the devil in the Angel

I was going to start with "you won't believe what this kitten gets up to", but since most of you either have cats or have had cats in the past, you do know what the little buggers can get up to.

looks so sweet and innocent, right?

then I caught him......

look at that worried little face. "mum, what have I done wrong?"

he'd pulled all the paper off the toilet roll. I gave him the empty tube to play with, but he wasn't interested in it....

until I pushed a sparkly ball into each end. Then he batted it all over the room. For a day or so.
But he hardly ever looks at it anymore. There is a new favourite toy.

two velcro cable ties rolled into a ball. Who would have thought? I had this in a drawer and dropped it while looking for something else. Angel pounced on it! This toy gets carried around, tossed, jumped on, batted all over the flat, cried for when it goes under the fridge or cupboard, so I have to lie on my belly and fish it out with the long-handled duster. All other toys are ignored....

even the string curtain. And mousie.

and would you look at what Angel has done to my shower curtain!
(I don't mind, it's replaceable)
He jumps up at it, then clings on as it swings.
And he's getting quite high with his jumps too.


  1. Oh yes. This is all too familiar - and I hope that Jazz n Jewel don't see this post.
    The toys they find/steal/acquire are frequently the most loved. One of our cats used to bring home children's toys. They were always very battered by the time we saw them so I wasn't game to try and find out where he had 'found' them.

  2. Laughing till the tears roll. My black and white still goes nuts for ping pong balls.

  3. Well, I had a good laugh at that shower curtain I'll tell you. What a little darling he is.

  4. He needs a playmate, I never had one kitten they have always been in a litter[I've only had two litters in my life] but they have always had mum to make them behave.
    But I could be wrong and you could have twice as much distruction, they are fun and keep you on your toes.

  5. Hahahahaha! Kittens are great! And such fun to watch! lol

    One of my cats used to tear up and down my in-laws screens! We were staying in their house up at the coast when we first moved there...they were still living in Brisbane...and we lived in their new home built for their pending retirement until we bought out own place - for few months only. Every time the folks visited on the weekends my ex and I would spend all of Friday trying to fix the screens! lol

  6. Well that sweet little face has certainly brightened my day! What a cutie!!!

  7. Look at that face! Butter wouldn't melt in that cutie's mouth :)
    He's a handsome grey tabby.

    Having replaced multiple torn flyscreens, I can commiserate.
    And, as each kitty has their own character, there's no way of telling when (hopefully) Angel grows out of it.
    But, he will settle to less vigorous (read, destructive) activities... eventually.

    In the meantime, I take myself out of the human POV and imagine how much bloody good fun it would be to launch at, anchor onto with needle-like claws, and swing from a shower curtain. Oh the joy it must be! :)

  8. It's a bit like giving a baby a present and they find the box more fun that the toy inside.

  9. Elephant's Child; I had a few children's toys around and showed them to Angel and he isn't the least bit interested. He has begun to snuggle up to my favourite stuffed chimpanzee, Harvey Banana, for his daytime naps.

    Joanne; he makes me laugh quite a bit. Our one and only ping pong ball is frequently lost, Angel finds it occasionally but I never can. I think he hides it.

    Delores; the shower curtain looks quite decorative, like those ruched Austrian curtains.

    Merle; a playmate would be great, but I can only afford one. His brother is still available and if I had a bigger place with a closed yard I might have brought him home at the same time, but there is still the cost of food and vet visits to consider.

    Lee; I'm thankful Angel hasn't yet realised he can climb screens, he only ever climbs the shower curtain. I couldn't afford to be replacing screens all the time.

    Farmer's Wifey; when he is in a sleepy or cuddly mood, he is the sweetest thing. When he is leaping from table to table to chair to couch to window sill and tearing from one room to another, he's still sweet, just don't get in his way if you value your ankles.

    Vicki; I can imagine swinging from the curtain too, it must be fun. Without another kitty to egg him on, I'm hoping he'll settle down a bit before too long. But still play of course.

    Andrew; I remember those days. My kids had lots of boxes to play with while the toys were shut away in the toy box until the cartons disintegrated anyway.

  10. You are a most indulgent kitten mum. Shower curtains shredded?
    But then the little angel is gorgeous, I know. And then there’s all the pleasure you get from watching and giggling.

  11. I must admit when we had Henry and Precious together as kittens there was less destruction as they played together and chased each other.
    Henry's favourite trick was pinching our pens or pencils and then playing with them and under the fridge they'd go.
    I think the squirter bottle is going to be in use sooner rather than later as the shower curtain may be replaceable but other items in the house may not be.
    He is still one of the most delightful kittens I've seen though and I'd probably forgive him lots of sins too.

  12. Friko; I've done rather a lot of giggling lately and the shower curtain can be replaced as soon as he loses interest in it. Probably a couple of years from now.

    Mimsie; Angel doesn't seem to be interested in shredding anything else except paper. He does pinch the pens out of the coffee mug I keep them in, but so far they've only made it under the couch so they're easily retrieved. I've been able to put the squirter bottle away as a clap of the hands and uh-uh loudly stops him nicely when he's headed for something he shouldn't, like my dinner.

  13. He sounds like a normal, playful kitty. One never tires of watching them discover the world around them and find joy in the simplest of objects. I laughed heartily at the shower curtain - although I was picturing my mother-in-law's pure silk shantung dining room curtains after her cat discovered them... she wasn't as happy about it as you might think.

    Beware of tablecloths as well. I remember hearing a crash in the night and discovered that my daughter had left a bottle of Demazin on the kitchen table. The cat had decided to pull at the lace tablecloth and managed to smash the bottle of bright blue medicine all over my lovely parquet floor.

  14. Marie; that makes me glad my curtains are sturdy cotton with sunblock backing, he can't get his claws into them to climb. I took off the tablecloth when he started swing off the hem. It's a leftover piece of the curtains, so heavy enough to stay on the table with a few books to weigh it down. He has managed to crash a few things off surfaces, but nothing breakable is on them.

  15. Kitty behavior is endearing and crazy-making all rolled into one. Do you trim his claws? It's not hard to do it yourself with the proper trimmers (less than five dollars where we live). If you start while he's young, he will get used to it. It might save your ankles as well as other precious things :)

  16. jenny_o; welcome to drifting. I haven't yet trimmed his claws, I'll get trimmers from the vet next week when he has his vaccination, but I'm not sure I can do it. I'll have to wrap him in a towel so the other three feet don't shred me while I clip one...

  17. Oh they're lucky they're so cute, or they would be in serious trouble. That poor shower curtain!


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