it's Jacaranda time again

eight photos, three trees, in Adelaide

you're welcome to visit and see for yourself anytime.
Adelaide loves visitors. We're nice people here.


  1. Gorgeous colour blue. All the leaves are starting to fall off the trees here

  2. They are gorgeous - and a whole street of them is simply stunning.

  3. I'm sure Adelaidians? :) are as lovely as the trees River.
    Adelaide was the one city 'beloved' really, really wanted to visit but alas time ran out for him.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. beautiful trees.....and of course you are nice people in Adelaide.

  5. What amazing blossoms in those trees. Those trees and the people of Adelaide. What a nice combination.

    Gary :)

  6. Jacarandas are gorgeous--except when they shed (which they ALWAYS do)!!

  7. They are beautiful. Just right to remind me only six months remain until spring.

  8. Well River talk about two great minds and all that stuff.
    First thing when I logged on was to do a post about jacarandas and then when I checked to see who had blogged recently there was your post also about jacarandas. They really are a delight aren't they. Unfortunately I had to steal the pics I used as I just hadn't been able to get firsthand photos.
    Loved your offer to people to pay Adelaide a visit and if you are an example it goes without saying that you are nice people over there.

  9. Molly; I like bare branches against a wintry sky just as much as the full shade of summer trees.

    Elephant's Child; Adelaide has streets and streets and streets of Jacarandas. We're in Jacaranda heaven here.

    Rose~from Oz; that's a shame, perhaps you could visit for him.

    Delores; I think Australians in general are nice, but Adelaide does seems to be pretty friendly.

    klahanie; you should see them for yourself. Every November, these trees bloom in so many of our streets.

    fishducky; I don't mind the shedding either, the footpaths are covered in a blue carpet...different story completely if it rains though, then they are a slippery, slimy mess.

    Joanne; six months isn't so long....but when it gets that cold for that long I'm sure it seems longer, just like our summer seems to last way too long for me.

    Mimsie; great minds think alike. These trees are fabulous and can you believe this year I didn't notice the blossoms beginning until mid November! I just forgot to look up....

  10. Mine lost all its flowers weeks ago in Sydney but we had some crazy weather lately, glad yours are still going they are wonderful colours.

  11. Merlesworld; our blossoms are blowing off in the breezes now too.

  12. They are a delight to see in bloom and when they fall and leave a carpet of purple.

  13. Oh, that means that Santa is on his way soon! We used to get so excited when the jacarandas started flowering just for that reason - time to start writing those wish lists! Then when I was at uni, we'd use the jacarandas on the lawns of the Barr-Smith library to gauge if we still had time to cram for exams. If the tree hadn't flowered, you still had time to try and learn a whole year's lectures before exam week. Once those blossoms started, you were in real trouble.

    I enjoy seeing them so much and its one tree I really miss from home. I lived in Rose Park and they were our street trees - I love that sea of purple.

  14. Jacaranda always remind me of my grandpa.

    He was 10 times more awesome than me.

    Thanks for the warm and fuzzies this morning my friend.

  15. I think that happens with jacarandas. No blossoms and then....suddenly, there they are!!!

  16. diane b; I love the purple carpet.

    Marie; I don't think Santa wants to know me anymore, my wish list is way too long. I've never associated the Jacarandas with Christmas, to me they mean summer. I love Rose Park, the houses are so beautiful.

    kelley; I'm glad I could give you warm and fuzzy feelings. Sad that you miss your Grandpa,he must have been uber-awesome if he was more awesome than you. email me your address, I have something to send you.

    Mimsie; I think you must be right.

  17. Yes! We have a jacaranda in our back yard and the kids and I have been watching for the flowers, which finally came out this week. You've just reminded me to add the photo I took to my Sunday Selections post - which I had meant to do but forgot :)


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