purr purr purr

I have a lap full of purring kitten.

Angel is stretched out on his back, purring like a...well, like a kitten and getting a belly rub.
With a side order of under-chin scratching.
What a life!
Usually he runs and hides after I've smeared the ointment in his eyelid, but today he just retreated to the couch for a moment, then came right back.

I introduced him to one of the neighbours yesterday, she asked how he was doing and I said would you like to meet him? since his vaccinations are now complete and his eye is clearing up nicely.

K said of course, yes please, so I brought her inside, and Angel came running right up to meet her.
My boy is not at all shy or afraid, which is something I am very pleased about.

You want to know what else he likes?
(Besides people)
Parmesan cheese.
I was grating some for my dinner and dropped a few crumbs onto his dish. He polished it off in no time and asked for more. I didn't give him more, I need to check first if it's okay for him to have cheese now and again.

Angel has also had a tiny amount of raw beef that I trimmed off the potroast before I cooked it and a raw chicken wing on another occasion. He played with that all over the kitchen floor as he chewed on it, so I had to wash the floor, but I didn't mind.
It's a tiny floor, washing took less than five minutes.
He also comes sniffing around if I'm making a tuna sandwich, so of course he gets a little tuna.
I cannot eat a tuna sandwich with those big golden eyes pleading with me for a taste.
And a taste is all he needs. He eats it and goes off to play.


  1. i can feel the love you have for your little fur baby all the way over here.

  2. Awww. Good kitties are the best. We have two who run to lick the tuna can. One turns up his nose at the salmon can. Go figure.

  3. Love! I hope he can get a parmesan cheese treat every now and then. When we lived in Australia, we had a cat that liked pineapple juice.

  4. I have the very faintest impression that you are rather besotted with a certain little Angel.

    Am I right?

  5. My two have freshly-chopped raw meat for their dinner each evening/late afternoon. I buy whatever is the week's special at the supermarket's meat section...it can be anything from rump, to topside, blade, round, etc.,

    There is always a bowl of dried food on hand (or paw) for them to nibble on whenever they feel so inclined. In the mornings they sometimes have Snappy Tom or Whiskas...as long as it's fish of some type. But they don't always have it.

    I bought a BBQ chicken when at the supermarket earlier...and of course, Remy, my male cat had to have some. He loves it; Remy loves "human" food. Shama, his sister couldn't care less.

    Remy and Shama aren't very fond of visitors! I guess they take after me! lol

  6. Oh River, I feel so happy when I read your reports of Angel. Bug smile as I read.
    Angel has obviously learned to forgive very quickly now after his eye treatment which proves how much he loves you and being with you.
    Nice that he was friendly to your neighbour. I've always regretted Precious has such fear of strangers and still has as she nears 13.
    I give Precious scraps of cheese (50% Mainland I think it is .. cheddar and she loves it).
    We sometimes have sandwiches made of those little tins of tuna and a small amount always goes into her dish.
    Also, when making a casserole she shares the steak. I am thinking of buying some stewing steak especially for her and freezing small quantities as a treat.
    I read somewhere that raw chicken wings are good for cats as the raw bones don't hurt them. I'd check on that before using them but worth a thought.
    Kittens are wonderful aren't they?

  7. Nice to read about the love of you to them!

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  8. In my next life, I'd like to come back as your kitten!!


  9. I would say you are fortunate that Angel will eat various foods. Most cats are rather picky eaters and rather shy of strangers. Evidently, not so Angel. No hiding under the bed for him when strangers are in the room. Ha

  10. Soft puff balls who lick up the floor and love you: who can same more?

  11. Delores; he is very much loved, even by the neighbours. Mind you, he has his moments, I get grumpy when he attacks my hands as I'm trying to make the bed and when he demands breakfast at 3am.

    Joanne; I turn up my nose at salmon too. I prefer tuna, always have. I won't let Angel lick cans in case he cuts his tongue on the sharp edges, but I give him tuna whenever I have some.

    Christine; pineapple juice! That's unusual. Until I get the all clear from the vet, I'll limit the parmesan cheese, but I have some fairly often, so he'll keep getting the odd bit. Never more than half a teaspoon.

    Friko; you are right. It's been almost twenty years since I had a cat, so he's getting all that love.

    Lee; how old are your cats? Angel is just a little under six months. He gets a bit of raw beef or chicken now and again, but not much. I have canned food in fish varieties and those Whiskas pouches with fish and/or chicken in jelly. Dry food is always available,as is water and Angel gets a small amount of cat milk twice a day. You should see him run for it when I shake the carton and say milk. Sometimes I only have to say milk and he runs to the bowl.

    Mimsie; raw chicken bones are recommended in the cat owner's handbook given to me by the vet, so Angel will get one whenever I'm cooking devilled chicken wings.
    And casseroles are when he gets a small amount of raw beef. I'll increase the amounts as he grows.
    I've just had a visit from a neighbour Angel hasn't met yet and he didn't take to her at all. She is ill and takes a lot of medications as well as smoking a lot so the smell coming off her is very strongly chemical and she held him for about two seconds while he struggled to get away. She has a cat of her own, a beautiful dark chocolate coloured short haired something. I'm not sure what breed. After she left I had to turn both fans on full to waft away the smell she left behind.

    Weekend-windup; welcome to drifting and thank you.

    Pearl; you would be very welcome.

    Manzanita; he does run under the bed or couch, but then pokes his head out for a look-see straight away, then he just comes on over. I started varying his foods from day one as I think variety is important. For health as well as taste.

    Susan Kane; his favourite floor to lick is the shower. He sits and waits until I'm finished then he licks my toes dry and goes into the shower for the water on the floor.

  12. Remy and Shama (brother& sister) will both turn 12 on 4th November later this year.

    I got them when they were three days short of six weeks old; and I started them off on mince and some packet/canned cat food as well. They have the cat milk some times, but they prefer water.

    Of course, I have a large glass tankard of water on my bedside table...that where they enjoy having their drink!

    I used to have a large glass of water on my bedside table for my own use; I'd wake up in the mornings and the water level would be low and I could never remember drinking the water...then I discovered who the culprits were!

    So ever since my discovery...and that was a number of years ago now, they have their own glass on my bedside table...and I have mine. And ...they they're not interested in my glass...only their own!

  13. awww, brings back memories as to when our two were only tiny. Angel sounds adorable, and I'm so happy you have a little furbaby to shower so much love and affection on.

  14. Lee; 12 is a good age, they've probably settled down from the streaking about like lightning stage? I'd prefer Angel to drink more water, so I only put out cat milk morning and night, then remove the bowl for the rest of the day. Water is always there and I've seen him drink, just not often. Probably I look at the wrong times.
    My daughter's cat is just over 16 now.

    The Wicked Writer; Angel is an adorable little devil. He'll be six months old soon and ready for his special visit to the vet.


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