Monday Monologues (practising my writing)

This is me practising my writing, let me know what you think, okay?

We were asked to try writing a monologue, (which is one voice) and to imagine the listener as well.

"He said he would have those revised plans here this morning! Definitely by ten o'clock! It's now 11:45 and there's no sign of him.....not even a phone call. ...We can't wait any longer, the company has paid a large deposit on condition that it is refunded in full if construction doesn't start on time. 
You get on the phone to Mr Barrett and tell him he's fired, then get on to that other architect, Mr Dodd isn't it? and see if he can get here this afternoon. If we don't start construction by May 31st we stand to lose that entire deposit and probably our reputation as well."

Here's another one:

I don't think it's fair for Mum to ban me from the kitchen just because I let the kettle boil dry so now it's got a hole in it....yeah, I burned the cooking apples too, but that wasn't my fault, the phone rang so I had to answer it and it was Jenny telling me that Hannah said that Sue said, oh I won't tell you all that, I remember you don't like Hannah, .....but she wouldn't get off the phone so I didn't smell the apples until it was too late, I had to start over but I forgot to soak the saucepan so now it's ruined, Mum had a fit over it; ......yesterday I burned the toast but that's totally not my fault! ....Someone turned up the dial on the toaster! am I supposed to check it every time I want to make toast?....And how is it my fault the milk went sour, it was only out of the fridge a couple of hours, I put it back as soon as I remembered, ....heck a person makes one little mistake here and there.....Mum says I'll never learn how to cook....well how can I when she's banned me from the kitchen......I have to go....Mum will be home any minute now  and I'd better sweep up the spilled cornflakes before she sees them.....I don't want to be grounded as well....


  1. They certainly are monologues, and nice little snippets of life, too.

  2. I really like the second one - which is closer to what I think of as a monologue.
    The first looks a little like one side of a converation. Thank you for taking us with you on this class - I am already learning things.

  3. The second one is good. I can imagine someone standing on stage and repeating it to an audience.

  4. Well, you can practice on us anytime. They were both good ... I did like the second one best.

  5. They are both good but the second one is very much on one level.

  6. Joanne; thank you.

    Elephant's Child; the examples we were given to read were more like one side of a conversation, just like the one I put here. The second of mine is a kid on the phone to his/her best friend.

    Andrew; thank you, I pictured it more in a sitcom.

    Delores; there may very well be more practicing in the future.

    Merlesworld; thank you, it's meant to be one level, you know how teens get when they're focused on a single thing.

  7. The 2nd one is really a slice out of today's teenager.

  8. Oh, that second one is excellent. I can totally hear the indignation and defensiveness in her voice!

  9. I second what everyone said about the second monologue..excellent.


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