Thursday Thoughts #10

I've been watching my DVD of the TV series "Once Upon A Time", based on fairy tales and set in a mythical town called Storybrooke.
The series stars Robert Carlyle as the evil little wizard/magician Rumplestiltskin.
Whoever cast him in that role had a stroke of genius! 
There's no doubt about it, he is so perfect portraying Rumplestiltskin.

Next Tuesday is coming up fast and I'm not looking forward to it, nor the preceding two days.
Because my mum died from bowel cancer, I've been on a waiting list for a colonoscopy, and next Tuesday is the big day. 
Since the bowel must be completely empty for the procedure, (a camera going where cameras don't usually go), there are very strict instructions for the preceding two days.

Day one:
All medications containing iron must be discontinued, plus any medications that prevent diarrhoea.
Stop eating foods that contain a lot of fibre.
So no cereals for me, no vegetables, nothing with seeds in it. Do not eat any yellow cheese.

I may eat boiled or poached egg, plain yoghurt, white bread (have to make sure it isn't high fibre I suppose), steamed white fish, boiled chicken, Well cooked peeled pumpkin or potato. (Umm, those are vegetables, I guess it is only fibrous vegetables that can't be eaten).

So far so good, I can live on steamed fish and boiled potato for a day, with an egg for breakfast.

Then comes day two.
Breakfast may be white bread toast and a scrambled egg, then for the rest of the day only approved clear liquids. No more solid foods. (oh no! I'll starve!)
Clear liquids include water (duh!), clear fruit juices or jelly, (no red or purple colours), black tea or coffee, lucozade, clear fruit cordials in lemon or lime.

Also on day two there are two sachets of something called Picolax which must be dissolved in water and drunk, one at noon and the other at 4pm.
These are designed to produce frequent loose bowel movements and it is recommended you stay within easy reach of a toilet.
I'll stay home.

On the big day, Tuesday, there is a powder called Colonlytely which must be dissolved in a litre of water, (which can be flavoured with lemon, lime or orange) and must be drunk in stages between 7am and 10am. This can be made up the night before and refrigerated if you prefer your drinks cold.
After that, nothing until after the examination has taken place.

Holy cow! What have I let myself in for! It's going to be a rough few days.
I have no symptoms that indicate there is a problem, I'm doing this purely to be sure, because of my mum.

Now a question.
Without looking up fairytale books or google, how many of you can name all seven of the dwarfs?
I couldn't and had to google them. I remember years ago, people at work were trying to remember them all and no one could. Most could remember Doc, Happy and Grumpy, but no one could recall all seven names.


  1. As many times as I've tried this I always forget one. I got 6 this time, now I have to Google to see which one I forgot.

    I hate that "Once" show...Mrs C. loves it so...

    Good luck with the test, does not sound like fun.

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  3. Good luck.
    Administering colonoscopies is yet another of the jobs I wouldn't want.
    And I failed dismally on the names of the dwarves.

  4. You will come out the other end just fine; as for the prep, just spend the day watching Once Upon a Time. Tell us when you're back among us.

  5. Off the top of my head...sleepy, dopey, doc, grumpy, bashful, happy and.........???????

  6. Not the nicest of tests to have, but it will good to be given an all clear. I fail on the dwarfs too.

  7. Wishing you all the best with the pre-prep for your procedure. Think upon the delicious meal or what you'll treat yourself to, once it's all over... to hopefully take your mind off the hunger pangs - difficult, I know.
    Um, ice cream perhaps? That's always worth looking forward to :)

    I watch Once Upon a Time - I'm a "Oncer". And, am caught up with the latest season. It's good.
    guys don't seem to like it and regard it as a chick show - fairytales and romance.
    And, while I'm not usually one for the "pretty boys" of Hollywood, I have to say Captain Hook is rather dishy :)

    I agree, Robert Carlyle IS Rumpelstiltskin! I can't imagine anyone else as Rumple.

    And, I remembered six names. For some reason, I forget Dopey...

  8. I got 5 of them!
    Never watched Once upon a Time, but friends were raving about it.
    Good wishes for an easy day with the tests - it'll be behind you and you will be able to rest easy. Definitely stay home!
    Take good care

  9. joeh; Bashful is the one I always forget!

    Elephant's Child; thanks, I'm sure I'll be fine, it's that 'stay near the toilet' bit that has me worried. Should I stay naked and camp out in the bathroom? I always get six dwarves and forget Bashful.

    Joanne; I have several scheduled posts, so I will still be here, just not literally, since I will be in the bathroom...

    Delores; you forgot Sneezy. I always forget Bashful.

    Andrew; I've heard the test is a little uncomfortable, but I've had four babies, so I think I can handle uncomfortable. It's the preceding days that have me worried. Think I'll go out and buy extra toilet paper.

    Vicki; I'm planning a pizza, but not sure I'll feel like eating until the day after, so icecream and jelly may be the way to go.
    I only have season one of "Once", I'll have to get the others soon. Are we up to season three now? I have seen season two at my Ks house, I don't think it was as good as season one.

    Rose~from OZ; which two did you miss?
    I don't watch Once upon A Time often, I've been watching Castle and Death In Paradise a lot. I'm looking forward to when this is behind me and I get the all clear. I certainly won't put myself through it again unnecessarily.

  10. Season four starts late September.
    Season three was really good.

  11. I know a few people to have this done, i must say it doesn't sound like fun hope everything is ok.
    Name the seven dwarfs was a question on the radio, I knew them all for about 2 hours but have since forgotten them .

  12. I forgot Bashful and Dopey.

    I used to watch "Once Upon a Time" and I liked it. Carlyle certainly is brilliant in it. I thought the whole show was well done. I should catch up with it again.

    You'll be a lot lighter come Tuesday, River! You're doing the right thing...and it will put your mind at'll be just fine.

    A hug for you and Angel. :)

  13. Vicki; so I have some catching up to do.

    Merle; it doesn't sound like the best day I'll ever have that's for sure, but for my own peace of mind I'm going ahead with it.

    Lee; I usually remember Dopey because he is the only dwarf without a beard. Tuesday can't come and go fast enough for me, I want it all over and done with already.


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