another Angel overload

some of these photos are a bit blurry, this kitten is speedy!

I have no idea why the colour is more yellow on this one.

and after all that climbing....

...a little hide and seek in the pillows.
Followed by....

a little TV watching....

then snuggling up with Harvey Banana for a nap.


  1. He's quite the little gymnast. Enjoy these days...they grow up so fast.

  2. What an acrobat. Angel must think the drying rack was made just for him.

  3. Awww. Heart-melting. He is such a little cutie, and has obviously got you wrapped around his paws. As they do.
    And yes, a kitten on a rampage makes greased lightening look slow.

  4. Don't you understand takin' care of bizness!

  5. Kittens are so cute aren't they? That last one is just priceless ~ it makes you believe that the kitten knows something about Harvey that we don't? Like ~ what do the toys get up to when we are out?

  6. Kittens just want to have fun, I had forgotten how active they are, mine are always asleep now but they still have kitten moments but they are few and far between.

  7. Delores; gymnast indeed. This morning I had to rescue him from the top of the tall ladder.

    Andrew; of course it was. I bought it about twelve years ago just in case I got a kitten one day...

    Elephant's Child; I love the little bugger, but not at 3am. Greased lightning is right. I shake the cat milk carton and he appears at my feet seemingly out of nowhere.

    Joanne; perhaps I should try a similar exercise routine, an hour of frenetic activity, then four hours asleep.

    Carol In Cairns; I've had Harvey a long time so he probably has my smell on him which makes him comforting to Angel. And he's soft and warm.

    Merle; I'm actually looking forward to the days when he doesn't get around at the speed of light quite so often. A couple or three years from now. I love the way he is now, but looking for the future.

  8. Perhaps you should rename him Speedy Gonzales? They can be a handful at times and as indoor cats of course they don't have butterflies and leaves to chase so have to use their energy in other pursuits.
    He will grow up.....on day!! Meanwhile enjoy his antics and he is so beautiful that I am sure you could never be really angry with him.

  9. Mimsie; you're right, I could never be really angry and I always apologise to him when I've been grumpy, then he gets some extra playing and ribbon chasing. He's napping on the couch right now. I have called him Speedy Gonzales a couple of times.

  10. You should sign him up for the Elite Athletes Program at AIS. He could win us some gold medals on the parallel bars :-)

    Life is never dull with them around, that's for sure. ♥ ♥

  11. I think we should take a lesson from kittens and make every day a day where we explore with abandon and enjoy everything we see.

  12. That kitten is so darn cute.

    The one of him peering into the TV is good enough to caption. Seriously. That is a great shot.

  13. Too bad there are no gymnastic events for cats. I think Angel would have a shot at the gold. Adorable.

  14. That's a very cheap "home gym" for kitties. Very effective workout too :)

    And, that image of Angel with Harvey Banana is one of the cutest pictures I've ever seen - and I've seen a lot of animal/kitten/cat photos.

  15. Marie; not signing him up anywhere, he's big headed enough thinking he owns this place. Heaven forbid he should think he owns the world!

    Karen BakingInATornado; that would be a great way to live!

    Robin; I'm not good at making up captions. Give it a try, see what you come up with.

    Susan Kane; woo-hoo, I have a gold medallist in my home!

    Vicki; my whole back porch is a home gym, yesterday I rescued him from the top of the tall ladder; there is so much out there for him to leap around on. It took him a while to accept Harvey Banana, I wanted him to be able to snuggle up with something warm whenever I had to go out.


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