not an ant in sight and Angel visits the vet

Yesterday, around midday, I walked out to the daffodil area to check on the ant situation.
Not a single ant anywhere!
So I raced back inside for the bucket'o'goods and planted the rest of the daffodils. I meant to take a photo of the area, but forgot. I will get one though.

Then I decided to plant up some pots with other bulbs, but had to wait until Angel fell asleep, because he kept trying to get into the bags of potting mix and fertiliser. And he tried to eat a bulb after he chased it around the back porch for a while.

He eventually took a nap, so I hurried through the mixing, filling, planting and hoped I was doing it right. The last time I planted bulbs was way back in autumn1987, we were in our own home and I put about two dozen freesias around the base of the letterbox. I got about five flowers....somewhat disappointing, but I was prepared to try again. Then we had to sell the house before the bank sold it for us.
Anyway, I now have several pots planted and more to do on the weekend.
I planted ranunculus, they're little claw shaped things and I couldn't remember if they should be claws up or claws down, so I put them in claws up, but kept a few aside to plant later in case they are upside down and don't grow.

I moved the pots onto the front porch and got them watered fairly quickly and Angel woke up just as I got back inside.

We had lunch, a cheese sandwich for me, something fishy for Angel and then I brought the cat carrier inside so he could sniff around and get inside if he wanted. He explored it a bit and didn't seem at all nervous which is good. A couple of hours later I put him in, shut the door and off we went for his second visit to the vet.

He behaved very well, I held him for his vaccination, then mentioned his eye which is still weepy and the sneezing. The vet said the sneezing was (possibly because of dust and also) connected with the weepy eye. The vaccination along with some eye ointment should take care of that.

He'd put ointment in they eyes at the first visit, but they eye hadn't cleared up, so a second dose went in today and he gave me the rest of the tube to use twice a day for a week. He even showed me how to hold Angel so he would just be limp and not struggle while I did the ointment.

I asked about those laser pointer torches, but they don't sell stuff like that so I'll have to check at the larger pet stores. There's a big one on Magill Road and a Petbarn on The Parade at Norwood, both easy enough to get to.
I want to also buy Angel another big climbing scratching post (for the back porch) with several levels to sit and lie on and a couple of tunnels too. I've discovered that Angel loves to play inside an opened cardboard box, so I think he'll enjoy tunnels too.
There will be photos, but not soon. First I have to buy the stuff....and before that I have to save a few $$$.

The Vet and the receptionist both said Angel is beautiful and looks so healthy.


  1. Ranunculas are very important in Carlsbad, CA, where the "Flower Fields" are planted in color stripes on these bulbs. Good luck on yours.

  2. Angel is doing well River, you are both enjoying each other immensely it seems :)
    As for Ranunulus, when living in Tas, I could never which remember which way the claws went either so I'd just toss them in - they all seemed to flower.
    I know so little about gardening and climates, but I was quite surprised, I suppose I imagined that SA wouldn't be cold enough for bulbs?

  3. The claws go down - but they will often turn themselves around if they have sufficient room to do so.
    Angel is so very lucky to have found a home with you - and in your heart.

  4. Having a new baby is like having a new baby again. But this one will grow so fast.

  5. Glad all went well at the vets with Angel. I'm not at all surprised he was adored by everyone.
    A friend bought a cat scratching post/tunnels/gym thingie, and her cats loved it! Spent hours and hours on it.

    From memory, ranunculus are planted claws down, as they are the roots. But, I also was told that even if they're planted sideways, they'll find their way up.
    With all the work you've put in, I'm sure you'll be rewarded with a kaleidoscope of colour, come spring.

  6. Be careful letting Angel play amongst the potting mixture...that's quite lethal that stuff.

    Don't go spending too much money on gadgets and "thingies" for him to play with etc., - he'll do his own "thing" and you'll find all the fancy gear will be ignored in no time at all. As you say...a good old cardboard carton does they trick...cats love boxes.

    Save your money, River...Angel will be just fine. He'd rather play with you and be cuddled by you than all the fanciest stuff in the cat world! :)

    Crinkle up some foil into balls..kittens love to chase those around.

  7. I had a cat that did that but he had allergies. To EVERYTHING. Poor thing. Hope your cats eye starts getting better soon.

  8. I'm glad you got those ants under control. Those buggers can really make working outside a pain (and an itch) in the derriere... and wherever else they bite.

    Not sure, but I think most bulbs will grow whether you put them right side up or not. The upside down ones just have to work a little harder.

    Sounds like you and Angel are getting along well. Kittens do have a way of worming their way into our hearts.

  9. Just lay bulbs on their side if you cannot decide which end goes up or down. The bulbs know where "UP" is.

  10. Angel is so busy and so loved. BRAVE though messing with the eyes... I would find that very hard esp. on a tiny cat like that.

  11. Susan Kane; that would be a wonderful sight! a rainbow of flowers. Is Carlsbad where you live? It's right near the ocean!

    Rose~from OZ; angel does love cuddles, but I have to wait until he is in the mood. Usually he is too busy tearing around playing. In human terms he is a three year old and we all know how energetic they are! SA doesn't get all that cold, but many yards have daffodils and other bulbs growing, so I'm hoping mine will grow too.

    Elephant's Child; the bulbs came in little white paper bags, labelled but with no planting instructions, so I wasn't sure. In case they don't come up, I'll put the rest in another pot, claws down. They're a mixed bag so I'll get mixed colours. Should be lovely and bright on my front porch about September.
    I can't imagine my home without Angel now. Today I bought a little medallion and had his name engraved along with my phone number, to go on hos collar. Which he isn't yet wearing because I can't get it on him. Not without losing an arm....

    Joanne; it is very much like having a new baby. One that wakes way too early for breakfast and then won't let you go back to bed.

    Vicki; that's what I want to buy, a scratching post with attached tunnels etc. A whole indoor gym for Angel and the one he has now with only two platforms, I'll put that in the back porch.

    Lee; that's why I waited until he was asleep before really getting into the potting up. I won't be buying too much, just the scratching post/tunnels thingy. A cardboard box is fine for now, but he chews on it and shreds it so it won't last as long as an indoor "gym" would. His favourite toy is two velcro strips rolled together into a ball. And he loves the extra long bootlace I dangle for him to leap and catch.

    Life Happens; sorry to hear your cat had allergies. Many people assume animals don't have allergies, but of course some do. Angel's eye is already improving.

    Susan; I don't imagine the ants will be under control for too long, but the daffodils are in now and that's all that matters. Until next autumn, when I may want to plant more. angel wormed his way in when I first picked him up. That tiny handful of fur purred and licked my fingers and I just couldn't put him down again.

    Practical Parsimony; with most bulbs I can tell which way is up and it helps that some of them are already shooting. It's just the ranunculus with its claws that I couldn't remember.

    Happy Christine; the eyes are relatively easy. I tried that hold the vet showed me and I'd got it right in his office, but at home I must have done something wrong as Angel didn't curl up like a newborn kitten, so I wait until he is almost asleep, then put a little ointment on my finger and swipe it onto the eye which I hold open with the other hand. Easy. Doing the SECOND eye is a whole other story!
    He isn't tiny any more either, already twice as big as when I brought him home, fully stretched out he is about 45cm long plus tail length.

  12. If his eyes don't clear up, get some lysine and put it in his food in case it's feline herpes. It often flares up with changes to environment or when cats are stressed.

  13. Fenstar; his vaccinations should take care of any herpes I'm sure. The eyes are looking better already. I do have lysine capsules that I take if I've been in contact with someone who has cold sores. I could squeeze one of those onto his food if necessary, but I'll give the ointment a fair chance. I'm supposed to use it on his eyes for a week. Angel is otherwise very healthy.

  14. Congrats to Angel on a good checkup. He's got a good mommy to be buying him toys and tunnels and posts and taking him to the vet when he needs it.

  15. glad the ants are gone River, and you were able to finish your planting.... glad Angel's eye is starting to improve....Looking forward to seeing photos of Angel in his tunnel and climber...
    Hugs and Blessings..
    Barb xx

  16. Glad your ants are gone. The crawly bug really creep me out. I took many old stumps out of the garden I'm cleaning up and ran into a nest of ants. After the dia earth, mine seem to have vanished too. How pleasant that Angel liked the carrier. I tried that with Puss too and she looked at it for a long time but when it was really "show time," we had a bit of a struggle. I eventually won but after some scratches on my arms.

  17. Delores; thank you. I take care of Angel just as I did my kids. Health and play are important for all youngsters and in human terms angel is about three years old, so learning through play is essential.

    Barbara Neubeck; the ants are gone for now but they're sure to come back, the whole big block these flats stand on is completely infested. I'm looking forward to seeing daffodils growing. It will be a while before I can afford to buy tunnels etc for Angel, but he has plenty to play with for now.

    Manzanita; only one nest? You're lucky, here there are hundreds, right through the grounds. Cats get used to carriers if they are used from an early age and nothing bad happens to scare them while they are inside it.

  18. I was going to advise claws down but see you've had enough instructions already. I am running so late checking out blogs but hope I've caught up with all yours now.
    You have one beautiful little friend with you there and I do hope his eyes clear up soon. You've not been told to bathe them at all? Doubt that would be easy to do. I wish someone would explain how to get Precious to go limp. She does for the vet who doesn't need to do anything to make her go like that. I think she freezes out of sheer fright. We have trouble in picking her up inside and she tends to back off. Funnily you can pick her up outside and walk around with her. I have begun to pick her up when she is on my footstool and cuddle her and she is getting better each time. I think this afternoon I must have been able to hold her for a full minute before she began to struggle. lol

  19. Mimsie; to get them limp you pick them up by the scruff of the neck just as the mother cat does. If you can't manage that, the vet said to grab the scruff and put three clip type pegs along it and the cat curls up like tiny kittens do when being carried by the mother. I tried picking up Angel like that in the vet's office and he did the limp curled up thing so I was able to hold him on his back that way, but at home as soon as I try it at home, Angel fights me. I gave up when I got a claw in the lip. Now I wait until he is almost asleep and quickly do one eye, then wait again and do the other. But he is getting wary and I think I will have to wrap him in a towel to do the eyes for the rest of the week.


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