Whimsical Wednesday # 202

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

Today's cuteness isn't googled, this is a little whimsical something I bought recently.

this is called a t-duck

here he is out of the box.

here he is out of his "pond" now you can see he is a tea infuser.

the little mesh basket unscrews from the ducky, you fill it with the leaves of your choice, then screw it back on and float him in your cup of hot water.

once your tea has reached your desired strength, you lift him out and sit him in his pond to drip.

cutest tea infuser I have ever seen and I'm going to think of fishducky every time I use it.


  1. Fran is probably ordering one right now.

  2. We bought one as a gift for our friend in Japan. She liked it.

  3. I WOULD order it, but I only use tea bags--it's adorable!!

  4. He is very, very cute. Where did you find him?

  5. Ummmm.....for once words fail me! Hahahahahaha!

    Will you use it other than the first couple of times before the novelty then wears off?

    You have too much time on your hands, River! lol

    Thanks for my early morning laugh...you have yourself a good day. Duckie...sipping on many cups of tea! :)

  6. Aww, he's very cute, and appeals greatly to the inner child.
    It's not only the kids that get their wee "rubber" ducky, now adults can too - the bonus is a cup of tea afterwards :)

    Would also be fantastic for loose herbal (or any) tea blends.

  7. That is soooo fun. I may buy one for myself.

  8. joeh; well I hope they're available over there.

    Delores; he's just so ducky!

    Joanne; I'm astonished at the variety of tea infusers out there. I almost bought a robot one.

    Andrew; would wouldn't like it? It's just so cute.

    fishducky; I use dried herbal leaves from my garden, so he's just what I need.

    Elephant's Child; in a shop called General Trader, they carry an amazing range of kitchen ware.

    Lee; I'll use him a lot, I pick mint, sage and lemon balm leaves from my garden and make teas with them. My old infuser has a hinge which has rusted, so I went shopping for a new one.

    Vicki; he is hard plastic and should last a long time. I have a good supply of leaves in my garden now, the mint and sages have really taken off. Tea every day!

    Susan Kane; I hope you can find one over there.

  9. Andrew; ignore previous senseless comment. It should read "who wouldn't like it?"

  10. Cute. I know a few people that would delight in one of those..

  11. Margaret-whiteangel; who says a cup of tea can't be fun, eh?


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