the Chicken Stroganoff verdict

I was going to do this tomorrow, but I'll probably forget, so tonight it is.

I should clarify that I have never had stroganoff in my life, so don't know what the sauce is supposed to be like. I did think it should have been more creamy than it was, but I could be wrong. 

The sauce was a little thin, a little runny, the chicken was a little dry. I expected the dryness, because chicken breast is often dry when cooked in casseroles and this is similar. 

The taste? Well, hints of chicken flavour, the mushrooms were tasty, (I used pre-sliced Swiss browns), overall though a bit bland.

Is this how stroganoff is supposed to taste? a bit bland? 

I'm wondering if adjusting the amounts of ingredients to suit my smaller pot contributed to the difference. Certainly I could have cooked it for a lesser time and maybe the chicken wouldn't have been dry.
Less water and more sour cream might result in a creamier sauce; extra chicken stock would add more flavour. Probably a regular chicken stock, not the salt reduced one I used.

Next time, I'll try chicken thighs instead of chicken breast.

What I need now, is more slow cooker recipes suitable for a small, one and a half litre pot.
Off to google --->


  1. I've never heard of chicken stroganoff. I used to make beef stroganoff and the sauce is not thick. I only eat/cook chicken breasts and I always marinate it in lemon juice and white wine plus what spices I'm using that day. If the chicken is slivered for a grilled chicken salad then it takes less than 10 minutes to saute. If I am baking it then it's 20 minutes or so depending on how thick the chicken breasts are. I used a slow cooker just once - did not like the results, gave the thing away.

  2. I have never had chicken stroganoff, but no, it doesn't sound like a winner. Beef stroganoff doesn't have a thick sauce, but it isn't waterery, or bland. When we used slow cookers we tended to use it for those foods which NEED slow cooking to prevent them being tough. Perhaps try again in a frypan?

  3. Water? In stroganoff? Would you care for my recipe? Not trying to be rude or a know it all, just wanting to help if I can. And, yes, chicken thighs will most certainly be better for this than chicken breast.

  4. Never put too much liquid in a slow cooker and never chicken breasts. Thighs or legs are better and condensed milk instead of water and cream. Paprika and garlic, just a taste for the mushrooms and serve on curly noodles. White wine is good although I used to buy those tiny bottles of brandy for putting in a drop. Wonderful what I can remember about cooking when I've done nothing but eat steamed veg in four different ways this week.

  5. Grace; this is my first try with a slow cooker, never used one before. Usually I just roast chickens in the oven, or make schnitzels with chicken breasts.

    Elephant's Child; I'll probably use it more for spaghetti sauce and for soups. I will try other recipes though, when I can find some with ingredients I like.

    The Cranky; I would like to see your recipe, thank you. does it use wine? I don't like wine in recipes. I don't like the flavour.

    JahTeh; condensed milk or evaporated? Condensed is sweet. I don't like the flavours of wines, so prefer not to use them. I'd like your recipe if you wouldn't mind sharing it.

  6. I've heard of chicken stroganoff but never had it. I have had beef stroganoff and if I remember rightly I quite enjoyed it but was a long time ago.
    I do find chicken breasts tend to be dry compared with the thighs but are probably better for you. Not sure about that.

  7. Evaporated milk of course. I've just found out I have Lethologica, the state of not being able to remember a specific word. A great relief to know I'm not on the way to Alzithingo.


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