things I've been doing lately


 take two slices of bread....

add some thinly sliced steak, cooked of course,

a fried onion,

and enjoy.


mini meat loaves, served with mashed potatoes, carrots, broccoli and gravy.
But I didn't eat all of them, two are in the freezer for future meals.


a jigsaw puzzle of 250 pieces.
I haven't done a puzzle in probably 15 years, so started with something easy.

a kids cartoon 


and the Pirate Treasure.

I do like treasure.

the finished puzzle and it only took me three hours.
That's a rough estimation of the time, since I did the puzzle in between several other things.
Over two days.

I have another puzzle waiting on the shelf.
Much larger, and much more difficult.
1500 pieces. 

If I'm not here on any expected day, you know what I'll be doing.....puzzling.


  1. mmmm. I love to use hoagies and fry them in butter until the insides are crispy, then add the steak, onions, and melted cheese. Steak Reuben!

  2. Haven't done puzzles in a few years...I always enjoyed them...I just don't have the space to lay them out anymore.

  3. Space for jigsaws is always the problem. However I had started a 2500 piece one and I was relieved when we needed the dining table and I had to put it away.

  4. Puzzles used to be fun. I don't know how I'd feet about them now. But it would be relaxing. Your sandwich looks delicious.

  5. When I was young my mum always had a jigsaw on the go. We always got 'just one more piece' and I never understood the attraction.
    Now when the time and space is available, generally on holidays, a biggie is begun and before you know it everyone has drawn up a chair and having a go! I now understand the relaxing atmosphere a puzzle brings, and that sense of achievement when you finally find a place for just one little piece...
    Hope we can see your progress of the bigger one too?

  6. I cannot bear trying a puzzle. I admire those who can.

  7. Hmmm - not sure why my comment is from 'mmmmm' - I didn't realise I had an account with Google under that name - strange, and a bit scary.
    I am Lea, from Healthwithhappiness.blogspot....
    Thought I would just clear that up, incase you were wondering who I was.

  8. The rest of my family loved jig-saws, but not me - I found them incredibly frustrating.
    I have (unopened) a very nasty one given to my by one of my brothers. It has the same picture printed on the front and on the back - but one of them has been rotated 90 degrees. Temper tantrum in a box.

  9. lotta joy; that sounds quite yummy, although I don't think I'd better try it, not with the butter frying and the cheese. My doctor would have a fit at my next cholesterol testing.

    Delores; I don't have space either. I did that one on my table and had to lay newspapers over it while I ate dinner. I'll have to start the bigger one on the floor, my back is going to hate me.

    Andrew; I forgot about space when I bought these. I may have to transfer all other operations to the coffee table to free up the dining table, which is only small sized anyway. I may end up doing it on the floor.

    Manzanita; puzzles are fun for those who don't have to clear everything away because the space is needed for something else, like dinner. My brother has a huge spare dining table where he can lay out a puzzle and just leave it until it is done.

    mmmmm; welcome to drifting. I'm not too sure about the relaxation aspect yet, maybe if I didn't have to get it done because I need the table....I don't recall ever sharing the puzzling, I can see how that would be more fun. Thanks for telling me who you are, generally I pop over to the website if an unfamiliar name pops up here.

    Joanne; I have similar reactions to crochet and tapestry, and especially embroidery. My mum did all of those and claimed it soothed her. I get as far as threading a needle, then I've had enough. I did used to sew enough to make clothes for me and the kids when they were small.

    Elephant's Child; I have an unopened one too, a "wasgij"or maybe it's "wasjig", anyway, the picture on the box is a scene and the finished puzzle is a similar scene but set in the future so everyone and everything looks different. I've had it for years and I'm too scared to try it in case I never get seen again. I'd be forever lost in the world of tiny pieces that can't even be matched to the picture.

  10. I haven't "done" a jigsaw in ages - does one "do" a jigsaw?

    I do remember though, that they can be a very good way to disconnect from your thoughts as you attempt to piece them together - the not so incredibly difficult ones that is :)

  11. You are wonderful with your meals. I've known people who live alone that just don't go to the trouble of cooking anything special. Yours look so delicious.
    I used to love jigsaw puzzles and had a special large piece of board I could use and then pop it under hte bed between times. I did mine so many times I eventually donated them all to the local library many years ago. You may just have prompted me to buy one soon. I loved the one you did. So colourful too.
    I was given a jigsaw that had a book with it and you had no picture to go by and used the story to tell you what the picture would look like. I have to admit I chickened out and never did attempt to do it. I think it would have irritated me.

  12. That steak sandwich looks yummy. (Something tells me it's time for me to fix lunch.)

    We do puzzles once a year or so. Not sure why we don't do them more frequently, but for whatever reason, we usually start one on New Year's Day. One year, our daughter gave me some 3-D ones for my birthday. I DID 'em, but I HATED 'em. (I showed her! I gave 'em back to her to do... and she STILL hasn't finished them!)

  13. Vicki; I'm sure "done"and "do" are the correct words, or you could be posh and say assemble.

    Mimsie; don't be fooled, there are often days when I have a sandwich for dinner. Or fried up leftovers from the day before.

    Susan; the sandwich was yummy, although the onions kept falling out as I had too many, but that's half the fun isn't it?

  14. Yum...but I thought the puzzle pieces in the dish was the appetiser..

  15. When my children were in the fun stage, we did puzzles and had success. Loved it.

  16. Kymbo; the appetiser is the corner pieces, followed by the edges as a first course, then the main course is all those pesky middle bits that all look the same.

    Susan Kane; same here although we played scrabble more.


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