once again the Phoenix rises from the ashes

Yes folks, you read it here first, she has risen again. 
My neighbour P, the very ill one whose cat I have been feeding for the last four days, is back from the dead.
Well, almost dead.
I've been doing this on and off for quite a while now, and in the last fortnight, she's been taken to hospital three times, each time returning after a day or two, (she signs herself out against Doctor's wishes as soon as she is able) only to collapse again and be found by one of her carers, who then calls for an ambulance. Paramedics arrive first and get her stabilised and cleaned up, then she is loaded onto a stretcher and driven away.
So, last Monday I arrived home, washed my face and hands, had a cup of coffee, and heard noises coming through from the back porch. I looked out and saw the ambulance, so kept watching. Eventually they wheeled her out, tense and unable to move, face in a grimace, extremely white/grey skin. I swear she was two heartbeats away from dying.
This time she was kept in hospital longer than usual and I've expected every day to hear that she has died.
This evening I wandered around to her front door to feed and pat the cat, only to be met by P. 
Walking, a little unsteadily, but walking, barely talking, but managing to thank me and send me home. She even had a little colour in her cheeks, but that could have been makeup.
So now the game starts again. How long before she collapses? Will she survive another collapse?
Time will tell.


  1. Eesh. And if I'm not mistaken, you have socialised medicine so she isn't even paying for her stupid choices... YOU ARE. I can't imagine the bills.

    1. I am very grateful that we do have Medicare. And happy to contribute towards it.

  2. Another tough old broad. Thanks for feeding her cat.

  3. Like your neighbor, many of us have NO intention of dying!!

  4. What will happen to her cat when she makes the final trip?

  5. Andrew has a point. Family? Or will you be expected to find a solution...

  6. You never know she sounds like a creaking gate and they last forever.

  7. My goodness! She's a tough one...but what a a way to live...not!

  8. Delores; she must be, but you wouldn't know it to look at her. she's been very ill for a long time and she is older than me.

    Happy Elf Christine; yes, we have Medicare, and as EC says, we are very glad to contribute via our taxes during our working days. Those of us who have retired and no longer earn enough to pay taxes are still entitled to the free health care and cheaper prescriptions.

    Joanne; the cat is a sweetie, loves to be petted and scratched, loves me brushing his coat. He is also a territorial bully who has fought with several cats in the area, despite being neutered which is supposed to calm them down.

    fishducky; there's a conundrum (right word?) I've heard that she wants to die and she is certainly ill enough. She is a chain-smoking anorexic with cancer.

    Andrew; her family will take the cat.

    Elephant's Child; once she finally passes, her carers will contact her family and I think her brother is the one who will be taking the cat.

    Merle; that's a good point, but she doesn't or can't look after herself properly, so I don't think forever is for her.

    Lee; it doesn't sound like a fun life. She appeared quite sprightly when I saw her last, but she'd only been home a couple of hours at that point.

  9. Yeah, I suppose if it were "free" here as there, none of us would have to consider forgoing needed treatment. But. She seems so heedless of the cost. It's annoying.

    Anyway, check your email because I wrote you, ok? :)

  10. Happy Elf Christine; our health care is subsidised by the government but also contributed to by the working people, each year when we do our taxes, the amount levied is dependent on the amount earned. I answered your email before I started blog surfing again, took a break for dinner.

    I think P just doesn't think of things such as cost and inconvenience, she had a very different life when she was younger, if her conversations can be believed. I think she is embarrassed at being poor too. I'm under the impression her parents were quite well off, what I would call rich and she was used to being catered to. I don't know how she came to be in these circumstances.


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