the cat sat on the mat

Everyone remember that?
The very first thing you might have learned to read and write at school?

With winter coming soon here in Australia, I decided I needed a door mat for inside the front door so I didn't track wet shoes all through the flat when coming in from the rain. For the past two years I've had a raggedy piece of old towel on the floor in winter.

I spotted a blue one in amongst all the beige and black and bought it, because I have the same blue in the curtains.

I put it down on the floor and about two seconds later Angel claimed it for his own.

ooh! a new scratching place! (I'm discouraging that every time I catch him at it)

ah, the sun came out again. Nice!

again with the camera, geez mum.

I'll just take a nap now.


still sleeping. What a life.

Much like mine actually, a short burst of work, then a nice long nap.
Retirement is pretty good.


  1. Angel is furry enchantment. My father always said that if you want to find the most comfortable spot in the house follow the cats (and then evict them and claim it yourself). Despite that patch of sun and the mat, Angel can have the floor all to himself though.

  2. They always find the best spots for naps, she is such a cutie.

  3. Angel is a priceless little kitty.

  4. Oh you two, I am so glad you found each other!

  5. Ohhh, and a most beautiful cat on a mat he is.
    Angel is one of the prettiest kitties I've ever seen. So happy he lives with you, River. And, that we get to see him often.

    I find images of cats in sunny spots so peaceful.

    You might like the short video of cats and dogs I've posted at my blog this morning. Pretty funny - although, you may have seen it before.

  6. Trust him to find that mat so quickly and boy, isn't he growing so fast. I love his colouring; almost spots more than stripes. A very, very handsome fellow. One day you will find him sitting staring at you because he wants the chair you are sitting on. Our old Soot used to do that to Phil all the time and Precious is a great one for stealing Phil's chairs (both living room and kitchen) as soon as Phil stands up.
    I am so glad you two have each other and I can feel the love there. Wonderful companionship.

  7. He just knows he can claim it as his own. That little kitty was made to be spoiled.

  8. Elephant's Child; I agree, the floor is all his. I'll have the couch, which also gets a fair amount of sun.

    Merle; cats are good at finding the best spots. He is cute isn't he?

    Joanne; yes he is, I can't imagine life without him now.

    Gillie; me too, from the moment I first picked him up and he licked my fingers.

    Vicki; thank you, Angel is very pretty, his mum is gorgeous too.
    I'll check your post a bit later, I've been out all day.

    Algodao; I don't understand the language, but thank you.

    Mimsie; he sniffed at the mat as soon as I pulled it out of my trolley, then pounced on it when I put it on the floor. He already sits and stares at me if I dare to sit on "his" couch!

    Gorilla Bananas; I hope I'm not spoiling him too much, but it's hard not to, he's so loveable.

  9. Isn’t it.
    Angel and you have pretty well got it sussed.

  10. Hi River,

    You will never stop cats scratching. We have THREE scratch posts and while they occasionally use them, most of the time they prefer the carpet, the sofa etc..




  11. He is so beautiful! What a perfect boy for you!

  12. He is so beautiful! What a perfect boy for you!

  13. Friko; we've almost got a routine worked out. He demands and I jump to it. Most of the time.

    Plasman; he's very good about scratching only his post, and very occasionally the mat. He stopped scratching under the couch and bed in the first week because I sprayed him with a water bottle every time.

    Kath; He is gorgeous, soft and silky and loves his cuddles. There is a picture of his mother somewhere in the December/January posts.

  14. Cats. Always nab the best spot in the house. It's like he was thinking "oh, my mat! at last!"

  15. And yes, scratching. Our cat has torn my favorite chair to shreds, and even when I (finally - I'm a bit slow) put her scratching post in front of it, at first she switched to the post, but now she reaches AROUND the post to scratch the chair.

  16. Didn't think much of cats until this incident:

  17. Jackie K; it was kind of like that, "hooray, my mat!" I'm glad Angel prefers his scratching post, I only had him for a week before I went to buy it, so he didn't really get into the habit of scratching the couch.

    mm; I've seen that! and it was on TV too. A very protective cat and quite a large animal too.

  18. mmmm.

    What a beautiful kitty. I can see why she's so important to you. So sweet!

  19. Christine; he's the perfect cat for me, he chose me right from the start.

  20. Such a beautiful sweetheart of a cat, you are both so lucky to have found each other. ((hugs))


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