Thursday Thoughts # 70

from 6 Ways To Where by R Mac Wheeler
".... we were washed in the blackness of rainy countryside and eerily empty highway..." 
(I like this, it's very descriptive)
"...I'm from Florida. I know rain. But our three-inch storms end after fifteen minutes. Our sky doesn't piddle for hours on end."

Today's Thoughts:

On Saturday night, I went out with my friends from Coles, six of us altogether, to the home of one of us, out near the beach. She lives so close to the Port, she and her husband can watch the huge cruise ships coming and going. How lucky are they?  Anyway, R has a most beautiful home, nicely decorated, very warm and welcoming. Dinner was lovely and we all sat around the table chatting for hours after. 
It was J's last get together as she leaves for Tasmania today. They are driving the Great Ocean Road with many stops along the way to take photographs, J and her Dad carry their cameras everywhere. 
Eventually, they'll make it to Melbourne where they will board the ferry, with their cars and trailer and head across the strait to Tasmania. I've asked for photos of Tassie, and gave her a memory card for her camera, to send back to me when it is eventually filled. No hurry.

We had a blackout last Sunday night, I was just about to go to bed, so it wasn't a huge inconvenience, but when I stepped outside to see if it was just my block of flats or the whole complex, I was greeted with pitch blackness everywhere. 
The only points of light were the solar lamps in my garden and another garden a bit further along. And of course when I stepped out, Angel did too. Do you think I could get him back in? No way. He was spooked by all the blackness, inside and out and wouldn't even come to the circle of light from my tiny torch. 
I knew he would be okay, so I gave up and went to bed as I'd planned. Within ten minutes he was miaowing at the door, so I let him in and we went to sleep.
I learned the next morning (Monday) it had been a major blackout with 110,000 homes affected. 

As if that wasn't enough, that next afternoon, (Monday), the garden maintenance men somehow managed to cut through a water supply pipe and the whole complex was without water for several hours until it got fixed. Luckily, I have a ten litre cask of spring water here all the time, so I had water for drinking, for coffee, for brushing my teeth. 
The water supply was restored after dark, and it was yucky! 
A lot of dirt must have got into the pipe while it was being fixed, every time I flushed the toilet, hoping to see clear water, it looked like our supply was coming from the sewers. URK! 
The water was still coloured the next morning, but gradually cleared. When it was finally clean, I ran the washing machine through a full cycle without any clothes or detergent, just to be sure there wouldn't be any dirty water in the pipes there when I next wanted to do my washing.

So that's two big happenings and I'm told bad things come in threes, so I'm wondering what's next? Or has the third thing already happened and I just didn't notice it? 


  1. My sister always said of her big cat who blasted out the door at every chance, "He'll come back when he needs to use the box."

  2. R. Mac is well on his way with the next in the series as well.
    I am v glad that Angel realised (quickly) that home was best. And also glad that the power/water issues were temporary inconveniences.
    Here's hoping that the third thing has just slipped past already.

  3. nice of you to mention my book. I'm glad you found a couple lines that stuck in yer head. :)

    Cheers, Mac

  4. Let's say the third bad thing happened first and you didn't notice it...or it happened while you were sleeping, and it was so minor it didn't disturb you! :)

    That's my version and I'm sticking to it!

    As we're dependent on our own water supply here on this property (as are all residents up here on the mountain) if there is a power outage there is no water because the pump at the tank is immediately out of commission. I always have some back-up water on hand. My nickname is "Just-In-Case Lee"... :)

    We're solely dependent on rainwater and the beautiful water from the mountain's aquifer. Many water trucks belonging to Coca-Cola and Castlemaine Perkins take water from here for their products. I'm always amused when I see people buying bottled water at the local supermarket because what they're buying probably comes from here!! D'oh! :)

  5. ... I too hope the third thing has been and gone, River....
    Glad Angel came home quickly.. you could call Angel getting out in the dark the third thing.. :)
    We filter or boil all our drinking water..
    I love the Japanese Cats for Wednesday's giggle... xxx
    Hugs... Barb xxx

  6. Angel's a sensible kitty and realised inside was better than out.
    Whenever we have power outages or mains water issues, I'm reminded how fortunate we are to have the luxury of flicking a switch or turning on a tap for a shower or drinkable water... most of the time :)

  7. Hopefully the third has happened and you didn't notice.

  8. Joanne; Angel has decided the outdoors is better than the box, which is fine with me, because now I don't have to clean it. I don't feel guilty letting him go outside either, because almost every other cat here does the same.

    Elephant's Child, the third thing happened last night. Another blackout. I woke at 4am to find everything pitch black and Angel purring very loudly near my head. I've learned that his very loud purr means "I want to breakfast" or "I'm scared of something".

    Author R Mac Wheeler; you're very welcome and what is the title of book number four?

    Lee; bad thing #3 happened last night. another blackout. Read my comment to EC.
    I'm known as "just-in-case" too or sometimes "you never know when two dozen people will drop in" the latter with regards to my enormous stockpile of toilet paper.
    I buy my water from the supermarket, but I get the local one in the ten litre cask, which works out much cheaper than bottles. I can refill one 600ml bottle sixteen and a half times. If I was to buy 16 bottles it would cost anywhere between $12.80 and $27 depending on what brand of water I was buying in those bottles. The ten litre cask is only $4.25, sometimes less if it is on special. So each refill is only costing me about 26 cents.

    1. You made me laugh out loud, River! I have more toilet paper stocked up here than the local supermarket, and the nearest one down on the coast! Hahahaha!

      My late brother said to me once when I was living up in Ingham - "You have more $%^@-ing toilet paper here than Coles and Woolies put together!!" I smile when I think about that moment in time. Old habits don't change. One thing is for certain...I'll never run out! :)

      Fortunately, I never have to buy water....(let's hope I've not spoken too soon; and we have a lengthy power outage)!! Again, if I suspect we have foul weather heading our way, I do fill up many containers...just in case! :)

  9. Third thing that happened was a tropical storm, causing the market's shelves to be emptied by frantic residents.

  10. Barbara; the third thing has come and gone, another blackout last night.
    Angel didn't stray far, just halfway along my front path, but kept running off if I tried to catch him. I knew he'd come to the door on his own eventually.

    Vicki; I had the same thought when the power went out and later the water. I was so glad to know that it would be a temporary thing, not my permanent lifestyle. Then I got to thinking about all those volunteers who go to third world countries and do without while they help build wells and schools etc.

    Andrew; yes, it happened, I didn't notice right away, I was asleep, but Angel woke me at 4am to discover another blackout.

  11. Lee; I've let my TP supply get a little low, I should probably stock up soon, you never know when two dozen people might unexpectedly drop in.

    Susan Kane; a tropical storm might have been fun as long as it wasn't also destructive. But all we got was another blackout.

  12. Well, I was counting you having to get out of bed to let the cat back in as one bad thing - so that's three!

  13. Susan F; the cat comes in and goes out so often between 3am and 6am I hardly get any sleep. I've taken to going to bed a 9.30pm to be sure I get enough rest.


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