I peed in the ocean

Yes I did!

I was out beachwalking, since I woke with nothing on my mind except the Words for Wednesday challenge, so caught a bus to town, then another out to the beach near Hove and walked from Brighton Jetty all the way back to Glenelg.

From Brighton is only about 1km to the end of Hove, near the end of Hove is a small park with a public toilet, one of those Exeloos where you push the button to open the door and as you sit a voice tells you your time limit is ten minutes etc.

After exiting the Exeloo, I began my walk. I went back down to the sand, strapped my sandals to my backpack and walked along in the edge waves. The water was cold, but I got used to it really quickly and found it most enjoyable walking along getting my ankles and knees splashed.

Now here's the problem: from Hove to the end of Somerton Park there are only houses along the Esplanade. Not a single Hotel or cafe, no parks with public toilets. About halfway along Somerton Beach I really needed to pee, but there was nowhere to go.

So I waded in until the water was up to my waist and peed in the ocean.

I was wearing denim shorts and they stayed wet, along with the bottom half of my t-shirt, all the way to Glenelg, on the tram into the city, then on the bus to home. So all the way home, I left wet bum prints on seats. 
When I got home, I checked the distance in my street directory. One kilometre from getting off the bus and walking to Brighton jetty, then four kilometres from Brighton Jetty to Glenelg. 

While I waited at Glenelg for the tram, I bought lunch at the nearby Subway restaurant, a yummy roll with swiss cheese, onions and olives. It's my standard subway choice as I'm not happy adding any of the meats or sauces. I know they're safe, and refrigerated in the display cabinet, but I'd rather not take chances. 
And now, hours later, I still haven't worked out a story for the Wednesday Words challenge!


  1. You aren't the first and won't be the last to raise the ocean level a smidgeon.
    I am confident you will find a story - and look forward to reading it.

  2. I won't tell anyone. I'll let them believe the rising sea levels are due to Climate Change.

  3. Your pee will be diluted by the time it gets to the U.S., fortunately!!

  4. Well what else could you do!
    Interesting trip to had from the seaside.
    As long as you enjoyed your day.

  5. Elephant's Child; fish do it all the time! I don't feel at all guilty.

    Lee; of course, climate change :)

    fishducky; I certainly hope so.

    Margaret-whiteangel; I loved my day, I really miss being close to the ocean. If I lived by the sea, I would never move house ever again.

  6. Did you have the guilty expression on your face that people who pee in the sea have, when they are trying to look very nonchalant?

  7. It's been ages since I've been close enough to an ocean to pee in it. I miss it terribly... being close to an ocean, that is.

  8. I had a piss in the Seine, truly. I don't know exactly where but somewhere in Paree. There were few people around so I just went under a bridge and let my old boy out.
    Who cares, I wasn't happy with the french anyway and still don't like them.

  9. All I can say is "When you gotta go, you gotta go" and that's the beginning and end of it. As long as you didn't get a chill from wearing wet clothing and with your temps of late I doubt that very likely.

  10. I won't tell if you don't......oops:) It sounds like your commenters love this one:) HUGS B

  11. I think she's gone to bed now.

  12. Andrew; No, I was more relieved to be able to let go, and I was enjoying the waves slapping at me.

    The Cranky; Adelaide has miles of beaches and I get out to them as often as I can, just to walk along and wade a bit. I can't swim anymore, my shoulders don't rotate properly when in the water, but I enjoy splashing around.

    R.H. I'm sure you're not the only one who has done that, probably every river in the world has had a little extra added to it.

    Mimsie; that's for sure, when I've gotta go, I really have to go. No chance of a chill at all, temperatures are in the mid thirties here and predicted to be 39C on Saturday.

    Buttons Thoughts; I thought people might get a giggle or two from this. I know I did.

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  14. Peeing into moving water is the environmentally responsible thing to do! (I once spent two weeks rafting on the Colorado River and that's what the boat men told us.)

  15. this made me smile... the image of you wandering around in wet pants :)

  16. Your pee is perfectly natural, and has a positively minuscule effect compared to all the damaging plastic junk people put in our oceans.


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