Thursday Thoughts # 72

from The Complete Evaporative History of The World Since The Dawn of Time:

"One Friday morning, one of the animals had the good fortune to acquire an immortal soul.
Man had arrived! Woman arrived that evening having been unavoidably detained."

from High Five by Janet Evanovich:

" I stumbled out of bed at four-thirty, staggered into the bathroom and stood in the shower until my eyes opened. After a while my skin began to shrivel and I figured I was done."

from the 2nd Best Marigold Hotel movie:
"It takes team work to make a dream work."

Today's Thoughts:

You're not going to believe what I've done. 
Let's begin years ago, when I bought a feather&down doona, (20% feathers, 80% down), queen sized, for my queen sized bed. I loved it. It was deliciously warm in winter and insulated the mattress from summer heat so the bed was cool when we got in.

Then my Dad died (2000) and I inherited his feather and down doona. 50% feathers, 50% down, almost brand new.  The kids all had doonas of their own, so I combined my two doonas. I shook all the feathers in mine way down to one end, did the same with Dad's doona, then opened both doonas along the top seam. I transferred the feathers from Dad's doona into mine, one channel at a time, (they were channel stitched, not box stitched), then re-stitched the top seam on my now-extra-full doona, and gave it a good shake. Threw away the empty doona casing. The next winter was pure heaven. The only problem was the doona didn't fit in the washing machine.

Fast forward to now, fifteen years later, and I no longer have a queen sized bed. I have a king single and the giant feather doona is way too big. It hangs over the bed almost to the floor, which is fine, looks good when the bed is made, but is too heavy (from the side drops), to comfortably roll over at night. The weight drags on me. Sleeping is not restful. 
I tried folding it in half, but that made it too warm for comfort even in the winter. And after four years, I've had enough.
So I found the centre, stitched along the length on either side of the centre seam, then cut that doona in half! 
Ha Ha! Take that you feathery monster! 
I edged one of the raw seams with cotton tape and put it in the washing machine. It just fits. The other doona half will have to wait until I buy more tape to seal the raw edge, then it will get its turn in the washing machine.

The first half is now hanging on the line, with sections of empty casing and sections of clumped feathers.
It will dry eventually and as it dries, I'll shake it up to distribute the feathers until it's completely dry. 
Resourceful aren't I? :)
Anyone who reads here will know from last week that I have been on the phone (unwillingly) sorting out a changeover from prepaid data allowance blocks, to a monthly payment system. I've signed up for ADSL1max which requires a new modem and cash taken from my account monthly in return for 100GB of allowance each month. At first I wanted unlimited, but the nice lady on the phone said that after checking my usage, I really didn't use much, so 100GB would be plenty. She's probably right. And that's what I can afford. We'll see how it goes. The new modem should be delivered on Thursday, hey, that's today!, then my daughter will visit and help me set it up and get it all going. Probably on the weekend. K's a whiz with stuff like this and she has the same set-up, so she knows what and how and can answer all my questions.


  1. Brilliant work on the doona--good luck with your new system!!

  2. Resourceful you are! Clever little ducky! :)

    It's great that your daughter will sort everything out for you re your new modem you'll have a nice time together.

    Once you're all set up we can expect (demand) Musical Mondays to return every Monday!!! :)

  3. Good luck.
    And I love your resourcefulness.

  4. fishducky, the only problem now with the doona is I have two and no place to store the spare one until it goes under the bottom sheet in winter. I'll have to tie it into a plastic bag and store it in the porch.
    I'm still waiting on the modem delivery, not sure when the new system will be up and running to I spent yesterday scheduling posts.

    Lee; I've always been resourceful, but often too lazy to actually use that function. I got the one trend from my mum and the laziness from my dad and his influence was stronger since I spent more years with him than with mum.
    Now what are you saying about my Mondays. You don't like my Musings? or you simply prefer the Music?
    Personally, I prefer the Music.

    Elephant's Child; I hope the new system doesn't take too long to sort and get going, I'm still waiting for the modem to be delivered, then have to wait for K to find time to visit.
    Resourcefulness comes in handy, when I can be bothered.

  5. Hey....I enjoy your musings...but you know I always enjoy the music, too. Now you've made me stand here with my feet on either side of the fence!!! :)

  6. Very enterprising of you. I only use a doona for about five months of the year and even so I have the feathers shaken down to the bottom. The rest of the year is a doubled over sheet. What luxury you will have with 100gb of data. That should be more than enough for you. You can probably watch movies online.

  7. Lee; I hope it isn't a high fence, maybe you should go sit down again (*~*)

    Andrew; I use a doona for most of the year, I seem to sleep better with some weight on me, only in summer does it get folded down to the end of the bed. I have one under me, on the mattress under the sheet too, in winter, it's like sleeping in a nest of feathers.
    Movies online? Ooooh, decadence. but the laptop screen is small, I'll stick to TV.

    1. Well, it was becoming a mite uncomfortable! :)

  8. Joanne; I love mine too, it was one of the first things I bought when I went back to work. I bought an entire bedding package. Doona, pillows, sheets and pillowcases along with matching doona cover. All that's left is the doona and now that's cut in half, so nothing remains of the original purchase.

  9. With Parkinson's, turning over in bed is always 'interesting' and too much weight just makes it more so. Rather than purchasing a doona I got a down blanket for that very reason... it's about half the weight of a standard doona. It's comfortable for all but the hottest days of summer. For winter, fleece sheets go on the bed with the down blanket over that and a light coverlet over all. Very lightweight, but with all the air trapped between the layers it's also incredibly warm and cosy.

  10. It has been decades, almost a lifetime, since we had feather beds, feather doona, and feather pillows. Guess there was a plethora of down and feathers, being on a farm.
    It all sounds so wonderful, like being wrapped in a cloud.

  11. Seems you have been lovely and warm, and what a wonderful idea you had to make two doonas into one. Down sized your bed and doona became a problem and now you have fixed!
    Nothing like a duck and feather doona, love it. We have them, though they are a bit too hot this time of year to autumn.

    Gosh, that is wonderful with your ADSL. We have 500GB and use most of it, most months.

  12. Jacquelineand; it's great to be able to get the warmth without the weight. In the winter I like the weight, I sleep better, but I hate flannelette sheets, they fluff off onto everything when they're new and when they're old, they might as well be regular cotton.

    Susan Kane; wrapped in a cloud is exactly how it feels. Everytime I shake them up, I think of John Denver's song, Grandma's Feather Bed.

    Margaret-whiteangel; I find the doona too hot from November to March, after that it goes back on the bed. I don't have anywhere to store it, so it spends the summer folded at the foot of the bed.
    Haven't got the ADSL going yet, I was expecting the modem to be delivered today, but it didn't arrive, probably I'll get it tomorrow. 500GB is a lot! I hope I can get by with the 100GB. I don't surf the web much, it's just the blogs, youtube for songs and real estate on the weekend.

  13. 100 GB is a LOT! I do similar to you (ie blogging, uploading photos, reading blogs, research etc) and use 4 or 5 GB per month!! Your doona solution is awesome - if you do ever upgrade your bed & go back to a queen you'll probably be able to do it all over again in reverse! Hope you've had a happy World Toilet Day!


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