new recipes are such an adventure aren't they?

especially when step one is to measure a quantity of warm water.

boil the kettle, measure the water and place in a *white ceramic bowl, set it aside to cool.

measure all the other ingredients and have them also set aside ready to be added as necessary. 
begin putting away all unused utensils and bowls. (I always get out too many, in case I make a mistake and have to re-measure)

*carelessly lift up the *white ceramic bowl to put it back in the cupboard and drench your t-shirt, one shoe and most of the kitchen floor.

sigh heavily and dry off yourself, the floor and put the wet shoe outside.

boil the kettle....


**made in a slow cooker pot.

1kg chicken breast, diced
1 onion, chopped
1 can cream of chicken soup
1/2 packet of French onion soup powder
3 teaspoons crushed garlic
1 1/2 tablespoons "gourmet garden" basil paste
375 g sliced mushrooms
1 tub chicken stock jelly (from the continental four-pack, each tub holds about a tablespoon)
1/4 cup cream cheese
1/4 cup sour cream
1 1/2 cups warm water

Place chicken, mushrooms and onion in your slow cooker.
in a large bowl or jug, mix the soups, garlic, chicken stock, basil and warm water.
Add to the chicken and veg in the slow cooker.
Cook on "low" setting for about 8 hours
20 minutes before serving, add the cream cheese and sour cream, stir until cheese has melted, replace lid and finish cooking. 
serve with cooked bow-tie pasta (or other preferred shape)

**my slow cooker is tiny, only 1 1/2 litre size, so I halved all ingredients and the amount just fills the pot nicely and will probably give me three meals. 

It's cooking as I type this, so I can't tell you how it tastes yet. 
I got the recipe from my daughter K. who has a much larger slow cooker.


  1. The recipe reads well. It should be delicious. Your mishap was not as bad dropping the bowl.

  2. Did you get the first recipe from the fishducky cookbook?

  3. Andrew; dropping the bowl would be a disaster! That's my breakfast bowl.

    fishducky; I don't know where K got the recipe, I didn't think to ask her. But she assures me it is delicious.

  4. Did the recipe specify that it had to be a white ceramic bowl?
    And I too often pour things over myself. Water is less problem than many other things.
    I hope it is delicious.

  5. Elephant's Child; no it did not. I chose that bowl before I remembered I'd have to halve the water amount, then used it anyway, so didn't notice that small bit of water in the bottom; thought I hadn't used the bowl and went to lift it back up into the overhead cupboard :(
    I'll let you know tomorrow about the taste, it should be ready to eat at 6:30pm.

  6. It's probably just as good without the spilling step.

  7. I tend to try to do too many things at once when I cook and can completely see myself doing the same thing you did with the bowl :-)

  8. Forgive me but that sounds totally gross.

  9. joeh; I'll try it without that step next time.

    Kathy G; I try to focus on just the recipe when I'm trying something new.

    Grace; you're forgiven :)


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