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the reason you exercise is to exorcise the extra size

from the book I'm currently reading----Proof by Dick Francis,

"...generosity well disguised by a cold demeanor. And the external manners,.....were not intentionally rude, but a thoughtless habit, the sort of behaviour one could inherit in ultra-reserved families."

(describes much of my own family)

I took this next one from fishducky's site, I think.

First Panel: what do we want?
Second Panel: better memory.
Third Panel: when do we want it?
Fourth Panel: want what?

from our Advertiser:
8 things to do with your body when you shuffle off this mortal coil

01. Make Like An Egyptian
American company Summum's Mummification of Transference will mummify your body and can even create a sculpted bronze sarcophagus to house it.

02. Baby, You're a Firework
Always fancied seeing your name in lights? While you might have missed that opportunity, there's always shooting your ashes into the sky. British company Heavens Above Fireworks will incorporate your cremation ashes into a pyrotechnic display.

03. The Write Stuff
An English designer is turning dead bodies into pencils. Each body can make 240 pencils. A great way to leave your mark.

04. Human DNA Trees
Instead of a graveyard full of headstones, imagine one full of growing trees, each containing the DNA of a dead person. Biopresence does something only science geeks would undertand that makes it possible to bind human DNA with that of a tree.

05. Become an Exhibit.
Don't let death hinder your desire to travel. Donate your body to touring exhibition Body Worlds, which will plastinate your remains, preserving them permanently.

06. Like Sands through the Hourglass.
In the Light Urns can turn your earthly remains into an hourglass.

07. For The Record.
Music (and pun) lovers can have their ashes pressed into a vinyl record at And Vinyly. 

08. Self Portrait.
Forget those portraits that look like they are watching you. Memories from Ashes will create a portrait of you, using your cremated ashes mixed in with the paint.

(article written by Elisa Black)

I've already filled out forms to leave my body to the teaching hospital here, but if I hadn't and had the option of any of the above choices, I'd be a tree. 
What would you choose?


  1. Being a tree is cool but then you run the risk of dying a second time when the tree dies or is cut down...I think I'd go with the fireworks...I'd like to go out in a 'blaze of colour' and 'with a bang'.

  2. In spite the point Delores makes, I will go the tree too, but deciduous one that has a nice rest during the winter.

  3. I just don't care, I'll be dead, so someone else can make the choice.

  4. A tree. Though fireworks have charm. I believe that you can also have your cremains turned into a diamond - for a loved one to wear. That one creeps me out for some reason.

  5. My nephew was very interested in all things space and rockets years back. One young member of his rocket club died very young. Leukemia. He wanted his ashes shot off in a rocket. They all lived out in the country, so his club did it. They blew him up. That was twenty years ago.

  6. The tree option for me too.
    Especially a wonderfully gnarled, stately oak.
    And, I love the idea of birds living and nesting amongst my branches.
    I doubt hubby would like to be an oak tree, he wouldn't want squirrels nibbling at his nuts ;)

  7. I took this next one from fishducky's site, I think.

    First Panel: what do we want?
    Second Panel: better memory.
    Third Panel: when do we want it?
    Fourth Panel: want what?

    Thanks for the credit, but I stole it from someone else & now I can't remember who!!!

    From an old post: When (& if) I die, I don’t want a conventional funeral, with everyone being sad. Instead, I want fireworks to celebrate my life! I told my husband & he said fireworks weren’t his thing. I said they were MY thing. He offered a compromise—he said he would stick a sparkler in my behind.

    Now I think I'd like to be a tree!!

  8. Delores; but as a tree I'd get a second look at the world and probably for longer. I'd have birds and other small woodland creatures living in and around me, children would picnic in my shade, lovers would hold hands and talk wedding plans. I'd like to be near a river too.

    Andrew; yes, an oak tree, tall and wide.

    Merlesworld; you could make the choice before you die.

    Elephant's Child; I wouldn't like to be a diamond. It's a very expensive process, although the other choices are too, but diamonds get sold, stolen, recut, reset, it wouldn't be a stable life at all.

    Joanne; I'm so happy to read this. All those years ago, he got his wish.

    Vicki; yes, definitely an oak, preferably in a field near a river, although I could do without the field.

    fishducky; what goes around comes around, someone else will recognise it too and they can claim credit here if they wish.
    I think you need to appoint someone else as executor, a sparkler in the behind is not the same thing as a fabulous pyrotechnic display of your life at all.

  9. I think I'd opt for the Egyptian and maybe be a mystery as in "The Mummy's Return." Oh I just like the word "sarcophagus, too.
    Clever post.

  10. Manzanita; I love the word sarcophaus too, but I'll still choose to be a tree. I love trees as much as I love the rivers and oceans.

  11. I just can't imagine using any of these ideas when my family is going to need all the money it can to get by when I am gone.

  12. I like the idea of the tree as well. In reality, I'm going to be cremated and my ashes spread at a local garden to help fertilise the plants there. I might as well be useful for once in my life :-)

  13. from JahTeh, who seems to be unable to leave comments here; what are you playing at now blogger?
    I'm going in the family plot with the rest of the mob but I do like the idea of going out in a blaze of fireworks if it wasn't for the thought of the poor animals being terrified. See, even dead I have empathy.

    Still if someone comes up with an idea for shooting the ashes into the clouds for a thunderstorm/screaming rain/hail which lands on my ex and his tart then that's for me.

  14. Happy Elf Mom; those options are all pretty expensive, even a regular funeral or cremation is a bit much for my budget, that's why I've opted for the teaching hospital. They use my body for students to learn from then dispose of the remains. My daughter is doing the same thing.

    Marie; my parents were both cremated and their ashes sprinkled into the ocean so they could float back to Germany. That's what they wanted.

    JahTeh; I'm liking the idea of a violent thunderstorm raining down on your ex and the tart.


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