shopping spree

I prescheduled yesterday's monologues, so while they posted themselves, I took myself off on a shopping spree.

Clothes shopping.
Sort of.

I don't enjoy clothes shopping, I can never find things I like, that fit me, that I can afford, that aren't granny clothes, yet don't make me look like 50+ trying to pass as a teenager.

Quite frankly that last option is horrifying to me. Low rise jeans and midriff tops? 
no no no.

Anyway, I wasn't looking for outer wear this time.

I've been making do with the minimum of underwear and socks for several years now and decided enough was enough.
I'm tired of hand washing a few things because there isn't enough to make running the machine worthwhile. I have a big family sized front loader, I'm not turning that on to wash three pairs of socks....

I know now, (after an internet search and emailing the company) which store stocks my favourite style of undies (under a different brand name, no wonder I couldn't find them), so I counted up my savings, and off I went.
Found the undies and hooray! they had my size! Not many in my size, so I bought all they had on the rack. Eight pairs of knickers. Then off I went looking for socks. I'm still wearing the socks I had when I was working, I thought a few new pairs would be nice. They had my preferred style and size but in limited colours, so now I have several pairs all the same, no big deal, matching after washing will be so much easier.
Toss in a new bra, heck they're on sale, have two....

Now I have enough that I can wear without hand washing in the middle of the week. 

I won't have to shop again for years and years.

Although now that I think about it, my shorts are looking a little worn......

The funny part? They're exactly the same as the old stuff, but having new makes me feel pretty.


  1. Feel right fancy having brand new store bought granny pants don't you? Me too lol.

  2. I assume the new stuff doesn't have holes, unless you buy jeans!!

  3. Not exactly the same; they feel new. The last time I bought "knickers" I had to buy three bags of three to get through the week, so I bought four bags of three for good measure. Now when I pair grows a hole where I eventually put my finger through at the waist; into the bin and I pick off a new pair from the stack at the back. The height of indulgence, I'm telling you.

  4. I shop for knickers all the time as I like to have lots, socks I like the ones that stay up but don't have tight tops sometimes they are hard to get.

  5. A shopping trip I need to take. Soon.

  6. I enjoy shopping at Lowe's or Home Depot. But I NEEDED a new bra and they don't sell them! I drove 30 minutes to get there, and picked up a new one like my old one. Hey, my bra HURTS. So I forced myself to put it back, and went for the old standby of my highschool days: Playtex.

  7. Funny how something nobody ever sees can make us feel so much you are really ready for the holidays! :)

  8. I shall just read the posting and the comments above :)

  9. Nothing sets a tone like buying new undies. Poor Gary.

  10. It feels so good to buy a bunch of new underwear! I have to do that again soon.

  11. I am so glad you found just what you were after which seldom happens these days. If I do need any I mainly buy dresses or tops online but I've found some knickers at Best & Less that really suit me and last time I went they were out for $2/pair. Guess who bought a bundle so now have about 15 pairs in my undie drawer. I never wear socks so no worries there. More of a problem is I don't know what to do with the 20 odd pair I have in my sock drawer!!! Some are 30 years old and still in good condition. I tell a lie...I do have 2 pair of those big fluffy socks I wear around the house in winter instead of slippers. :)

  12. Delores; I feel pretty, oh so pretty; remember that song? I do like my granny pants, they stay where they're put, no uncomfortable riding up.

    fishducky; well there's the leg holes....ha ha. Even the jeans I buy don't have holes, i just don't see the sense in buying something that's already slashed to ribbons.

    Joanne; I'd be mending that hole until the rest of the fabric gets too thin to wear, maybe I'm crazy, but let's call it frugal okay?

    Merlesworld; I'd like to have lots, but can't always find my style in my size. For socks I buy the "all day socks" approved by the diabetes council, they're not tight at the top so don't cut circulation and the toe seams are flat. There are two kinds, "cushion foot" which is a bit thicker and of course has extra cushioning on the sole, and "fine socks" which are thinner so better for summer. Made by Underworks, which I believe is a division of Holeproof. They're not cheap, a two pair pack is around $13-$15, but worth every cent to me for the comfort.

    Elephant's Child; yes, buy yourself a Christmas gift, a wardrobe full of new undies.

    lotta joy; bra shopping is as bad as swimwear shopping. It's difficult when you are a size 18 around the ribs, but need a C cup, all those get sold before I get to the shops and I'm looking at racks and racks of 18D or 18DD and so on. Or the millions of 10AA which no one but a ten year old could fit into I'm sure.

    Jennifer Kay; it's the same when I buy new things for the home. New bedsheets for instance, no one will ever see them but me, yet I feel so glamorous when sliding into bed.

    klahanie; I'm sure you get similar happy feelings with new socks and jocks.

    Susan Kane; don't you just love that new and pretty feeling?

    Jackie K; save your pennies and have a spree. Buying a whole bunch all at once makes you feel like you've won lotto.

    Mimsie; I don't buy dresses (at all) or tops online, I prefer to try those things on. We have a Best and Less here in Adelaide now, but they don't stock the brand and style of undies I prefer, so I go to Big W. Donate your socks to the Salvos Shop or Vinnies. I have those fluffy round-the-house socks too! In colours to match my pyjamas.

  13. Things are like that here to River. Large appliances left over from when the family was here.. Lucky for me though the huge washing machine is near it's end. (lucky?)
    I might mention one of the greatest minds ever.. Albert Einstein wore the exact same clothes every day, he had several sets of identical cloths...just like you.

  14. Kymbo; my large washer was bought when there were still three kids at home along with partners and a baby. Now it serves just me....but I wouldn't swap it for a smaller machine. This one is in fantastic condition and saves me having to take sheets and doona cover to a laundromat like so many of my neighbours do. I can wash an entire week or ten days worth of clothes in one load.

  15. I have searched our town over to find denim blue crew socks. I should buy in bulk when I like something, because I never find it again when I need it. It's agood feeling when we can buy a drawerful of undies.

  16. Linda O'Connell; can you do an online search? That's how I found which store is now selling my undies and under which brand. You could buy online and get a parcel delivered, it would feel like Christmas.

  17. It's always nice to have new clothes even if no-one else ever sees them though perhaps they might be pegged out to dry?

  18. I did put some brand new socks in with the last lot of clothes that I sent to Vinnys and I guess those I have that are nearly new could go there too. Thanks for the idea.

  19. jabblog; pegged out to dry within my closed in back porch, surrounded on the outer lines by bigger things such as towels so no one can see them.

    Mimsie; I think Vinnies would appreciate them. I know their customers will.


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