somewhere along the Great Ocean Road

my friend J stopped and took a photo of a lovely sunset. 
They are taking their time travelling, stopping often to see the sights and visit with people they know along the way.

pretty, yes?


  1. That's a lovely would look great framed and hung on a wall.

  2. What is that coastal area in SA called? Looks like that to me. Hang on, I will check. Yes, Coorong.

  3. ... gorgeous photo.... the great Ocean Road is a wonderful area to visit.. xxx
    Hugs .. Barb xxx

  4. Elephant's Child; it's a lovely soft sunset.

    Lee; if I had wall space....

    Andrew; I'm not sure where J took the photo, she did tell me, but I've deleted the email. It could be the Coorong.

    Margaret-whiteangel; isn't it lovely?

    Mimsie; very lovely. I'll be sure to tell J how much you all liked it.

    Joanne; very beautiful and it looks peaceful too.

    fishducky; J said there were clouds, but by the time they stopped, the clouds had passed on.

    Molly; I'll tell J in my next email.

    Tracy; J is a great photographer, much better than me.

    Barbara; I've never been along the Great Ocean Road. We always zipped across inland when we were visiting the home towns.

  5. Gorgeous! The sunsets in the southern areas of Australia can be stunning - glad your friend is enjoying the Great Ocean Road and she can help us enjoy it too!


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