must be on a diet......

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(A customer a few tables over from me is ordering:)

Customer: “I’d like the fish and chips. But leave out the chips. Oh, and leave out the fish, too.”

Waitress: “…So parsley it is, then.”



  1. It's not as strange as it might seem. It reminds me of a few diners that have sat at tables in various places I worked! lol

    The public never ceases to amaze! :)

  2. Lol...goodness me, how dumb are some people :)

  3. Must have been there for the vinegar.

  4. Tartare sauce and parsley. Mmmm. Not.

  5. Funny. It makes me really laugh out loud because some people are almost that out of touch. Haha

  6. Vicki; I've heard that term before, but not for a while. How on earth do they survive?

    Lee; 'there's nowt so strange as folk' is the saying that comes to mind.

    Margaret-whiteangel; spend a few minutes at and you'll see just how dumb some are.

    Joanne; of course! and maybe just the smell of fish and chips.

    Elephant's Child; our local fish and chip shop, which has now closed after being there since the 70s used to give those little peel open packets of tartare sauce, that stuff was like glue and I always refused it. At least parsley is healthy.

    Manzanita; I'm wondering what was going through her mind.

  7. One plate of fried flour!! Don't drain it too well, either. Need value for my money here.

  8. Happy Elf Christine; that's funny, but I can't think of anything worse. Fried flour. Add a little water and you've almost got dumplings :)


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