another Angel Saturday

I hope you're not all getting tired of seeing Angel on Saturdays.
Let me know, okay?
I won't be taking too many new photos, these days he hardly sits still for long enough.

hiding behind the cushion when he saw me approaching with the tube of eye ointment.

I bought a brush but he doesn't like me using it.

he prefers to take it by the handle, toss it in the air, then chase it.

he somehow managed to tie a knot in his leash as he tossed it around the bathroom.

playing with the strings. He catches onto a string quite high up, then walks around on his back legs while trying to shake free. I'll have to try and get that on video sometime.

watching the great outdoors.

resting for just one second..

uh oh, there's that pesky camera again.
and then he was off, tearing around like a streak of lightning.

this is clearly NOT Angel, Z is a neighbour's cat who likes to catch the sun on my front porch. H is so darkly brown he appears black unless he is in sunlight.


  1. Too much Angel is never enough. I love his collar too. And your neighbours cat.

  2. I never get tired of seeing cute cat pictures.

    Happy weekend!

  3. It does not take much to entertain a cat, does it? And they love it!

  4. I love the kitten stage when everything is new and they are enjoying every minute, in a few months all he will do is sleep a lot like mine but every now and again they are kittens again and be crazy and active.
    Angel is such a cutie.

  5. Never, ever tired of seeing beautiful Angel!
    We'd have withdrawals if you didn't post pics. Seriously.
    Who needs TV when there's an Angel kitty around.

    Lovely Z looks like a dark brown "sable" (original colour) Burmese. Gorgeous and sleek.

  6. I love cat stories and picture so do keep them coming. Never too many.
    I have a brush for Precious (in fact two as I still have Henry's) and she know which drawer they are kept in and will look at me and the at the drawer as she just loves being brushed any time day or night The brushes I have have handles and one side has spikes and the other side a normal brush. I need to brush Precious regularly as she has longer hair in winter which knots badly.
    I'd keep up the brushing (maybe a different type of brush) even though Angel is short-haired as I think it is good for cats and it can be fun time together as well.
    Love your neighbour's cat. We had a black cat'Soot'that showed brown in the bright sunlight as did my daughter-in-law's black cat 'Isaac'.
    Whatever did you do for that 20 years when you had no cat? You must often wonder now you have Angel.

  7. Angel is such a beautiful little fellow...I never tire of seeing him or reading of his escapades.

    River...did you see this footage on the news the other night?

    It's a great story! :)

  8. Cuteness is never tiring!
    I was also eyeing your lovely crocheted throw. Your work River?

  9. Elephant's Child; we had quite a battle getting that collar on and he spent three days trying to get it off. Now he is used to it. I took the bell off because I thought it would drive him and me nuts, especially at night when he sleeps behind my pillow. The neighbours cat thinks anyone's leg is a scratching post.

    Susan; thank you, he is a cutie. The weekend promises to be busy.

    Susan Kane; any little thing is his to play with as long as it is something I'm currently using. His own toys? Pfft! Forget those..

    Merle; after yesterday, I'm looking forward to him sleeping more. I swear he wasn't still for more than 3 seconds all day!

    Vicki; withdrawals? Seriously? I'd better charge up the camera batteries...

    Mimsie; I've seen those brushes and keep meaning to buy one. I'll write it on the shopping list right now, then I won't forget next time I'm at the shop.
    What did I do for twenty years? Well, there were the children, my daughter's cat, then there were grandchildren and I was working right up until last year.

    Lee; I did see that, it's pretty amazing! A real tiger inside that little kitty.

    Rose~from OZ; thank you. The throw is the work of my friend Jayne who lives in Melbourne and blogs at Our Great Southern Land when she has time.

  10. NO SUCH THING as too many kitten photos! He is just gorgeous, that second-last photo is beautiful. Your house seems quite well equipped with kitten playthings - not all of which are actual cat toys.

  11. That knot in the leash thing is a pretty neat trick!

  12. Jackie K; I'll have to try and get photos of angel doing different things then. There's quite a lot of cat toys, but he ignores most of them.

    joeh; I was surprised to see it myself. I'd been out buying milk and the leash had been left in the living room toy basket, but there it was in a knot on the bathroom floor when I got home.

  13. You can never post too many photos of Angel. He's beautiful.


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