Whimsical Wednesday #99

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

I know who I'd rather look like!

it's possible I've put this up somewhere before, (it's quite old), but not as a Wednesday Whimsy.

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  1. HUH! So what's MY excuse? I eat meat, butter, and desserts, but I look more like the gal on the left! (No fair!)

  2. Susan; it may be genetic, which isn't at all fair. I eat all those things too and I look like a butterball, you could roll me down hills.

  3. I don't eat meat, and rarely eat butter or desserts. And yes, it shows.
    Though none of us have Nigella's make-up team. Or her photographer.

  4. A good air brushing will fix most of us up.

  5. In some Woody Allen movie, he is discovered in a state of suspended animation by scientists in the future. They immediately give him an injection of DEEP FAT--'nuff said!!

  6. I've seen this, and it always makes me laugh. I eat butter and sure don't look like the lissome girl on the right. Of course, I am twenty years older.

  7. You should of seen Gillian on a "celebrity" show that was filmed in a jungle in your country.

    Nigella is doing something very right.

  8. Elephant's Child; I eat dessert far too often and prefer butter over margarine although I do alternate, meat is two or three times a week. Nigella does have a good make-up team but I suspect she would still look better even without make up.

    Delores; a good air brushing and many layers of filters across the lens for me.

    fishducky; I vaguely remember that, can you recall the title at all?

    Joanne; this is quite old, so Nigella is older too, but we're still older. I'm not quite as gorgeous as Nigella either.

    klahanie; I remember wanting to see that but missed it. I remember her weekly show, "you are what you eat" where she loaded tables with all the junk foods that people would eat in a week and the tables would be near collapsing under the mounds of burgers, chips, soft drinks, cakes and snacks. Then she would empty their cupboards and have them throw all that sort of stuff in the trash. That last part would annoy me, it's money down the drain, so to speak, and I always thought it should have been taken to a shelter for the homeless where it would be appreciated.

  9. to everyone; I remember an episode of Gillian's show, you are what you eat, where one of her "clients" told how she would slice butter as if it were cheese for her sandwiches or sometimes just eat the sliced butter.
    I love butter too, but that's a little weird, don't you think?

  10. I've never much cared for Gillian MdKeith's brand of bullying people. I find her callous and totally unlikeable. As well as a total fake - didn't some investigative journalist discover that her "doctorate" came from The University of The Deluded in LalaLand? What I find abhorrent and unforgivable is that she has dishonestly profited off from vulnerable people who believed her to be an accredited expert, when in fact she was a nutjob.

    Nigella on the other hand is a godess!

  11. I am not a fan of Niegellea and never have been but would have to say she does have good looks even if they have been assisted with perfect make-up and a good photographer. The other woman looks as through she is a good example of all that she preaches and perhaps deserves to look the way she does. Two extremes when it comes to what we should eat etc.

  12. Marie; I considered her a bully too and I did hear something about her degree being fake. There are better ways to encourage people into a healthier diet.

    Mimsie; I don't watch Nigella's cooking shows, but I do prefer her easier attitude to real food. Really,anyone with an ounce of sense,all of us here for instance, know that real food eaten in moderation with sugary creamy treats kept to a minimum, is as good for us as the tasteless high fibre cardboard recommended by so many.


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