can't stop....gotta run....

things to do, plans to sort, timetables to consult.....

I'm planning a little getaway. Going to visit my sister who I haven't seen in, gosh, how many years?

I'm not leaving tomorrow, nor even next week, but if I don't make bookings and buy tickets today, it will be too late, what with Christmas looming and all.

bye now...


  1. Sounds exciting. Have a brilliant trip and a safe journey.

  2. Busy, busy, busy. Have a heap of fun.

  3. Part of the excitement is in the planning and delicious anticipation. :)

  4. What a wonderful idea. Do let us know when the bookings are made and when you are going. Where does your sister live and how long since you've seen her. Curiosity yes, but also interested as it sounds so exciting for you both.

  5. You go girl. When the moment is right.... do it.

  6. It sounds very exciting for you. I hope you can find times to suit you - it's always hard at this time of the year.

  7. Molly; it's going to be a quick trip, but I plan to take photos of places I remember.

    Elephant's Child; fun shall be had, fish'n'chips on the beach for sure. must remember to pack sunscreen.

    Rose~from Oz; I find that sometimes the planning is more fun than the actual visit.

    fishducky; yes mum.

    Delores; it will be great as long as I keep the visit short. There's only so much I can take of Port Pirie. A few days now and again, couldn't stay there for any extended length of time.

    Mimsie; bus ticket has been bought, list of what to pack in the case has been made. J lives in Port Pirie on XXX road, but it's a very long road, so I've had to ask her which end she is closest to. I don't want to walk the entire length of the road if I don't have to. although the photo opportunities might be good. I haven't seen J in over 30 years. She's retarded and doesn't like what she calls "interference" with her life and choices.

    Manzanita; it's now or never. I've been putting it off, making excuses, as I said to Mimsie above, she doesn't welcome visitors, prefers to be left alone, even the social service people who check on her don't get inside the door.

    Marie; the bus times are no problem, they run daily, but I worried about not getting a hotel room. It will all work out. I don't need fancy, just a bed and a power point for the computer.

  8. I hope after all of your effort that your sister will see you. It can be hard on families when they are estranged, so I hope everything goes well for you. You could use Google Earth to check whioch end of the street she lives if you know the number (says Marie who often snoops at her old Adelaide neighbourhood!)

  9. Marie; I forgot about google earth! I think she'll see me. I'll knock on the door and when the curtain twitches I'll hold up a gift bag, that'll get her attention.


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