smarty-pants cat

oh hi,

I see you are working on another puzzle.

would you like some help?

give me a minute, I'm thinking.

I know the answer!

smarty-pants Angel.


  1. But did he tell you the answer?
    He is such a cutie - and I love his collar.

  2. I just love those little white feet.

  3. Delores was here first! I claim his little white feet; they are beautiful. You have all of us besotted with the little fellow.

  4. It's funny whenever do sit to do something they want to be part of it.
    And as for feet on a cat it's the best part , ours are usually not so pretty.

  5. Beautiful, delightful, clever little Angel.

  6. I bet he actually wrote the answer down, didn't he??
    What a delightful story in pictures. No-one could have done it better.
    Precious also has white feet which have always delighted me.
    If I have a newspaper or anything of that type on my footstool Precious will always come and sit on it. Is it because they are jealous that you are doing something other than paying them attention? I think perhaps it is.

  7. Aaargh, CATS!!! Is there a cat in the world who will let its owner do a crossword puzzle in peace?
    Very cute though.

  8. Elephant's Child; we both discovered the answer at the same time. He may be smart, but I'm no dummy either.

    Delores; me too! I kiss his paws every time we have a cuddle.

    Joanne; All of the kittens in that batch have the same white feet.

    Merle; with Angel it's the moving pen that attracts him, then he loves to lie on paper, so I keep a folded newspaper handy and move him onto that so I can keep puzzling. I love his ears too.

    Vicki; beautiful, delightful, clever little DEVIL!

    Mimsie; he was reaching for the pen, but I got to it first. I think all cats love newspapers to lie on, they warm up very quickly.

    Jackie K; sometimes Angel will let me work a puzzle on my own, but that is usually because he is asleep in another room.

  9. Oh! Angel is so beautiful; and I reckon he knows it, too! What a fantastic little fellow he expressive. He's growing rapidly, isn't he!

    He's stolen your heart...and mine, too! :)

  10. Lee; he is growing fast, so much more cat than kitten now. His siblings still look more like kittens and are smaller, I saw them last week and I know they aren't getting fed properly. The owners just don't seem to care enough.
    He is very expressive, I'm slowing learning what his sounds and moves mean.


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