I am loving this ADSL.
My most awesome daughter, surely the most awesome daughter in the world, came out to my house via bus and set up the new wifi system in less time than I took to open the box, almost. 
She's a whiz like that.
It's set to log on as soon as I turn on the computer so I don't have to worry about typing in my password each time, not that I'd forget it, but it's convenient to not have to do it.

Anyway, I did my usual Saturday thing after K had left, looking at open houses and admiring or hating them, or thinking, "ooh, nice but that carpet has to go"  and I really like the speed at which the pages now load. 

Really, really love the speed at which the pages load. 

So here it is:
looking rather space age in style, but I like it. I have it sitting on a trivet because K said they can get quite warm and I don't want the chest of drawers getting hot and maybe catching fire**. 

It probably wouldn't happen, but the trivet is a spare and doesn't get used for anything else.

As K was leaving, Angel walked towards her for a scratch behind the ears and she snapped a photo with her phone.

He's looking a little sleepy eyed, dozing on the porch in the sun will do that to you.

** my very ill neighbour, who should be in hospital, keeps coming home because (they won't let her smoke in there and) she wants to die at home. I just hope she doesn't die with a lit cigarette in her hand, because my flat is attached to hers......


  1. I am thrilled that your truly awesome daughter set it up for you. And even more thrilled that you are loving it.
    Angel is gorgeous.
    And I do hope your neighbour doesn't die with a cigarette in her hand.

  2. That's what kids are for isn't it?

    I am quite sure the router won't get so hot so as to start a fire especially on your desk, but I do stuff like that too. No sense taking any chances. If you could only be as sure about your neighbor.

  3. Super speed is awesome. :) Happy moments for all!

  4. Elephant's Child; it's definitely going to be worth all the agonising I did over whether or not to change over. I'll tell Angel what you said, he'll be in soon for his dinner.

    joeh; definitely what kids are for! My 'desk' is my all purpose table, everything gets done on this one small space, so the new gadget is on the chest of drawers behind me. I find my self wishing the neighbour could be kept in hospital, she's certainly ill enough to be there.

    Snoskred; super speed means I get to read everyone's blogs much faster, then get to youtube to select Monday songs.

  5. Congratulations on your now functioning device!!

  6. I been thinking about you off and on today and wondering if it will all come together easily and it has. Well done you and your daughter. The trivet is a good idea. Electronics don't like being too hot. Is it naked ADSL via a phone line or come through the air?

    Surely the hospital could find an area for patients to smoke. It wouldn't mean that they are approving of smoking, but for the patients' sake. I assume you have a smoke detector.

    Before you know it, you will be hooking up your new smart phone to the modem.

  7. fishducky; thank you, I'm enjoying it so much. I'm no longer sitting here saying "oh for pete's sake, hurry up!"

    Andrew; it's via a phone line, so now I have a landline phone number again, but I won't be telling people what it is.
    Yes, the hospital has smoking areas, but she is a chain smoker and they can't leave a very ill patient outside all day just so she can smoke. also, she doesn't want to be there and abuses all the doctors and nurses, (like she has done most of our immediate neighbours) until they give in and let her sign the paper so she can come home. She will undoubtably collapse again and be whisked off in an ambulance again, twice already this week.
    We all have smoke detectors.
    Smart phone? that's crazy talk (*~*)

  8. Life is getting faster and faster well the computer is most of the time.
    I guess they consider smoking a health hazzard but as a ex smoker it's stressful without a smoke if you are a smoker, and as it's a legal product they should have a area for smoking but as you say she is a chain smoker I guess she would never leave the area

  9. Merle, she is so close to death anyway, a walking skeleton, and she wants to die, she's said so, but once in hospital, with treatment....well her heart just keeps going and she gets well enough to bully the nurses and doctors into letting her go home, where she just repeats the whole episode.

    1. It's all a bit sad, I would like to go very quickly when it's time.

  10. Wonderful. Pleased you are happy with your ADSL. Clever daughter :)

  11. That's great news, River...I'm so glad your daughter set it all up for you...and so speedily, too. A whole new world.

    And there is the beautiful Angel...I always love seeing pics of him. :)

  12. I am sorry for your neighbor.has Australia mandated self extinguishing cigarettes? My friend smokes, and if she leaves the cigarette unattended for more than five minutes, it goes out. And, they don't burn well.however, they are the law.
    Hello, Angel.

    1. Angel is a darling...and yes....I hope she doesn't fall asleep with a lit cigarette in her hand too.

  13. Margaret-whiteangel; she certainly is a clever girl, she's the sort who glances at the instructions for maybe half a second before tossing them aside and getting to work.
    all my kids are smarter than me, which is how it should be. you teach them what you know, then they go on and learn more.

    Lee; K is a whiz kid and Angel is being especially smoochy this weekend after ignoring me all last week when I was feeding the neighbour's cat.

    Joanne; no, we still have regular cigarettes. There has been talk in the past about self-extinguishing ones, but I still think even with those, if one is dropped while the person is sleeping (or suddenly dead) the bedclothes etc would still catch fire. and she does spend most of her time in bed, with cigarettes, magazines and TV on the side stand.
    Your one finger typing is excellent.

    Delores; he's a cutie, my Angel, when he wants to be. Several of us neighbours keep an eye on her flat, if we can smell cigarette smoke and her awning is raised or lowered differently from the previous day's position, we know she is still alive. The TV is on 24/7, so that's no indication. Because I am the closest neighbour, I listen to her cat's meowing. If there's a change in tone, for instance if he sounds frantic or terrified, I'll go and check. So far, thankfully, there is just the usual, 'feed me' or 'let me out' meows.

  14. Yay for adsl, my ADSL is slower than the speed of DIALUP (NOT an exaggeration... BOO - Bigpond keep telling me how to fix it but its their exchange arghh) Scary about the neighbour..

    Cute kitty!

  15. Yvonne Kirk; I remember dial-up from when I first had a computer. I could make coffee and a sandwich, drink and eat both, then rinse the cup and plate while the dial-up progressed. I hated the slowness of it.
    ADSL should be speedier, have you thought about a different provider, make a move away from Bigpond? The problem may be with the area you are in. When I signed up I learnt that not all areas are able to have certain speeds.

    1. My internet was faster its only in recent times since they "Upgraded" the software for the modem. I can't use anyone else really the options are limited. Today I gave up and used my mobile to access a website I needed and I got a 20% discount plus free postage from ezibuy as I was unable to get the website to load. Soirta win but argghhh

  16. You guys are nowhere NEAR Virginia. How can you even get cigarettes out there for a reasonable price? I mean, even $2 a pack (which it is here) is pretty daggone outrageous. This has to break the little old lady's budget.


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