what a way to spend the day

how relaxed is this cat?

snuggled up to Harvey Banana

hiding his face

not a care in the world

makes me feel like taking a nap.
Is anyone else reminded of Hobbes?

I've solved the problem of tiny toys getting lost under the fridge.

I bought a pool noodle, a long, lightweight swimming pool toy, cut it in half, then in half again lengthways...

with my old serrated knife,

...pushed one piece under the front of the fridge,

and the other under the front of the washing machine.
Both are items that are too heavy for me to shift and I was getting tired of crawling on my belly with a torch to see if Angel's favourite toy was under there, then fetching the long duster to swipe it out from under.
I should probably scrub that grout. One day.

aaaaand...I finally managed to get a collar on Angel! He's not happy about it and tries to get it off, but he's getting used to it being there. It has a little tag with his name and my phone number engraved on it.


  1. He is just gorgeous. And I would love to be as flexible as a cat - and to be able to relax as well too.
    The pool noodle is a brilliant idea. I don't know how many times I have got down on my hands and knees to try and track down 'missing' toys. Worse still is when Jazz pushes things off the back of the fridge.

  2. Smart thinking, 99!!

    Angel sure knows how good he has it! lol

  3. Hobbes, indeed. We find my cat's ping pong balls so many places. I saw two under my low chest recently. Fortunately, I bought him a gross.

  4. Calvin and Hobbes. Hobbes was the wise voice. And Calvin, well.

    What is that phrase: something something is the mother of invention? Well, you have met that criteria.

  5. Many many years after we lost our last cat we found one of his sponge balls under the washer when we had to replace it.

  6. My friend, who bought the carpeted cat platform/gym "thingie" (which her cats have gotten many years of pure enjoyment out of), has two grey tabbies - not unlike Angel.
    She called one of them Hobbes, and he is so very like the character. Angel seems very much the same.

    Great idea about the pool noodle. Now Angel has a new pastime - batting his toys against the noodles as they bounce back at him. Heaps of fun.
    And bonus... no more furry dust bunnies gathering under the fridge/washer.

  7. I do always envy cats the way they relax so well and yet I think they are still often aware of what is going on around them. I love the way they place a paw over their eye as though they are saying "go away cruel world."
    That pool noodle is a wonderful idea. Great thinking. Our Henry used to steal small objects, pens, pencils, clothes pegs and they'd end up under the fridge. When we moved it a couple of years after he died there were still a couple of things under there.
    You have one wonderful companion there and he has settled in so well.
    Love your rug. I crocheted one like that years ago but it ranges from cream through shades of brown. I think yours is much prettier. Did you crochet it yourself?
    Hope you have a great weekend. It rained a little more here last night with more showers forecast. Loving the cooler days and nights too.

  8. Elephant's Child; you need to put something between the top of the fridge and the wall, jam a pool noodle in there! I manage to relax pretty well, but that sort of flexibility is just a dream these days.

    Lee; I thought so! I first thought of rolled up newspaper, but Angel loves to shred newspaper.

    Joanne; I haven't seen Angel's ping pong ball in a while, I'll have to buy more. Perhaps a gross....

    Susan Kane; necessity is the mother of invention. I've been called resourceful many times. I love Hobbes.

    Delores; my washer has just enough clearance for me to see under with a torch, then sweep things out with the long extension duster.

    Vicki; I'm going to find out the prices of various home gyms on Monday so I have a savings target.
    Angel has learned how to claw the noodle away from the washer, yet he leaves the fridge one alone. And the dust bunnies will still gather because I haven't blocked off the sides.

    Mimsie; I've noticed that awareness too. I think Angel is deeply asleep but if I walk towards the front door he's right beside me in a flash. silly bugger thinks I might let him out. Ha Ha.
    I didn't make the rug myself, I don't know how, but I bought the wool and sent it with the pattern to a friend in Victoria and she made it for me. It's lovely and soft too, washes well, dries quickly. Angel loves it.

  9. Love the pool noodle idea, you should market that River, seriously we need one for under our couch that's where all our toys end up.

    Angel is so gorgeous and talk about relaxed.

    I bet he brings you so much joy.

    Thanks for sharing xxxx

  10. Kakka; Thank you, he is gorgeous. I can't market that idea, all I did was take an available product and slice it up. How much gap is between the floor and your couch? Pool noodles are only six and a half centimetres across.

  11. Poor cat. . .obviously suffering ;-)

  12. Kymbo; it's hard, eating, playing and sleeping all day.

  13. My word, that "Hobbes" photo is priceless! You did well to get that shot!


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