meanderings of a Monday mind

The shouted word startled her out of a dream and she lay staring up at the darkness, the sound of running feet above, things dropping, a door slamming open, something being thrown off the balcony from the flat upstairs. Thuds then, as cabinet doors opened and closed, the hiss of water going into an electric kettle, the steady rumble as it heated then boiled. The clinking of a teaspoon against a mug, footsteps again, quieter now and slower.

She glanced at the bedside clock, 1:08am.

She wondered what the exclamation had been about and knew she would never find out.

She lay for a moment, hoping the dream would reclaim her, but sleep was as elusive now as a cool breeze in a desert.

She made her way to the kitchen, where soon there was her own coffee making noise. She took the mug back to bed, propped herself with a mountain of pillows and reached for the latest action thriller that had arrived in the mail just a few days ago. Finishing the coffee, she read until her eyelids grew heavy, then set the book aside and slid gratefully back into sleep.


  1. Now that's my kind of a Monday.

  2. Brilliant. You are going to rock your writing course. Have a heap of fun doing so...

  3. I wonder if I would go back to sleep?

  4. Nice work. You have a great gift.

    Reminds me of my apartment days long ago. There was a peeping Tom prowling around too.

  5. You're one hell of a writer, River!!

  6. Delores; any day is my kind these days, I like the idea of being able to take a nap anytime I want.

    Elephant's Child; I certainly hope so, I'm planning a couple of entries for a short story competition next year.

    Joanne; I couldn't straight away, but after reading several chapters I could.

    Happy Elf mom; if the zombie upstairs obliges there'll be more. Mostly he's quieter than a mouse.

    Vicki; this is my first time living in a block of flats. I'm used to it now, most of the neighbours are very quiet, especially the man upstairs, this was a rare occasion. I'd be reporting a peeping tom.

    fishducky; true story, it was one night last week.

  7. I wouldn't hear anything like this, River... I'm a little deaf... only a couple of nights ago we had the Police knocking on our door to ask if we had heard a disturbance from over the road. Hubby answered the door, but Mum and I didn't hear the Police calling and knocking.
    Hugs ....Barb xx

  8. The first bit is a little scary!! Glad you were able to get back to sleep after a read.
    I feel you will come top of the class of your writing course as you find words so easily.
    Perhaps another book may appear in the mail soon. Have to see what I can do. lol

  9. P.S. First I have to buy that roll of brown paper. Did you remember to buy yours?

  10. Barbara Neubeck; I'm a little deaf too, but the nights are fairly quiet here, and this was right above my head. I wouldn't hear anything from across the road I don't think, but I'd certainly hear someone at the door. Luckily that hasn't happened and hopefully never will.

    Mimsie; more unexpected than scary, usually C upstairs is so very quiet, even when he is awake at night. I did buy my brown paper, I was surprised to find Woolworths sell it in the stationery section.

  11. Wow, this was vivid. Your best line: I wondered what the EXCLAMATION was about. Powerful writing.

  12. Linda O'Connell; true story and I'm still wondering what the exclamation was about.

  13. I was watching my human drink some coffee, just before I read this posting to him.

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! :)

  14. klahanie; hi Penny, I've seen your photo on your human's new header picture...looking good.
    There's a lot of coffee drinking going on in the blogosphere. Sometimes I'll switch to Milo.


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