Sunday Selections # 250

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This once-a- week-meme was originally begun by Kim of Frog Ponds Rock, as a way to showcase some of the many photos we all take, but don't get around to showing on our blogs.

The rules are very simple:-
1. post photos of your choice, old or new, under the Sunday Selections title
2. link back to me, River, somewhere in your post
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4. hop on over to Elephant’s Child to see more of her wonderful photos.
  Andrew often joins in too.

I usually go with a theme for my Sunday Selections and this week we're at the beach again.
This time, Glenelg.

It isn't my favourite area, the beach is good, but Jetty Road and Moseley Square are highly popular with the locals and the tourists so it's a very busy area. People everywhere

Away from there, the rest of the beach and suburb is quite nice.

this is taken from the jetty, looking South, see that building just left of centre? pale yellow about 5 stories? I'll mention it again a bit later.....

a little further South,

further again

and off into the distance.

to the left of the jetty are about a *million beachfront apartments.  
(*possibly a slight exaggeration)

remember the pale yellow building in the first photo? Check this:

It has an apartment for sale.  Anybody out there want to lend me give me $1.5million?  (*~*)  
(it doesn't cost that much, but I'd need to be able to afford living there.)

at the beachfront end of Jetty Road is this very nice looking hotel, I noted the name, but forgot to write it down :(  I just checked my street directory, it is the Stamford Grand.

this is Glenelg jetty; it's a lot shorter than it used to be. 

here is the end of the jetty,

it used to go wa-a-a-ay out to here. But time and storms plus the cost of repairs has seen the length reduced.

it was very windy when I was there, you can see the choppiness of the waves if you enlarge the photo.

on the jetty itself is a painted hopscotch game for kids of all sizes and ages :)

to the right of the jetty is a wide and long grassed area between the Esplanade and the seawall and there I saw,

this sculpture which I really like.

look at these lovely curves.

it's called Rhythm, created by Greg Johns.

I think I'd like a smaller version in my garden.

the foreshore has a rocky edge all the way South, you might remember the rocks I showed on the Hove and Brighton beaches, both of which are South from here.

I walked along the Esplanade,

and saw a couple of lovely old mansions, this one called Stormont,

and this one that I like quite a lot.

and then I saw this lovely older apartment building and wished I lived there. Imagine falling asleep and waking to the sound of the ocean. Mmmm.

here is one of the nicely designed seating areas, if you should wish to sit and watch the waves. Glenelg is close to the Airport too, so you can see plenty of planes coming and going.

this is a section of the brick-capped stone seawall that separates the sand from the walking/cycling track which is on the sea side of the grassed area.

I was getting rather chilled from the wind, I hadn't brought a jacket as it was quite warm at home, so I turned away from the beach and took a walk down a side street,

where I found the palest hollyhocks I have ever seen.

they're almost white. They are growing on the footpath, so I'll go back in a few weeks and collect a seed head or two.

I headed back to Moseley Square from here, to get the tram back to the city,

and while the tram was stopped at a red light, I looked out the window and saw this runner. That's really clever!


  1. Nice photo tour. I would like an Apt. like that also...I think i'll buy a lottery ticket today.

  2. I lined the older buildings best. The ocean always is lovely to look at.

  3. Older buildings are always lovely. As is the ocean. Loved Rhythm - and that hollyhock. I have some miniatures growing here this year, hopefully they won't be flattened by the winds...

  4. A great selection this week. The two mansions are very grand but I think I would prefer to live in the older apartment block, less draughty I think.

  5. I prefer natural foreshores without concrete and clay, glass and iron overshadowing the beaches; but that's just how I feel...thousands upon thousands of others would readily disagree - which is their right to do so. :)

    It's one of the reason I never drive down to the Gold Coast, even though it's only 34 km away. The Gold Coast is a jungle.

    I don't find anything attractive about those concrete high-rises...they remind me so much of Pete Seeger's song - "Little Boxes"...except they're "big boxes". I do like the flowers, though - so that where all the flowers have gone!...(another of Peter Seeger's songs, with a twist)!

    I hope you have a wonderful week, River. My celebrations are still ongoing from my birthday of last Wednesday...they should culminate on Tuesday...I think...a belated soiree with a couple of friends is planned for Tuesday...then I'll crawl back into my shell to regroup until Christmas. Cuddles to Angel. :)

  6. I love, love, love the beach... any beach. Of course, it's always more enjoyable without huge crowds of people milling about, but I'll take it anyway I can get it.

    I've never seen a hopscotch with only eight numbers... ours either had nine or ten. Interesting.

    I'm not usually a fan of so-called "public art," but that sculpture is beautiful. Really IS art! (What a concept!)

    Happy weekend!

  7. I worked in a store in Glenelg for a couple of years, I really love it down there. Growing up of course I was there all the time with my Grandma who lived near the tram and if we did not go into the city, we went to Glenelg. I remember playing on that rhythm sculpture many times, plus many visits to Magic Mountain and the sideshow alley there, with the rides and those boats in the water pool which went around and around - not the bumper boats, this was a ride there. They were kind of like Italian speed boats.

    Here is my link today -

    Sunday Selections Week 46

  8. joeh; I hope your ticket brings better luck than mine did.

    Joanne; older buildings have more charm, but some of the newer ones are quite nice too.

    fishducky; it's gorgeous and i want it.

    Elephant's Child; rhythm seems perfectly suited to the waves. I didn't know there were miniature hollyhocks, I'll have to find some to add a bit of colour in and around the low growing succulents.

    Andrew; the older mansions are very well maintained, probably not draughty at all unless you open all those doors and windows. But I would prefer the apartment block too.

    Lee; these homes are set back quite a bit from the beach, there's the Esplanade, the grassed area, then a walking track before you get to the seawall bordering the sand. so not too bad. Of course looking back from the sand and waves, all you see is buildings, that's a drawback, but worth it if you want to live that close to the water and looking out from your home you would see miles of ocean. And thousands of tourists (*~*)

    Susan; I love most beaches, but I don't think I'd like the gritty, pebbly beaches I've heard about in England. I like sand beside my water.
    Now that you mention it, that hopscotch is a bit on the short side. The Rhythm is very lovely, I think it is bronze, the plaque didn't say what material it is.

    Snoskred; I think you'd be pleased to see how open the space is now without Magic Mountain. The only thing left is the waterslide. The space has been used for more buildings, but at least they don't look like a giant muddy potato. I remember those boats very well; my younger daughter had a ride on one and was sick over the side, poor kid was green when she got off.

  9. I really like the mansions don't often see them by the sea , mainly just apartments.

  10. Another wonderful visit to the beach - perfect day for it.
    I like a bit of windy sea air to sweep away mind cobwebs...

    The apartment looks interesting, but I think if I had my druthers, I'd prefer to live in an old beach shack or one of those stone mansions.
    And, they've got to be haunted, right?
    Well, in my daydreams they are :)
    I imagine being inside on cold, grey, stormy and wintry days (and nights), looking out to sea, as the wind played mournful tunes around the window and door frames, and feeling an unseen presence - perhaps even an old sea captain - standing beside me...

    One of my most favourite old B&W movies is The Ghost and Mrs Muir. I absolutely LOVE that old house which Lucy bought. Sigh. That is my dream house - Gull Cottage.

    Wonderful sculpture. And, I do like the quirky 'running man". Very clever.

    Hollyhocks are lovely old cottage plants. I've not seen one as pale pink as these. I hope your seed raising is successful.

  11. Merle; here in Adelaide there are lots of older mansions by the ea and nicely restored.

    Vicki; it was a great day, but the wind was coming off the water and very cold. Hence the side trip where I found those hollyhocks. I just need to remember which street I wandered down when I go looking for seed heads.
    I don't think I'd like to live in one of those mansions, not now the kids are grown and one. There's far too much room for just one. I wouldn't mind a shack, but it would have to be in good, liveable condition. And not haunted.

  12. What beautiful photographs of a beautiful place and oh, those magnificent old homes. Not sure I'd ever enjoy living in an apartment but beyond my price range anyway so need not worry about it. (*:*)
    Phil says he used to enjoy going to Glenelg when he lived in Adelaide 1960/61.
    Love the hollyhock, the sculpture and the runner.
    Thanks for sharing lots of great items.

  13. I adore the mansions. Glenelg is my fav part of Adelaide.. if only I had $1.5million.. HA. I have joined in your Sunday selections.

  14. And here I am, late but here just the same lol
    Great photos River - shows off that beachside suburb so well
    And here is my very late offering

  15. For an area you don't like that much, you've sure made it look awesome! Makes me realise how long since I've been to Glenelg - we sometimes used to have brunch at the Stamford Grand on Sunday!


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