so I'm sitting on my bum typing this.
Feeling pretty good. 100% all clear.


  1. Wonderful news. Thank you for letting us know.
    Have a great night.

  2. Elephant's Child; I suspected the result would be good, but it is still a load off my mind.

  3. Good to hear and good to hear there were no issues.

  4. Yes!!!! That's GOOD news. You deserve a treat.

  5. Andrew; I expected a good result, even though my mum had bowel cancer. We have vastly different diets and she was diabetic too.

    Delores; I treated myself to pancakes for dinner. Tomorrow there will be vegetables again. And fruit.

  6. Yea, and feel free to take another nap any time Angel wants.

  7. Pleased to hear all is good.
    Enjoy eating your favourite foods again.

  8. Joanne; that's a great idea :)

    Vicki; vegetables, here I come! and chocolate :)

  9. Terrific! I'm glad the test is... behind you. (Sorry.)

    I have to have those things quite frequently, (lucky me) and I always want to watch the screen, too. (Wouldn't that be neat?) But they put me to sleep every darned time.

  10. How shitty!

    Make up for the enforced fasting, River! :)

  11. Susan; you made me laugh :)
    I don't need to go back for ten years. Sad that you have to have these frequently.

    Lee; ha ha! Fasting well and truly made up for. Now I'm back to the sensible regular diet. Plus chocolate of course. And ice cream.

  12. Even though you may have been feeling positive about the outcome, it's still darn fabulous news River! -cheer-

  13. Rose ~ from OZ; it's the best news I ever had! :)

  14. Great news....just the best ever.
    I had no discomfort either time and on the first occasion I did wake for a few seconds and wondered what all the pretty pink 'stuff' was I could see on the screen and then realised it was my insides!!! The second time, just slept through it.
    Did you use taxis to get to and from the hospital and did you have someone to be with for the first day? Here they won't let you go home unless someone collects you and they know you will have someone with you for at least 12 hours.
    You are so right about the flavour of those sachets...yuk yuk yuk. Enough said.
    Now you've had your first experience, you will be fully prepared next time.

  15. Glad you are ok... it's barbaric that you have to go through such things. There should be a scan!!


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