THIS is outrageous!

An article I read in our Sunday Mail about a paedophile who the courts want to release back into society, but they are worried about public attacks or media criticism.
Apparently the court has been told the community poses a risk to Mark Trevor Marshall. Yes I can say his name here, it's all over the newspaper article, so hardly a secret.
Instead of Mark being a risk to the general community, they think the community would be a risk for him??

Psychiatrists have said that this type of stress could cause him to revert and reoffend.
He has currently only been in jail since 2009 and apparently "they" think that is long enough.
The almighty "they" who think they know better than the rest of us. hmpf.

Well, I read the entire article and I say he'd reoffend with or without stress.
You might say, "well everyone is entitled to a second chance" and that's fair, but this man, Mark Marshall, has had a second chance.
Also third, fourth and fifth chances. 

Beginning back in 1987, when he was found guilty of 13 indecent assaults against children.
For that he got a paltry three month suspended sentence.
Two years later, seven indecent assaults against girls aged 5 to 7.

More of the same in 1992, including a boy this time, then again in seeing a pattern here?
The man can't control himself!!
He can't wait to get his hands on more children!
Perhaps your children.

Over the years he has destroyed the innocence of 24 children, and served only a total of just over five years in jail.
And now they want to let him out again, but they're worried that the community and media might be against him and cause him some stress?

I'm horrified.
How can the courts and parole boards look at his record and NOT throw away the key to his cell? 

His photo is here in the paper, right beside my computer, he looks very smug, like he thinks he's beaten the courts and psychiatrists and will soon be free to find other children.
And he's not an old man, he looks young enough to continue his depravities for many years yet.

"....currently incarcerated for trying to have nine rolls of film developed of a three-year-old girl in various sexual positions."
Ummm, where was her mother??

A direct quote from the journalist...>>>"to put it bluntly, there is no good reason to let Marshall out of jail-ever."

I agree.


  1. It's the same thing for murderers. Let them out and give them another chance. At what? At "who"?

    We have too few prisons. Why. I'll tell you. We have too few prisons because prison money is spent on the criminal's RIGHTS to televisions and good food while their victims go without.

    They should relinquish their rights when they violate someone else's.

    If I'm ever homeless, I'm going to break the mayor's windows and kick a cop.

  2. Sigh. Wrong, wrong and wrong. If we have to release him from prison, I am sure there is (or should be) a nice psychiatric hospital for him to live in. Permanently.

  3. Pedos have the highest rate of re-offending of any criminals released from custody. In this case I certainly agree with you.

  4. I overheard a conversation between 2 young boys on the train that they want to commit crimes so that they can live for free in jail. sigh

  5. Words fail me...and that doesn't happen too often.

  6. I have heard they can never be cured. Scary to let them loose on the streets. I recall years ago when I was a psychiatric nurse, they did a lot of lobotomies and lobectomies. A cut into the area of the brain that controls being a sexual deviate would change them. Then I think it was against the law..... not sure.

  7. I STRONGLY agree with Elephant's Child!!

  8. I too second EC's comments. You have said all there is to be said. There are too many 'sick' people out there these days and I doubt there will ever be an end to their depravity. Was interested in Manzanita's comment. Perhaps these people should be subjected to medical intervention for everyone's sake.

  9. It was established many years ago in the psychiatric world that these...people, cannot be rehabilitated. They may "behave" for a time, but nothing has changed in their desires,
    He will certainly continue his depravities. There will have been more victims that noone knows about, and more to come who perhaps noone will know about.
    The release of this man is just beyond belief and all human understanding. The powers that be should hang their heads in shame.

  10. The rate of recidivism for pedophiles is 100%. There is no cure, no rehab, no therapy that cures them. Even castration will not stop them. They will use an object to get their thrills.

  11. lotta joy; they must have some sort if living standard in prisons, but it should be very basic. They are being punished, after all. Televisions, computers and turkey dinners at Christmas? too much when there are honest people living without these things.

    Elephant's Child; that's one of the problems, psychiatric hospitals closing down all over the place and the people that were in them now housed in public housing, many with no idea how to care for themselves, many who need constant monitoring to take needed medications etc, they're just left to cope. People like Marshall who are normal on the surface don't get locked away, even though years of evidence supports claims that he should be permanently incarcerated.

    Andrew; yet these people are the first to be let loose. People who rob banks get higher sentences. because apparently money is more important than children.

    mm; that is the saddest thing I've ever heard.

    Delores; me too, I had difficulty writing this without just copying the article directly. I'm so outraged that he will be back in society.

    Manzanita; I think such things are illegal now, which is a shame. Mark Marshall could use one.

    fishducky; me too. Somewhere far far away, Mars perhaps.

    Mimsie; sadly medical intervention is no longer allowed. They may try medication, but he is the sort of person who wouldn't take it. Too many mental facilities are closing down with inmates being moved to public housing where they cause no end of trouble, while families who need those homes are being left to live in their cars.

    Rose~from Oz; long established, true, yet "they" keep trying instead of locking them away.

    Linda; I agree, not even castration is enough. Permanent incarceration or the electric chair is the only answer in my opinion.

  12. Spare us from hand wringing do-gooders who always want to give these people another chance. He has every intention of re-offending (wasn't he the one sptung in Yatala in 2011 with loads of kiddie porn?), so it is irresponsible of those shrinks to suggest he can ever live in the community. so, it's only a problem if he feels stressed? Show me a "stress-free" life and I'll happily sign up for it - there is no such thing.

    Lets just hope he doesn`t bump into the wrong people while out looking for his next victim (which he surely will) or he might just end up leaving in a wooden box.
    We can live in hope.

    One feels very let down by so-called justice. If the law can`t deal with him and protect our children then a baying mob might feel it is their right to do so.

  13. How absolutely horrifying, and somewhat mystifying that "they" allowed their misplaced concerns for this pervert's well-being be made public. No problem. Keep his sorry backside in jail for good. I take it your country doesn't have "three strikes" laws, where three felonies can automatically keep a person in jail for life? This guy has already gotten more than enough chances, and little more than a slap on the wrist. The children he's molested aren't getting off nearly as easily.

  14. This turns my stomach. Sex offenders are dealt with very severely here. That doesn't seem to deter the ones waiting to get caught.

    My brother told me a story of him and our father waiting at a bus stop. A pretty little girl walked by on her mother's hand and my brother made a rude remark about her future winsomeness.

    He said our father said if he even so much as thought my brothers thought about children that way he would have them limb from limb, even if he came back from the grave to do it.

    Also makes me wonder what else happened in my father's unhappy childhood.

  15. Marie; the article didn't mention Yatala or kiddie porn but I wouldn't be at all surprised. I always thought inmates computer times were supposed to be closely monitored, but it appears I was wrong. Your final sentence worries me, if there is someone, or a group of someones, who take the law into their own hands, those persons will probably get a far longer sentence, when really they've done the world a favour.

    Susan; "keep his sorry backside in jail for good" yes, yes, yes. I'm not sure about the three strikes laws, it would appear we don't have that, as too many of our criminals are roaming free, getting out on good behaviour bonds, or on a psychiatrist's say-so, "Oh he's sorry and says he won't do it again", sort of thing. It's so wrong!

    Joanne; turns my stomach too. Our children need to be safe, any children, anywhere. People like Marshall should be kept locked away. And with no computer access either.

  16. A castration (real one) and a lobotomy comes to mind. Or maybe a 'Clockwork Orange' treatment?

  17. Susan Kane; I'd prefer the electric chair for him, get him gone from this world.

  18. Many years ago there was trouble in my small town, I remember my mother being worried that my dad was involved somehow.
    Many years later I found out that my dad had joined many others to run a paedophile out of town with the warning that if he ever came back there would be a shallow grave in it for him...
    I didnt understand it really and as I got older I wondered if he'd done the right thing but after about 15 years that man moved back and within a year he was in trouble for having sex with a young girl. That changed and fixed my attitude to this day, Paedophiles are parasites on our society and really need to be removed one way or the other...


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