is this an age thing?

Can I look forward to more silly happenings like this?

I'd been helping a friend clean house and arrived home feeling tired, cold and achy.

I had a cup of coffee, then decided on a shower.
And pyjamas, since I wasn't going out again.

Turned up the heat to just under cook-the-flesh-off-the-bones temperature, stepped under the spray and .....Oh....My....God!!

Pure Bliss! 
Heavenly, heavenly bliss. 

Without that annoying dying and going to Heaven bit.

With muscles easing nicely, I soaped, rinsed, repeated, turn off the water and reached for my towel.

Which wasn't there!!

I'd forgotten to lift it off the airing rack on my way through the bedroom.


I made do with the small hand towel hanging by the basin, a very poor substitute for the very large, soft and fluffy bath sheet I usually wrap myself in.


  1. I fear the answer to your question is yes, as it will and is happening to us all.

  2. Oh dear. That has happened to me too - and our hand towels are WOEFULLY inadequate.

  3. I HATE when that happens!! Did you know that the person who invented bath sheets has been nominated for sainthood?

  4. I find myself doing things like that more and more often. sigh.

  5. Hi River,

    I did EXACTLY the same thing this morning!

    So I can only conclude ...

    YES it IS an age thing.




  6. OH the joys of getting old, sometimes it not bad people don't expect so much of you, I am no longer asked to help people move or to help paint their house etc.
    As for hot showers on sore bodies that always feels good, but you always need extra towels in the bathroom, I always take my towel outside to dry in the sun and sometimes I forget to bring it back so I have two towels.

  7. That is tragic. Life should come with big fluffy bath towels outside the shower door. Heated.
    Right up to "stepped under the spray" I thought I was reading about my car, which I keep on high heat all winter. The kids call it grandma's personal sauna.

  8. Andrew; well....damn. I'm going to have to write a note and stick it to the bathroom door. "Have you got your towel?"

    Elephant's Child; some of my hand towels aren't too bad, since they are cut and hemmed halves of old worn out bath sheets.

    fishducky; sainthood? I did not know that.

    Delores; we have to start writing notes to ourselves and then hope that we remember to read them.

    Plasman; you too? But you're not old yet....

    Merlesworld; I like the part where people don't expect too much of you. I can see I'm going to have to start leaving a decent sized towel on the hand rail.

    Joanne; big fluffy towels outside the shower is usually what i have, when I remember to put them there. I don't heat them though. As long as they are soft and not damp, that's good enough for me. Ha ha, personal sauna, how many pounds do you sweat off per winter?

  9. Our towels are always on their rails in the bathroom so no problem in that regard. We have a very large window in our bathroom that opens onto the enclosed back verandah so towels dry very well winter and summer.
    I did though forget the other night whether I had actually dialled up a number before doing my insulin injection. Never happened before. Tested after dinner and BG seemed reasonably good so off to bed. Test next morning was 5.0 which is about perfect. I obviously had used insulin and can't imagine what made me think that perhaps I hadn't. I blamed the cat (certainly not my age) as she was under my feet at that time so it must have been her fault. lol

  10. It's never happened to me. I like to think that's because I'm a freaking legend, but the more likely explanation is that we have one of those snazzy heated towel rails in our bathroom, so the towels live there, getting all toasty and warm, ready for me to wrap around my dripping self. They also serve as a room heater, so the bathroom is always toasty warm as well (a decided advantage when one lives 60°N).

    But hey, if we talk about going shopping for bread and milk and coming home with 2 large bags of groceries and NO bread or milk, then I'm your gal!

  11. No, not an age thing. I do it all the time, since I have memory. Screaming for towel when I was a tucker and now as a lassy.

  12. No, not an age thing. I do it all the time, since I have memory. Screaming for towel when I was a tucker and now as a lassy.

  13. Mimsie; I only have one towel rail right beside the basin, so I keep the hand towel on that, and the bath towel on the airing rack in the bedroom moving it out onto the back porch to get the morning sun, then bringing it in again later. I have to walk past it to get to the bathroom so I shouldn't forget. Glad you remembered your insulin.

    Marie; I've done that shopping thing too, gone out specifically to get a newspaper, come home with half the store and no newspaper. Thankfully not often.

    mm; not an age thing? hmmm.

  14. I know I shouldn't laugh . . . but, oh dear, I giggled. (Just glad I'm not the only one that does such things!)


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