I'm careful, but I'll be double checking locks now

I heard tonight there's been a lot of thievery going on in my neighbourhood this past week. Some very close to home :(

My neighbour P, who lives across the lobby, bought one of these wheeled 'carriers' last Thursday.

they're similar to the larger ones that get attached to bicycles and children ride in them. 
(I don't approve of that, they look too dangerous to me).

Anyway, P bought this just last Thursday and kept it next to her 'gopher', even had a blue plastic tarp over it, just like she does on her gopher.
Where? In the small alcove next to the back door to the lobby. It isn't visible unless someone walks all the way around the building. 

Today, it was stolen. Even the tarp was stolen. P is very upset. These things aren't cheap and she's an aged pensioner. It was purchased to help her carry the bottles and cans P collects and takes to the recycle centre weekly.The money she gets from those, goes to the RSPCA for the animal shelters.

I suggested she phone the police and she did so, that's when she heard about all the other thefts in this area. She came to tell me she is the eighth person to contact the police in a week . Two bicycles have been stolen, all the clothes off someone's washing line, a near neighbour has had things thrown into her yard, like rotten tomatoes, after thieves were unable to get past her dog.

From now on, when I leave home and lock away my laptop, I'll be locking away my cameras too.


  1. Oh dear! That's very unsettling. And washing off the line? These thieves sound mean-spirited as well as bad.

  2. Good grief - sounds like your area is being targeted. The washing off the line sounds like mean people or homeless ones, maybe kids being a$$holes??? But then again some of these items are pricey...I hope they get this solved soon.

  3. This is all so sad. I hope it's a phase; the theft stops; the thieves move on. I suppose it will always be with us.

  4. That is scary. One would like to think that everyone is thoughtful of his/her neighbors, but there are bad guys out there for sure. I remember when we never had to lock doors, not so much anymore.

    1. When my kids were growing up the front door was always unlocked--NOT NOW!!

  5. It's not just the loss of property, it is the thought of your territory and your privacy being invaded that is extra creepy. Hope they catch the thief soon.

  6. Hi River,

    That's terrible. Stash your stuff away - I do by default.




  7. Awful. Hopefully they will move on quickly. A few years ago one of my neighbour's home was robbed - while she was hanging her washing the thief slipped in the back door.

  8. That's a bit of a worry, my daughter was saying only the other day if she puts pot plants in her front yard they walk off .

  9. That is just dreadful. Lock up as much as you can. Good luck.

  10. Marty Damon; awful to lose all your clothes like that, but now I'm curious about two plastic bags filled with clothing that were left by a bus stop a few days ago and were later put into a street bin, then again taken out and left on the footpath. Perhaps they were the stolen items.

    Grace; the police have said it's probably older kids or homeless, stealing things they can sell in most cases.

    Joanne; it is sad. the thieves will move on eventually, and target another neighbourhood, they never stick around too long, fear of being noticed and caught. They seem to be using the post-midnight pre-dawn hours.

    Linda Kay; I don't think it's any of our neighbours, we all tend to look out for each other here, why steal from friends? It's far more likely a few organised persons who target an area then move on. Similar to 30 years ago when a pair of young men targeted an area south of the city where I was living at the time, and the barking of my dog alerted my neighbour who phoned the police.

    fishducky; I remember the days of unlocked doors, life seemed so much easier then. those were the days of walking policemen patrolling neighbourhoods and knowing everybody on every street.

    joeh; the invasion and the feeling of having been violated is the worst. Things can be replaced, but those feelings will be with you forever.

    Plasman; I lock away the laptop every time I leave the house, now I will lock away the cameras and spare keys and a few other irreplaceable items.

    Elephant's Child; move on? Yes. Caught? Even better! it's a bad feeling, knowing there are thieves around, but I don't want the next targeted neighbourhood to feel like this either.

    Merle; I haven't had any potplants taken, not since the first two small plants were lifted out of the ground, but I did go out this morning and check all my gnomes and other ornaments were all still there.

    Margaret-whiteangel; it is dreadful, I find myself checking every car and person entering the communal driveway. This morning there was a white van that I've noticed before, it has no markings other than plumbing pipes on the roof, it always seems to just sit there, with the driver inside,so this morning I took photos being sure to include the licence plate and right after that he left.

  11. It's a dreadful feeling of violation. We keep everything locked up or tied down, but suspect that having the four dogs helps as much as anything.

  12. It angers me to read this. The greed that is shown by these low-life scum sickens me. Their lack of respect for others and the property of others angers and disgusts me.

    There are too many clowns wandering around causing havoc these days...and I can't see the situation improving any day soon, unfortunately.

  13. The Cranky; I resent having to make sure everything is locked away or tied down, but that's the way things have to be now. I wish at least I had a fence around my home.

    Lee; The lack of respect for others property just grates on my nerves. If they only would stop to think how THEY would feel if this was done to them.
    After telling Merle above that I hadn't had any plants stolen, I got home today to find my tallest aeonium, with six heads had been broken off halfway down the stem. Four heads gone and only two spindly ones left. It was just beginning to recover after almost dying on P's porch last year.

    1. I'm so sorry to hear about your plant, River. I'm so fed up with the senseless behaviour of too many in our society. I don't understand their mentality. I don't want to understand their mentality!

      Just take care...and be on alert at all times. One shouldn't have to spend their life that way, but there are too many fools roaming around who don't give a you-know-what!

  14. Oh River its a sad fact that we need to be vigilant at all times... sadly my front door is permanently locked and only unlocked to let someone in... and I live in a great neighbourhood. But that is no comfort any more either. Lock up and feel more secure!

  15. I hope they soon catch the person/people responsible for these thefts. And that your belongings all remain secure.


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