at last, an explanation

of what stress really is.
Self inflicted.

Well, according to this it is.
Psychologists might disagree.

"Stress is what happens when your gut says no while your mouth is saying Yes, I'd be glad to."

Quoted from the book I am currently reading, Comeback, by Dick Francis.

Thank you Mimsie, who sent me the book.

I must be one of those people who listen to their gut, since I am rarely stressed. Until late November when numerous people remind me that I promised mince pies for Christmas. Each year I tell myself to shut my mouth....well, this year, I did.
Promised them to nobody. At all.

Of course there are a couple of people who will get some anyway.
Me. and..........


  1. no comments?
    no one has an opinion on this?
    Of course I realise that stress isn't always self inflicted, I was merely quoting a sentence form a book and hoping to spark a little discussion....

  2. That's a great quote, though I'm not sure it's the ONLY definition of stress. I'm a person who feels stress quite easily, even when I haven't committed to things I don't want to do. I think it's part of a person's general make-up, whether they are a stress-head or more laid-back.

    But it's a good point - often I feel stress in situations that are not ideal for me, such as too many people taking at once, too much going on, etc.

  3. Jackie K; absolutely it's NOT the only definition. It fits me almost perfectly, the quote I mean, but I do know that stress is part of a person's genetic makeup, most people I know are the level headed, cope well kind, some like me are the laid back type and others like my ex are stress heads. He's so bad, if there's nothing to worry about, he'll worry that there's nothing to worry about.
    I do get a bit lightheaded and sweaty in new situations that I have no control over, usually that passes pretty quickly once I've sussed things out.
    I'm disappointed not more people jumped on this one. I was expecting a barrage of "you have no idea" type comments.


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