Calendar Tuesday #3

It's March first, time again for Calendar Tuesday, which only happens on the first Tuesday of each month.

Let's begin with my Country Home Ideas calendar:

a lovely front porch entrance, nothing like mine, that's for sure!

a close-up of the pot and a couple of really nice lamps.

Next, the Violent Veg page for March:

"That dodgy sat-nav has got us into a right pickle" 
(the pickle looks more like chutney to me, but let's not quibble about it).

Now the one you've all been waiting for; the Suzy Toronto page for March.

Here's what she has to say:

Like most young people, I couldn't wait to come of age, become free to make my own choices and decisions about my life, and be a real, certified grownup.
I wanted, wished, and waited with anticipation for my birthday, 
so I could declare to the world I was officially an adult.
But you know what? Becoming an adult is the dumbest thing I ever did.

Now I wonder why I was in such a hurry.
Why did I think being responsible for everyone and everything in the known universe was something I needed to do?
Why did I think that leaving behind the carefree days of my youth in exchange for having to act like an adult was going to be so fabulous?
I know that growing old is mandatory 
but growing up is fact
I think it's a trap to be avoided at all costs!

After giving it a lot of thought, I've decided that
being an adult is just not working for me.
But maybe, just maybe, it's not too late!
Here's my plan. From now on I'm going to stop 
ignoring my inner child and embrace all things "kid."
I'm going to live, love, and play with the vibrant
passion, spunk, spontaneity we all once had.
So be warned - the kid in me is coming out!
And if you feel the urge to give me milk and cookies, 
wipe my face, and put me down for a nap, go ahead.
'Cause when it comes to childhood, I'm hitting
the do-over button! Wanna play?

and now a few pictures now from the March numbers page:

delightful daffodils for the first day of Northern hemisphere Spring

a pot of gold and some lucky clover leafs for St Patrick's Day

a chicken in the top banner

a bunny-eared Easter Egg for Easter Sunday; the 27th this year.

On the text page,

a chicken and a pair of bunny ears in her hair.


  1. Don't you just love Easter, with all the pretty colors and reminders of Spring?

  2. You know I think I have to borrow the words "BECOMING AN ADULT IS THE DUMBEST THING I EVER DID" oh yes indeed. Thank you for remembering this. Spring and Easter oh yes I am ready. HUGS B

  3. Growing older is mandatory, growing UP is a choice!!

    I'll grow up when I see that it works out for everyone else!!

  4. Growing up is indeed severely overrated. Big smiles.
    Quite a lot of the Northern Hemisphere doesn't as we do, start their seasons on the first of the month, but at the equinox. 21st or 22nd? Which makes sense to me.
    I hope our autumn arrives soon.

    1. Phil, being from England, can never understand why we begin our seasons on the 1st instead of the 21st/22nd. When I say "autumn is here" on 1 March he smiles indulgently.

  5. Linda Kay; I love Easter, but it isn't spring downunder, we're heading into autumn. Although today is predicted to be 33C which is 91.4F

    Buttons Thoughts; you can borrow anything you like from here, most of what I have is taken from the internet or things like calendars and magazines, so isn't truly mine.

    fishducky; help yourself :)
    I'm not ever going to be grown up, even with my grand daughter now engaged and the grandson also over 20, I don't feel grown up. Most of the time I don't feel old either, that only happens when things ache enough that moving is uncomfortable.

    Elephant's Child; I don't see the point in running around with worry lines and muttering about things that "must" be done or meetings that "must' be attended etc. Then they spend so much time and money trying to look young again, when all they really need to do is feel young. The sparkle in the eyes and a ready smile are far more effective than botox.
    I've heard on the media that we're in for a warmer March, I hope that isn't true.

  6. You have not marked the 6th with a big red cross reminding you to send tranquilizers to me. Mother turns 86 and swears now she could make 90. Forget the tranqs, send a large brick.

  7. I've yet to become an adult. I don't think I'll bother to do so. From all I've witnessed it doesn't seem to be much fun.

    We're still going to have to suffer through a few more weeks of heat from all the forecasts. I'll be so glad when the cooler weather comes.

  8. Is that an onion fishing in the pickle?

  9. I keep trying to hold on with broken nails, but age has gravity on it side. Now my gr-daughters are wearing little bras (they actually need them). I hug them and they smile.

  10. JahTeh; have you seen the cost of posting a parcel?? a brick would probably empty my bank account. How about a block of chocolate? oh,'re not supposed to eat chocolate. Further suggestions are needed.

    Lee; I plan to stay a big kid too, it's more fun. Cooler weather always comes in after Easter. Maybe not immediately, but there is a definite cooling down.

    Andrew; yes. I think he's fishing for pickled herring.

    Susan Kane; gravity's a b***h. My youngest grand daughter will be twelve this year, so she's probably ready for a bra too.

  11. I'm sure most of us wanted to grow up before our time.
    The calender is nice with the northern hemisphere 'things' on it..

  12. You have such wonderful calendars.
    The growing older is different to growing up and many of feel we have yet to do that although we do accept responsibility for who we are.
    The pickle seems to be doing the talking which perhaps makes it appear wrong. I think it is a picked cucumber. It's still a funny cartoon though.
    Thank you for sharing so much joy.

  13. Such a cute calendar! I love the entryway, but I can just envision people stealing the lantern. How bad is that that that was my first thought?


  14. I had some moments a few days ago, when I was totally lost in thought of childhood and how easy it really was. Even though mine was all depression years, I didn't have to make the decisions.

    I haven't been online lately so the calendar thing is new to me.
    What a creative idea and I loved reading it.

  15. Margaret-whiteangel; I don't remember ever wanting to grow up. The calendar's designer is from Canada I think, or maybe USA.

    Mimsie; the one doing the talking is a cucumber, I think, and the pickle is the gooey dark mess under the car, which looks a lot like the Branston (Bramston?) pickle we used to sell in Coles, it's an English brand.

    Happy Elf Christine; I can't see anyone stealing the lamp; around here we leave all kinds of things on our porches and nothing ever seems to get taken. but if that were my lamp on my porch, it would be bolted down. Just in case.

    Manzanita; I think back to my childhood sometimes and remember just how easy it all was. I had so much freedom, my only rule was be home before the sun was down.

  16. Such a fun idea to share your calendars. It is amazing the variety of choices that are available each year. I always go for the same brand of wall calendar, because it has a pocket to hold misc. reminders - but it is quite boring compared to these!


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